Was the blessing bowl done.. no .. not really .. but the grandchildren deserved prime time.

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It was early and the children were up and came to the main house to have breakfast. I had become a grandfather some time ago and I loved to cherish myself in that role. I had forgotten how tiring little ones are and how much attention is required from parents and grandparents. Good lord, I was grandfather!



So old father instincts awoke again and the horse riding and the feeding of bites that you hoped they would like. Mandarin oranges that we picked and peeled, fresh from the tree.


The pruning of the old olive trees (centenarios) at the main house was left for another time. It was fun having the kids and we walked to the village where I live and as Spanish people are, they were all nice to the little ones. "Hombre mida," they said, "los nietos de San Daniel," and that was how it was, I was out with my grandchildren.


 and I admired my children who worked and raised children, input is output and you have to be constantly alert that the youngest one does not put pebbles in his mouth or goes to the high grass where there is bound to be vermin. I noticed that I found it very tiring.


     The day was filled with little ones who ate or had a bath or played but were above all sweet. I felt happy that my children had undertaken the 'expedition' to Andalucia .. Flying, with the little ones, then renting a car and driving for hours to reach our vineyards. The week flew by and I was living borrowed time in the lives of my children and grandchildren.

The weather was excellent and for a moment it was like it used to be many many years ago. All together at the big table, talking and listening to what kept them busy. In the evenings when the little ones slept, sit by the fireplace and I knew I was a blessed person.

And speaking of blessings, that is why the story "the blessing bowl" came to a stop. .. so we will give the story again the momentum it deserves and take you to dark caves and nasty events .. a good advice however : 'do not open your door if there is a knock at some unearthly hour and do not pay attention to voices coming from the sink , they are all projections of evil ......


San Daniel 2020

04/02/2020 19:29

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