The blessing bowl and the fear XXXV

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The neighbors came and there was small talk and pleasantries. Everything was just fine and friendly and the smoker had done his job well and the food was delicious and in short you could say that it was a welcome change from all the problems, dreams, inner voices, deaths that had played such a role in my life of late.

Barry and I lit the fire in the pit while the ladies removed the plates. "Barry," I asked, "are you a whiskey man?" "It depends on the whiskey," he laughed, adjusting the chairs around the fire. "Fireball," I replied, "a hearty Saskatchewan bourbon." "Only if you twist my arm," he chuckled. "Then you leave me no choice," I said, "if you watch over the fire, I'll get two glasses and the devilish bourbon."

A little later we sat like if we had been friends for years and enjoyed every sip of 'fireball'. it would have been a perfect eve if not a nasty cry had disturbed the peace. I looked up in shock, then saw a dark shadow slide across the garden.



"There he is," said my neighbor, pointing his finger at my carport where a large raven had perched. It looked like the monster that had observed me at the supermarket. "Isn't that something," said Barry, "that was the totem animal of Old Rock, my guide who ended so poorly." "What do you mean," I asked, 'what is a totem animal? "

Barry took a sip of fireball and rinsed it around in his mouth, "you know," he began, "when you're out in the bush waiting for your prey, you share your stories." I nodded he had told me that before. "I had a very good relationship with Old Rock," he continued. "He told me a lot about his faith and background."

This was a gift from God, I had wanted to talk to him about old Rock and now the raven had brought him up. He paused for a moment and then said, "The Old Rock totem animal was the raven, and when we hunted you always saw one that stayed close by, it may have been a coincidence, but I don't believe that."

"I don't know what you mean by totem animal," I replied, filling our glasses up again.

"The concept of totem animal comes from shamanism," my neighbor said slowly, formulating every sentence, "a complex belief in the afterlife with eternal hunting grounds where the warrior is immortal and his deeds are accompanied by the drums of the great Spirit." I shivered when he toldme about the drumming.



"A totem animal is a spirit creature with an animal shape that has been assigned to a specific human being," Barry continued, taking a sip of whiskey. 'In essence, it is not necessarily an animal, although it does' show' itself in an animal form. The form in which this 'companion' shows itself says more about the qualities that the human being needs to support his 'earthly mission', than about the 'spirit being' that fulfills this function. "

"I don't know if you think that's something to be laughed at," said my neighbor, "but it's what Old Rock and his people believe, in the thinking of shamanism, a totem animal is the animal assigned to a certain human as a protector, with the aim is for the person concerned to fulfill his 'mission' on earth. This means that a totem animal can also cause fears in humans if this is necessary to guide them back to their 'mission'. "

"Boy," I thought, "tell me," I had only known fears since I had moved in.

"The totem animal," Barry concluded in his argument, "according to shamanism, in a person is the" core of his strength "and a symbolic" embodiment "of his or her talents, a piece of soul capable of good or bad."

"And you know these matter from hunting," I asked with interest? "Of the very many hunting parties I've shared with Old Rock," replied my neighbor, "at night, waiting for your prey, you expose your soul and share your fears and secrets." I nodded understandingly again but still had to process a lot.

"Do you know more about poor Old Rock's totem," I wanted to know as I took the bottle with a hand that shook a little. "Oh what shall I say," said Barry, "keeping up his glass," my guide had the raven as a totem animal, and his preferred color was blue. " The light in my basement had been a bright blue, and I realized that nothing but nothing happened with no reason in this world.

He took a sip, then looked at the raven watching him with great attention. "There was more," he said, "his spiritual protector is the Mudjekeewis." "I'm sorry that doesn't mean anything to me," I said honestly.



"Well," Barry sighed, "I get that, but all I remember is that Mudjekeewis is the firstborn son of the E-bangishimog, the Westwind, and is considered a guardian of tradition and ceremonies."

"That's why he's here," said the neighbor in a voice that had a bourbon ring in it. "The Raven," I asked knowing the answer. "Yes," said Barry, "he's coming to say goodbye and he's leading someone or something back to the" mission. " He was probably looking for me, "said the neighbor. But I thought, I'm the one he is looking for.

"Let's wish him good things," said Barry, raising his glass to the raven. "Good friend, guide in perilous times," he said solemnly, "skim the hunting fields and be a free soul." "That's nice," I thought, but I noticed that the raven was now tilting his head and watching me closely.

"I raised my glass to the beast that might have been a totem or not, or something in my head or whatever, through whiskey mists I said as I spoke slowly and solemnly," I understand your mission oh Old Rock and it will be fulfilled. "

The raven flapped its wings and disappeared into the twilight. "Here come the ladies," I said, "thank you for your explanation," and I thought, 'I bought some time'.

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