The blessing bowl and the fear XXV

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"Coffee," asked the girl who immediately came forward with the jug. "Please," I answered, and followed Ross to the coffee table where the old cowboys were seated. "Good morning, gentlemen," I said as I sat down  a friendly but humble murmur greetd me. "San was almost done for," Ross said, just to say something, I assumed. "What do you mean," Sony asked, arranging his stetson. "Almost run over at the Ford dealer," the cowpoke replied, passing me the girl's coffee.

"Too much traffic today," an old timer added beside me. "He was almost squashed by a black car, like one from the 1950s, the sort you barely see anymore," Ross continued. All of a sudden I got the nasty feeling that the floating female face had lured me from the pavement to kill me. I pushed that thought away, but somewhere far away in my head I heard a rough chuckle.

"I just wasn't paying attention," I explained, "and was able to jump away just in time." "It happens every day," said the old timer next to me, "two Indians  near the thrift shop left us for the eternal hunting grounds, one speared and one spread out under the front wheel of a truck."

"Tell me," his neighbor said, "I was standing next to the store, it wasn't a pretty sight." "You saw it happening," I asked? "Certainly," the man answered. "It was old Rock, the grandson of Little Bighorn." "Little Bighorn," I asked, "and that's ...". "The chief and shaman of the Assiniboine tribe, he is two in one and enjoys a lot of respect among the local tribes," laughed the man, "everyone knows that and recognizes him"

"I was looking at some tools and saw how old Rock came out with a package under his arm. He seemed very excited and took out his cell phone and started phoning. " "Haha," said Ross, "no more smoke signals for the Assiniboine." "No," Sony replied, "only we white people have a motto under the municipal coat of arms that honors traditions." "... and that is," I asked? "Where the past is the present," it sounded from a few sides. "Where the past is the present ..." I asked in surprise, "meaning?"

"Just that," said the girl who arrived with the coffee pot, "another refill?" We held out our mugs and the brown steaming moisture filled the mug to the rim.

"Simple," she said again, as if she had to explain something to a stupid boy who was too thick to understand anything. "The past and the present always touch each other, one comes from the other, and the present refers to what lies behind us. They are just dots in time that come together or move away. "

My mouth almost opened, this was like the intersection story in the cave. "Gee," I said, "what a special motto. "The first pioneers took it from an Indian tribe," the girl said, walking on. "Another refill," she asked at the next table.

The neighbor of the oldtimer blew over his mug for a moment and then carefully took a sip. He rinsed it in his mouth and swallowed it.



"So he was right excited and calling someone," he picked up the thread again, "and a little later the old Chevy from Little Bighorn appeared. The old gas guzzler stopped next to the sidewalk where old Rock stood who gave  him the package through the window. Then the old musclecar raced away and disappeared from sight in no time. "That was it," Sony wanted to know? "Well, no," said the old man, "then old Rock crossed and a lumber truck came roaring around the corner and tried to brake with all its might, but old Rock came under the front wheel and was scraped over the road."

"Good God," said a cowpoke with eggs and bacon in front of him, " I am having a bite to eat, can you simmer down a bit .. boy what a story."

"To make matters worse," the first speaker continued undisturbed, "an Indian on a motorbike hit the back of the truck, he probably tried to brake because the poor guy was launched and ended up speared on a tree trunk. " "Okay," the breakfasting cowboy said, "thank you, that will do," and he pushed his plate away.

"Gee," Sony said, "you see, if Little Bighorn had arrived a little later, Old Rock would have lived, and the truck would not have needed to brake, and the motorcyclist would have just come home." Yup, "Ross said," the past is the present ... things simply go the way they do. "

Somehow far away in my mind I knew that it could never have happened otherwise, the bowl or some rotten demon had taken care of the brothers.

"Something different, Ross said," San just saw above the Roundup abig black raven. " "Ravens around," Sony said before him, "dead in the ground." I shivered. "Cowboy wisdom," said the old timer, "ravens always announce death."

"Are you ready to go," sounded the voice of my love, who had come to stand next to the table. "Gentlemen," I said, my duty calls me to my shopping, see you tomorrow. " "Be seeing you," it sounded, and I followed my wife outside.

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