The blessing bowl and the fear XXXI

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"How was it at your sister's," my sweetheart asked as I stepped into our house. "Nice," I replied, "Father Peter was there with two elders." "That was nice," my wife asked? "Yes, it was," I laughed, "father Peter is a fine person and one of the elders was an Indian, but he was more Christian than anyone else." I doubted whether or not I would tell her about the Pilate bowl and decided to do it, otherwise you end up walking around with more and more secrets.

"Father Peter," I began, "told me about how there as once a Coptic church here in the village. I had never heard of that, so I asked what I should picture by that and it turns out to to have been an early Christian church in Egypt, older than the church of Rome. " Christianity in Egypt, "my wife asked surprised? "I thought it was sort of special as well," I admitted.

"With the infanticide in Bethlehem commissioned by King Herod, Mary and Joseph escaped with the baby Jesus by going to Egypt. Only a few years later did they return to their own country. " "I knew nothing about that," my wife said. "It's apparently in the Bible," I continued, "and the Indian elder might find it for you in split seconds."

My love took her tablet and typed something in. "Gee," she exclaimed, "you can find it immediately, isn't Google wonderful." "What does it say," I asked?



"The flight to Egypt," she read, "is the story in Matthew 2: 13-23 about the flight of Joseph and Mary with the newborn baby Jesus to Egypt after they were warned about the upcoming infanticide in Bethlehem."

"In Egypt there is a large number of churches and shrines of the Coptic church in places where, according to tradition, the holy family stayed. The most important of these churches is Abu Sarga, a 4th-century church in Cairo. "

"Father Peter who knows a lot about historical history," I added, "was able to tell me that the Coptic Church has 11 million members." "That's a fair number," my dear agreed. "There is more," she said, "just listen."

"The story in Matthew

The story about the flight to Egypt appears only in Matthew. This gospel relates that the sages from the East were looking for the newborn "king of the Jews." King Herod heard of this and ordered his soldiers to go to Bethlehem and kill all the boys up to two years old (the child murder of Bethlehem. However, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him to flee to Egypt with Jesus and Mary. "

"What a terrible story," I thought, "that those soldiers obeyed their king, some must have had children of their own." "The Bible is full of that kind of misery," my wife said. "That poor woman," she went on, "she had just given birth under terrible conditions, in a stable, and then had to flee with her newborn baby in her arms." "Yes," I said, "they certainly had a tough start."

"And, finely," I continued, "there was a Coptic church in our village, that church was suffering, cowboys did not feel too connected to prayers wailing people in long robes. The women had taken their old habits with them and walked around veiled, and the church declined in numbers per year. " "I have a picture with that," my wife confirmed, "no one likes that, it would have been wise if they had adjusted more."


"After a while the church was to be dissolved, Father Peter said," I continued, "and the townhall had put its eyes on that place to build the library that is now there. The church was sold and demolished and the land fell to the municipality. " "What a trouble for those people," my wife said, "you come with your church all the way from Egypt and you can't find an audience." I nodded but I understood, "there are a lot of traditional churches here," I said, "and then you don't have a need to join a church that is Christian but has different rites. "

"That was it," my sweetie asked, "because you were gone a long time?" "No I answered truthfully," before the church was closed, they distributed their shrines amongst their brother Christians. My wife looked questioningly at me. "Our church received a piece of old glass that is now placed in the side chapel." The Lutheran church wanted a bit of a finger of the holy hermit of Thebes. " "How horrid," my love cried, "who would want that?" "There was something else that our church received," I continued, "an old table with an old clay bowl on it."

My life long companion jumped up and was all attention, "and," she wanted to know, "and is it what I think it is?" It was a tableaux vivant that went with the piece of glass, "I said slowly, weighing every word," and do you want to know what was depicted on the piece of glass? "


"Yes," she said, leaning forward. "Pontius Pilate washing his hands in innocence," I said softly. "Almighty," she exclaimed, putting her hand to her mouth, "would it be true, would that bowl have come all the way from the Middle East?" "I suspect that might be the case," I said, "and I felt a shiver run down my back. "Now you have shared it with the woman," said the raw gravel voice, "now she is involved, will you man folk learn nothing at all, but nothing at all from the past?"

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