The blessing bowl and the fear XXXIV

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


There was a large raven perched above the supermarket entrance overlooking the parking area. I was convinced that the raven was waiting for me and I wondered if he would attack me if I left the car. "Raven around dead in the ground," one of the old cowboys had said in the Round up, or something in that spirit. I started to accept that seriously, you can't just brush away cowboy wisdom. In any case, the cowboys had been convinced that raven were the messengers of death. I exhorted myself and got out, it was difficult for me to come home with a story that I had not entered the store because there was a bird above the entrance. With my head retracted, I walked towards the store and I arrived at the same time as a couple, pushing a shopping cart to the sliding doors.

The raven looked down at us and fluttered once with his wings and uttered a chilling scream. My heart skipped and I more or less expected the animal to throw itself on my neck. But none of that happened and a moment later I stood among the aisles with herbs. Too quickly to my liking I finished the list and went to the cash register, I held only a few pots in my hand and joined the queue that was waiting. The girl made a remark here or there, and without hurrying, the line kept moving forward. I looked past the shoppers at the parking lot and saw my car standing next to the lamppost.

A large huddled dark shape was waiting on top of the lamp holder. I forced myself to focus on the cash register. "Ravens around ..." it sang in my head and without wanting, "I supplemented it," dead in the ground. The line moved on and I looked again at the parking lot. There was the raven that oversaw everything, the bringer of deathly tidings, still on the lamppost. "Who was dead in the ground," I wondered, "was that me," or was I to become the dead man in the ground. I shook the thought off, but you cannot always get rid of nasty thoughts that easily.


"Would you consider the basement also as under the ground," or was I carrying it too far, "and had birds not been the carriers of souls in mythology."

I started to become obsessed, I realized, I focused on the jars in my hand and moved a little more towards the assistant behind the counter. "I hope they won't sit down on my shed later," I thought.

I put the jars on the belt and they came right to the the scanning machine that always lit up with a red glow. I looked up in shock by a hard blow to the window. A large black shape rose from the ground and shook its feathers for a moment and chose for the sky again, then disappeared from sight. "That flew full force against the window," the girl said in surprise, "you don't see that every day.

"He was looking for something," said an old cowboy behind me with a cart full of steaks. " "He was looking for someone," the gravel voice rang between my ears. I don't need to know, I told myself, birds flying against windows is a well-known fact. "But you were behind that window," my pestering demon spoke again with my rough inner voice. "That was quite a blast," I said to the girl as I paid up. "Boy," she said, "tell me something, I've never seen anything like it." The old cowboy briefly shifted his hat and then said, "Nothing happens for no reason." I didn't go into that because if something had been the reason, it would have been me, I was getting pretty sure of that.

She handed me the plastic shopping bag with the herbs and then said, 'have a nice day' and with that the raven had become a past event to her. "You too," I said, walking slowly toward the exit. I looked at the lamppost next to my car, but that was just an abandoned pole in a parking lot, yet I left the store with my neck pulled in.

San Daniel 2020

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