Eunuchs, castration, and prolonging male life

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c5145e117dc23dd00d2a1aaf854a37a8_1348689Blinding finches

It is known that finchescan sing nicely. Singing competitions are therefore held between finches and many finch holders proudly go home with a certificate earned by their finch. Until 1921 it was customary to blind finches, that is to say, to close the eyelids so as to leave the finch less distracted and have them concentrate more on singing. This barbaric custom was inspired by a medieval text "the Halewijn legend". Doing so was only prohibited by law in 1921.



Choir boys

Choir boys are generally allowed to sing in the choir until their voice changes, then they get 'the beard' in their throats and they no longer reach the high notes. It has to do with growing up and with the hormones that are being  produced. It is known that if you are castrated before you get the beard in your throat, your voice will no longer change. There was a practice in the church where choir boys were castrated. They were referred to the surgeon by the priest and were allowed to continue singing to greater honor and glory of their creator.




An influential man or ruler could afford a harem for pleasure. It was really meant for his pleasure, and therefore harem guards were appointed. of course you should not tie a cat to the bacon and those guards were first deprived of their manhood. At least castrated and that's what I want to talk about. The castration of Eunuchs and the effect that occurred as a result.

Researchers at Korea University have determined that male hormones shorten men's lives. They also studied geneological data from 1392 to 1910 of the Eunuchs who had served at the Korean court. Dr. Kyung-Jin Min of the Inha University in collaboration with

studied data from 81 eunuchs that were in the court register. You were only allowed to work at the court if you came from a well-to-do family. For that reason alone, those registers were kept meticulously.



A eunuch worked his hours as a guard and then went home where his wife waited for him. Most of them were married and had children who had been adopted, because they themselves could not father them. "They generally survived their wives by 14 to 19 years.

It is striking, the researchers say, that the number of 100 year olds is 130 times higher than is the case in developed countries. That can no longer be attributed to the rich palace life. On the contrary, the rulers did not, as a rule, become older than about 40, and that brought the members of noble families on the other side of the balance, those who lived the shortest.

  Gentlemen you know what needs to done!

San Daniel 2020


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20/01/2020 10:46
Sounds quite fights, no stress, less competition.
Women died in childbirth mostly, until sterile practices and antibiotics (about 1920) were commonly introduced.
Medical science, on the contrary, did not find (or even look for) a way to stop the deadly work of testosteron in male bodies, which is in fact the most common reason for untimely deaths in males - ranging from fighting and speeding to destroying bloodvessels in the long run: high bloodpressure caused by an overload of adrenaline.
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it seems that testosteron is indeedthe big male killer
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