Alcohol causes cancer and is more dangerous for Asians and Indians

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Fire water

When I lived in Canada many years ago there was only 1 bar in the entire city where Indians were allowed to drink. The drinking laws were very strict and differed per state. We lived in Alberta and you had to be 21 to enter a bar. At the doorway stood an RCMP agent, a police officer, who asked you when in doubt about your ID, and if you had proof of identity that showed you were younger than 21, your parents were called to pick you up and they got a $ 90 fine. That made your parents right happy.. I lived in a city with 100,000 inhabitants and there were only a few bars, but they were very large. They were the so-called Beer parlours, gigantic rooms that could easily accommodate 500 to 1000 people.




There were not that many waiters working there and therefore the minimum order was always 2 pints. If you ordered a round with 4 friends, then 8 pints were placed in front of you and when everyone had paid 1 round then you were 32 pints further and you yourself had downed 8 pints. After a second round the moon looked like a melon. Drinking in public was not allowed and peeing outside was an offence.



 You couldn't get a drink with your food and ladies didn't drink in the beer parlor, they went to a room next to it which was called the lounge. No liquor was for sale in the stores, you could only buy liquor at the liquor stores and another RCMP sat or stood next to the doorway. Indians were banned because they were known to go aggressive when drinking. In BC just over the state border it was a different story, the drinking age was 18 and everyone who looked like about 18 could buy a drink. We went out in BC and drove back half smashed to Alberta .. we are lucky that we are still alive. We are on about the late sixties.



Indians and firewater, it is not a myth, it is not for nothing there was a saying in the colonies that went : "as drunk as a Malay", it was soon known in the Americas that Indians and alcohol were a fatal combination. They didn't know why, but it was a poor combination. Research now shows why.




Professor Silvia Balbo from the University of Minnesota, has completed and published a study on cancer related to alcohol use. Alcohol is broken down in the body by the liver and during that process a compound is formed that damages DNA, which can lead to cancer. Together with her fellow researcher, Professor Stephen Hecht, also from the University of Minnesota, she investigated how alcohol from beer, wine and spirits is broken down by metabolism.

One of the intermediates in this degradation process is: acetaldehyde, which is known from experiments in laboratories that it damages human DNA and causes abnormalities in cell structures. Professor Balbo presented her findings during a lecture at the 244th national meeting of the Medical and Chemical industry in Phildelphia.

She conducted an experiment with human volunteers in the context of this research. For the first time, it has now been demonstrated that: acetaldehyde is formed after alcohol consumption and that DNA is dramatically damaged. The attached acetaldehyde influences the DNA in such a way that the DNA activity is influenced in a way that increases the risk of cancer. Professor Balbo pointed out that the human body has a natural, effective, repair mechanism to repair damaged DNA.

In addition,and that makes the difference, caucasian people have an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase that converts acetaldehyde to the harmless acetate.

So what is the problem? Unfortunately there is a problem: 30% of American Indians, Eskimos, Asians in general, Aboriginals, Indian-like peoples in general, have a variant of that enzyme and the same applies to those who have had one of these tribes as ancestors. That variant is incapable of converting the dangerous acetaldehyde to the innocent acetate. This genetic variant of the enzyme ensures that alcohol is not broken down innocently and that "drinkers" have to take serious account of esophageal cancer as a result.

The volunteers received increasing doses of vodka over a 3-week period, starting with 1 glass per day and ending with 3 glasses per day. DNA threatening substances increased by 100 times within 1 hour and were neutralized within a day with the good enzyme. It is not difficult to guess what is going to happen to the 1.6 billion people who have the variant enzyme.

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