The conspiracy, the horned skeletons, aliens?

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The horned one

The horned one is today seen as a synonym for the devil, and in southern regions, putting someone the horns on, means cheating on someone. We also know the well-known horn of abundance. This is the horn on which you can see all kinds of fruits and precious things that appear rolling from ahorn on the paintings from the golden age. Hoorn also means angle, such as remote corner, which we find in the name Uithoorn. Hoorn itself is the port city in Noord-Holland, with ave Hoorn nearby, which was an old way of saying next to Hoorn.From Dutch that was spoken in the Middle Ages, we know: Hornicwed, for our port town of Hoorn. Heurne, rentne or horn all meant corner or shelter and wed or wedor was medieval for water.



Interesting in this context is the castle Radboud which is located in the triangle formed by the places Medemblik and Enkhuizen and Hoorn. It was the base in Frisian and West Frisian legends of the legendary king Radbout, Radbot or also called Redbad. Only of interest in this piece because he had a stepson named Hornus. Hornus was lord and master of the area where the town of Hoorn was located. He founded Hoorn in 716 according to legends and was as cruel as rulers were at the time.

He had the royal characteristics, the characteristics that had given him his name, he was horned. Hornus was therefore an appropriate name. In ancient times, kings were more often than not depicted with horns to indicate power. However, more powers were attributed to him than what was normally considered at the time. After a conflict over taxes, his curse burned down Horn in 724.

The new Hoorn was founded slightly away from the destroyed town. After a few years, Hornus came to collect taxes again and he had the Zuiderzee (southern sea), swallow up Hoorn. Due to the advancing Zuiderzee, many places were moved in a westerly direction. Hornus revealed himself at the correct moon phase, these are occurrences that we can now only read about and view through modern eyes. Did people think he was devilish and did they attribute all those bad qualities to him? Was he really horned? I have reasons to believe so.



The horned one has been described in thousands of years of history, in religious scriptures but also on clay tablets. In ancient Babelonia there was a word for the concept of shepherd or leader in relation to kingship. Sipa, the horned one. it literally means extended horn or penis. Virility was important for the royal family. Something like the chief horn, or the most powerful horn. the biblical concept of Yaweh is related to Seba-oth or sipa ud, which means penis of the storm. This corresponds to the name of the Sumerian storm god: Iskur, mighty penis.

The Biblical name Joseph means: the penis of Yaweh. It was a very ordinary thing to express the power and power of life. Yaweh is also depicted as a horned one, but also Alexander the great. He had coins minted with his image, where shows two short horns on his forehead. The question now is, was he horned, or did he want to show symbolically that he was as powerful as the horned one. It has been a persistent phenomenon over the thousands of years.

The horned one did not have such a negative connotation as is the case in our time. Hercules, the super hero from ancient times but also Isasschar, a Jewish tribe father, added the penis word or the horned one in his name. Just like the deity Baal, who is called the horned one, Ba in Sumerian means: drill, penis or horn and Al means born mightiest one. Significant is to retain what is important and that element is found in the names Jesus or Joshua, where the first part means Yaweh and the second comes from sumerian Shush, or Shua completion, restoration, healing or life.

Where did the idea come from that the horn was the symbol of power and glory? It must have been seen and  was then imitated. It must also have been a status symbol. Why would there be beasts with horns and no creatures that were human or almost human with horns. Or if you go back to alien theories, would antennas have been seen by horned peoples as horns?



In 1880 in Bradford county USA, 59 miles North of Scranton, an old burial site was found in Sayre. During the excavation work, a multitude of skeletons and bones were encountered. The skeletons deviated from the 'normal' man on a number of points. The length, and the fact that the skulls were human in nature but horned. The skeletons had an average length of 7 feet. A length that you see today only with some tall basketball players. A dating shows that they were buried around the year 1200, so before America was officially discovered. That happened in 1492. The work was stopped and an archaeological group came to investigate. The researchers were respectable. Dr. G.P. Donehoo, honorary state member of the state of Pennsylvania, Dr. A.B. Skinner, curator of "the American Investigation Museum" and Dr. W.K. Morehead from "Phillips Academy" Andover, Massachusetts.




In the 19th century more horned skulls were dug up in America. Known are the similar skulls from Wellsville New York and when digging a mine in El paso, Texas. That is an in between distance of 3500 kilometers. That suggests quite a bit. The American army put a cordon around the location to keep the curious at bay. After the most complete skeletons were shipped, this place was destroyed by the army and made ready for construction. The skeletons were transported to the Investigation museum of Pensylvania and were later claimed as research material by a government service.

Is it strange to assume that one looks at the images on coins, reads clay tablets, sees biblical names with references and digs up skeletons, that horned ones existed and perhaps still exist? why did they become synonyms for power and glory. Were they people, or beings from 'far away'? Why were horns a sign of royality for a while? How is it possible that these beings were buried in 1200 AD, was it a mass grave? Are they related to the Sasquatch?

I fear lot of water will still have to pass through the Mississippi, before this becomes clear.

San Daniel 2020



13/02/2020 15:52

Reacties (2) 

13/02/2020 23:41
In de Duitse taalfamilie betekent het juist 'bedrogen echtgenoot'. 'Jemand die Hörner aufsetzen' wil zeggen dat een vrouw haar man voor schut zet door (openlijk) vreemd te gaan.
14/02/2020 06:36
in de Spaanse en of Italiaanse Cultuur is het ook het 'vreemd gaan. ' iemand de hoorns opzetten..'.. Bijzonder wel... misschien een overblijfsel ut de Romeinse overheersing...
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