Voodoo, superstition and guardian angels and premonitions

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'My colleague and friend Marten, had a dream, a dream of warning, I also appeared in that dream. He immediately told me about it, because he took the images he had seen as very serious. I was young at the time, only 18 years old and did away with superstition and I regretted that a few years later. Marten was half Indonesian and had credibility against him because of his superstitious upbringing. Just like my father, he was born on Java. My father, who was raised by a native nanny, was one of the most superstitious people I have ever known, despite his studies.




the green beetle

It was the 60s and there was plenty of work everywhere. I had found work, first as a summer job, which lasted a bit longer, at a building materials and transport company in the prairie state, Alberta. My father had gone from field work to a job at the university. Alberta has an unapproachable climate, a land climate. Very short summers and very harsh winters The temperatures, when the wind comes from the pole direction, can fall in winter to minus 40 degrees. That seems bad and it is, but it is a dry cold. If your car had stood still for a while then it would never start again or  it would have had to have been  plugged in with a cable from the block heater into a power pole. The blockheater is a spiral under the engine that functions as a heating element. You have summer and winter tires. the winter tires are mounted 9 lomg months, They are tires with steel studs, to get more grip on the road. At minus 30 it makes no sense to spread salt, everything is and remains icy. When you refuel, there is always antifreeze in the fuel because otherwise it will freeze! In short, you don't really want to live there and when I could leave, I left.



 To make a long story short, I did not like public transportation and bought an old green beetle. The beetle had its battery under the back seat and therefore retained its cahrge better in the cold. The Germans had done that well. The normal heating system was not geared up for the cold and got nothing done. It consisted of two cowardly levers that let air flow past the exhaust and had no effect whatsoever in cold Alberta. The VW garage therefore installed a gasoline heater under the dashboard on the passenger side. That worked perfectly well. After a few days I found out that someone who had the same working hours as me was living in my area and I offered him a ride.


The dream

We became friends after a while and exchanged books. Marten read many books about Lobsang Rampa, everything about meditation and India and the third eye and things like that. In the morning he was always waiting on the streetcorner and I started my day with "hi Marten, how´s life". That went well for a long time until one day, he didn't want to get in. 'Boy,' I said, "hop in, it's cold." No, "he said," I will never drive with you again. I'm taking the bus.' "Then you'll be late and you'll have a lot of nagging," I said. I'll explain it to you later, " he continued," go ahead." At the end of the working day, he visited me and we had a cup of coffee. How shall I begin, "he said. "I had a dream, a warning dream, I knew right away that it wasn't nonsensical. A few things were wrong but I will never put a foot into your car again'. "Explain," I said.



"The color was wrong," he said, "it was a blue car and your car is green, but those are details, you were in it. You got involved in a serious accident and the passenger was in a bad way. " "Marten," I cried, "and that's it! That is why you'll be taking buses every day? ' And yes so it was, he never got in again. we still borrowed books from one another, back and forth, but he never set foot in my car again and that was his luck.


The Carlman ghia

I came past a car dealer and he had a sports car, a Carlman ghia on display. It was a two seater with a back seat where you could hardly squeeze in some people if they were really bent over. It had everything I could ever have wanted in terms of shape and appearance. Wow, I thought. A salesman immediately came to me, "would you like a test drive," he asked? "I can't afford that," I answered, but accepted the keys. Twice around the block and I was sold. Blue was my favorite color and this monster was soooo cool. ' You can trade in your old beetle as a down payment and then you pay only $ 150 a month, "the salesman went on, and before I knew it, I had signed for ownership of this race monster as the young idiot I was. That was great, I went to work and felt like the king, of course I was very debonair but I knew that everyone wanted to try out my Ghia. The world was my oyster, anything was possible.



Out in Banff and the fulfillment of the dream

It was payday and I went with Jeff to "Toby´s jug" a coctail bar, they had ladies night. Every lady only paid every second drink. We saw two beauties and offered them one. "Hey boys," one of the girls said, "so what's up?" "Oh, we're going to try our new racer in the direction of Banff, are you ladies coming?" A few drinks later we drove  down the TransCanada Highway towards the West, off to Banff. In Banff we had a few more, that is: us, not Jeff, who was a soft drink freak. After a few more "hot toddies" that made your teeth curl we decided to go back. it would be a nice evening, we thought, us men, the lords of creation, just like that. The highway was snowed under and I didn't feel so great anymore. "Jeff," I said, "I have had too much, how about you?" "Not a single drink," Jeff said. "Would you want to drive back," I asked him? "I'd love it," he said, and dream time began ticking after having been in standby for so many years.



Brmmm the Holley's cut in, pure fuel was being injected and the engine growled. " Take it easy man, "I said. I did not get the seat belt fastened and started to speak with a double tongue .. a delayed effect of the alcohol. Jeff enjoyed the power of the blue monster and when we were to turn onto the main road and the rear tires slipped, he made a wrong correction by stopping and braking, he should never have touched the brakes on ice, and we started spinning around our axis and sailed onto the TransCanada highway where we were hit by a big American car.

The impact was tremendous. I did not have my belt on and was smashed through the windshield and felt my front teeth breaking off, I was lucky. Jeff's side of the car had been hit, in the weakest spot, the floor had bulged up, my friend had been pushed into the steering wheel by the bulging and was held in place, by the safety belt, he broke his back at the impact. One of the girls in the backseat had bitten her tongue, and the horn did not stop blaring out the elongated tooooooooooott sound. 


A big man leaned in and turned off the contact and the horn stopped blaring. "This one is in a bad way," a voice said, Jeff had emptied his bladder, he was unconscious and had no control over his muscles. Airbags did not yet exist. The ambulance came and Jeff had to stay and stay and stay. He never became the old Jeff again, and me? I got new implants and since that time I only buy big heavy cars and when I drive I don't drink. " I am not superstitious but I have never bought a blue car again.

San Daniel 2020

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