The blessing bowl and the fear XXII

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The round up was as always the round up. I was sitting at the table with the cowboys who complained about the government and none of them had been dealing with demons in a cave for the night. So I listened to yet another story about the government and how unfairly it treated our province. The girl with the coffee pot came by several times for the refill and after a while I thought it was enough and I decided to go home. My wife was still sitting at her coffee table, I waved at her and walked to the counter to pay. I thought about going to the basement when I was at home, but I decided not to do that, there was too much that had upset me in the basement and I didn't feel safe there. I wanted to look up some things in the books I had received from Les and the internet should fill in any gaps.

Walking home I let my mind wander again about the last night. I had come to the point where I had come to regard the nightmares as real. It was a glimpse into another reality. I also considered throwing the meat grinder away, but realized that the gravel voice could probably harm me in many other ways. I just saw in a flash how he let me hold my hand over the gas stove while I screamed in pain. "Don't," I thought, "don't go there, you are  filling your head with assumptions." Humming had helped, it had occupied my mind so that nothing else was allowed in.

I hummed 'Sympathy for the devil of the Stones. Not a happy choice I thought and I smiled for a moment, "oh well we could still laugh at all the fear." When I got home I walked directly to the table, to the two books that I got from the salvation army soldier. "Dream interpretation," lay on top, so fate had decided I thought.

It was alphabetical to consult, so I went to the "C" of cave. " Dreaming that you are walking in a dark cave, "I read," is an exploration of your subconscious. It indicates self-discovery. " "That's nice," I thought, "what do I discover or is it an attempt to think outside the box?" I went on to the 'V' of voices. "Hearing voices in your dream," the book told me, "means a message from the subconscious or spiritual realm." "Hmm," I thought, "was the gravel voice coming from my subconscious for God knows what reason," or did it come from the spiritual realm? " I determined from the spiritual realm, for I would never consider grinding my right hand with my left hand. What was the message then, or was it a feeling that warned me and revealed itself as a voice?

The grinding had been a threat. Why should I threaten myself? It had been the result of not bringing the bowl to the location. As a kind of punishment. I didn't want the dish. I had not thrown it away. So a power from outside of myself threatened me. Manipulated my hands so that my wrist did not obey me and destroyed anyone who had not been called to the bowl. But how could I have known in my dream that I should have taken the bowl, moreover, that was not even possible, because an Indian had bought the bowl and taken it to the reservation.



The two Indians who had taken it out of my garbage had rushed towards their accident, one had ended in speared and the other was spread out on a road half. "Goodness," I thought, "what would be happening on the reservation now?" Would they all get the plague or be killed by a bunch of buffalos?

The bowl was clearly the catalyst of everything that had happened to me in recent days and apparently it had to be placed at the intersection, whatever that was, and that would solve everything, because my dead neighbor had said 'and that is what it is all about.' As if the bowl was a connecting key between worlds, the bowl was the intersection, or an intersection in time or between dimensions, I realized, or together with an intersection that gave bright light, a wholenes of some sort.

Was the gravel voice a part of the bowl or was it a demon who was in the service of a higher power, to get me the owner of the location to put the "key," in the "lock,"? My head was spinning but I knew I had come a long way, I had weighed and weighed and although I could not discuss it with anyone, I had unraveled part of the puzzle and a rational emerged.

The bowl had to go to an intersection. That intersection had to do with a location. The scale probably had an appearance or a load that was needed to lock or unlock the intersection. Indeed a kind of lock with a key, I thought satisfied, whether open or closed, or accessible or not. The position now was clearly the 'not position' and all kinds of dark forces thought it was necessary for that position to change and I was the owner of the location.

The dream book was useful, I consulted my characteristics from those symbols that countless people had dreamed before me. So I went to the 'w' of water, because my love had dragged by a current in a lake and oh well you are curious and want to know if it means something at all.



Seeing water in your dream symbolizes your subconscious mind and your emotional state, "I read. Water is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. It is also a symbol of spirituality, knowledge, healing and refreshment. "Well, we know a bit more now," I thought, "although here too it was about refreshing thoughts, awakening or being open to, and again the spirituality." This is no coincidence, "I knew," what is the chance that two people in a bed, dream about a theme that symbolically embraces the same. " We were being influenced, there was no other way about it.

"Then lets do  the colors," I decided, looking at light in dreams and especially bright light and blue.

'Seeing light in your dream stands for lighting, clarity, guidance, clear understanding and insight. Light is shed on a once cloudy situation or problem. You have found the truth about a situation or an answer to a problem. Also consider the color of the light for extra meaning ....... Dreaming of a bright light coming from an object often means divinity and / or a higher consciousness. Consider the meaning of the object and its role in your spirituality or spiritual journey. "

I thought dream interpretation was no longer ridiculous. Again the spirituality, the budding understanding. When I searched for the color blue, I came up with the colors of the virgin Mary, Blue and white, and oblivion, "I did not exactly have the idea that the Blessed Virgin was in my basement, but then I read on and I read read, "blue symbolizes stillness and infinity."

Would you unconsciously sense things for which you needed a book to put it into words? I didn't know but suddenly I no longer considered the dream symbolism nonsense.

San Daniel 2020

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