The blessing bowl and the fear XXIV

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I was seen or was being watched or constantly observed. As if I could get away from something that had been inside of me or was optionally inside of me or at least chased me. The face had really upset me beyond belief, you don't expect anything like that. It was gone after I had almost been run over. Now I saw all the trucks on the other side and that was a familiar sight. It had hovered at eye level and had filled me with deep fear and horror. I looked left and then right and crossed carefully.

"Hey partner," it sounded next to me and a heavy hand rested on my shoulder for a moment. I looked up and it was an old cowboy who had started walking up with me. "You were almost a goner, buddy," he laughed. "Be careful, there is more traffic than before." I chuckled, the man even rode to the cowboy church on his horse. I knew him from the Roundup. "Oh, you know Ross," I said, "sometimes you walk deep in thought and you don't hear  cars anymore, they have become electric and that is pretty dangerous." "Yep," he said, "a horse is always better." "Where is your horse," I asked, I was not used to seeing the old cowpoke walking.



"In the stable, with some hay," he replied, "new times hey, you can no longer fasten your horse in the center." "That would not be good," I thought, there is a lot of traffic and honking and you don't want your horse to panic. "No, you are darn right" Ross said, "I have seen it in the spring parade with Doug." "Oh," I said, did his horse run wild? "Well, not his horse," Ross grinned, "he had tried to train a Buffalo, he breeds buffalos, you know that, don't you." I didn't know that, but still nodded. "Of course that attracts attention," the old man continued, "and Doug likes that."

"He'd been training him for months, and it was always going well, he was going around the village, taking his hat off when he saw ladies, and then saying," howdy m'am, like a right gentleman. It goes well, as long as it goes well and it went well until the day of the parade when the band started playing, a shrill trumpet blast and some rolling of the drums and the poor beast went wild. ' I had not heard this before, which made sense because Doug always had coffee in the Roundup and people would not discuss that in his presence of course.



"So," I asked ..? "Old Buffie," snarled and scraped his hoof, "said the cowboy," and began to work forward, straight through the brass band. He wanted to get away from the sound and knocked over drummers and tuba blowers and could no longer be sustained, the more people screamed the wilder old Buffie became. The crowd moved apart for the beast that now clearly went mad and ran towards houses. Doug was still on top of it as if he had ended up in a rodeo, he shouted whoa boy, but it didn't help any. Buffie plowed through garden gates, such an animal easily weighs 2000 pounds, and came to a standstill in a large garden after he had crushed numerous fencing. He lowered his head and started to graze. "

"How did it end," I asked while we were almost at the Roundup. "Oh," Ross said, "Doug has  plenty of money, he had to pay for the damage and did so without complaining, and they tightened the rules a little." "What do you mean tighened," I wanted to know. "Only horses when animals walk along, things like that," Ross said.                                                       

Talking about Buffie we had come to the old building. "There you are," the gravel voice sounded, and to my dismay I saw the dark face hovering slightly above the roof, it looked at me with eyes narrowed. I froze in the middle of a step. "Hey partner," Ross said, "what have you got?" "Do you see anything there, I asked and I pointed to the roof." Ross glanced up, "not that I can say that I see something, what did you see," he wanted to know? "A raven or something," I lied, just to say something.

"Hmm," bad sign, "Ross thought," a raven in the air, death and scare. " He held the door open, "Cowboy wisdom," he laughed and walked towards the coffee table.

San Daniel 2020

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