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The blessing bowl and the fear XXIX

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


I realized that I had to keep it to myself if I didn't want to disturb my relationship. But it was clear to me that something or an entity wanted me to regain control of the bowl. I did not doubt the threat for a moment, and apparently it was urgent because if taps next to a urinal are going to remind you and discuss your guts then you better take it very seriously.

We walked along all sorts of lanes and the shopping cart quickly spilling out from all sides with all sorts of things that you didn't realize you might have needed before entering the gates of Sobey's.

In the meantime I tried to make up my mind on how to go about it. There were a few things that deserved attention. I could consult my sister, who knew about the blessing bowl. She had also lived longer in the village and would know more about the Indians and their customs. I could also go to the Jasper's lounge where Indians were always drinking and gambling.

What would I do there? I would try to get information about Little Bighorn, that seemed like a tight plan. From there I would see how things would develop, but it was clear to me, I had to get the bowl back in my possession or disaster would my part. I decided to do both, talk to my sister and to go to the Jasper's lounge.

Eventually, when nothing else fitted in the shopping cart anymore, we went to the checkout. There was a good line of people at the cash register and I wondered how it was that one always choses the wrong cash register.

"What a nice store," my dear said, "everything is so fresh." "The turnover is of course huge," I replied, "and at 26 below zero, not much grows here." I had seen that almost all fruit and vegetables were imported from California. The line of cash registers on our left and right were almost endless. "What I find amazing," I said, "is that you can actually buy everything here, from Spanish olives to Belgian bonbons and Vietnamese soup. The logistics are impressive. "



The young man behind the counter greeted us kindly and asked us if we had a loyalty card. We didn't. "I can arrange one for you," he said kindly while the articles were being scanned on the belt. " "That's not necessary," smiled my sweetheart, "I'm not someone who always goes shopping in the same store." "As you wish," the young man said, printing a ticket out. "That's $ 280," he said with another smile, "you can help yourself to a happy turkey out of the freezer." A what .., "I asked in surprise."A turkey," said the young man, "it's turkey week this week, you have more than $ 250 in groceries, so there's a happy turkey waiting in the freezer. They all weigh the same, have a nice day. "

"How nice," said my wife, "you don't experience anything like that in Europe." So it was that a happy turkey was chosen which, with the rest of the groceries, found its way to the trunk of the Chrysler a little later.

My wife opened the driver's side door and I arranged some groceries before closing the lid. "The bowl," it sounded with a clattering sound from the cold turkey body. I hit my head against the lid in consternation. "You heard it," the gravel voice screamed in my head, "time is running out, everything is almost in phase." I'm going crazy, I thought, "but I realized such wasn't the case and I slammed the lid shut

San Daniel 2020

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13/02/2020 07:30

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