The blessing bowl and the fear XXIII

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


  I had more or less expected an admonishing voice, gritty in nature, but it remained calm in my head. Maybe I had already banned my demon out while humming and I shouldn't have thought that. It was requesting the devil and that saying did not exist  for nothing in our language. A short beat sounded and my inner voice had become rough and gritty and I knew what was wrong. My inner voice was repressed, from now on the rough voice would accompany my thoughts. "What had been said again," I thought with the gravel voice of my demon who had really become my demon now. I was being watched and had not complied with transferring the bowl at the intersection point, whatever that meant.

"Ha," I thought, "games are being played with me," my inner voice has become the gravel voice but, I don't know what the intent of the intersection debacle is, and if the demon had really sailed into me, my thoughts uttered by my inner voice would have known. "

"Why haven't you ased me, if you wanted to know," the rough voice sounded. "I couldn't have imagined that," I realized, and I almost whispered, "what is the purpose of the intersection?"

"The homecoming, of course," the voice growled, "opening the gate." I was rescued by my cell phone vibrating and humming, and then the screen lit up. My love wanted to know if I wanted to do some shopping with her. I typed back that I was on my way and closed off all other thoughts.


That was easier said than done, it was almost unnatural, but I only thought about the round up and the groceries and walked out the door. The village was small and I felt triumphant; I had silenced the voice for the second time. I chuckled that I had thought that in my own inner voice and that almost made me feel like a little child hopping over the pavement. Or, had it been allowed to me and who had then allowed it? Some leaves were blowing by and a gust of wind passed me and I walked on with my head bowed in the wind that surrounded me and chilled me to the bone.

When I reached the curb, I looked up and got the shock of my life. Less than a meter from me, a woman's face hovered at eye level, looking intently at me. It was dark black and had something of how I would have imagined a witch would look like, if I had any representation of what a witch would have looked like. "I am dreaming," I thought, "when I open my eyes I'll be in bed." Then the big shock came, along the contours of the face I saw trucks that were for sale and I knew that I was well awake. "Oh," I moaned in fear and the face faded for a moment and then came back much sharper. I couldn't think anymore, I thought 'freezebrain' and I stepped off the sidewalk.

A loud honking made me jump back on the curb and only a short resounding drum beat reminded me of what had just happened. "You are hallucinating," I thought in my gravel voice. "Oh dear, I was thinking in my gravel voice again," I had been  found again, "and the gross, rough voice laughed for a moment," had you actually doubted that, " it wanted to know.

San Daniel 2020

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22/01/2020 09:35

Reacties (2) 

22/01/2020 16:44
In most cases, challenging the devil is the most reliable way to find out if he really exists or not...
Maybe not always the safest...
22/01/2020 19:58
it takes a silly man to call upon a demon
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