The blessing bowl and the fear XXI

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In the morning with a cup of tea, I let my mind wander again over the nightly experiences. It was no small matter if your neighbor, who had not been dead for a day, spoke to you in your cellar or cave or whatever the room was. The heat had almost been tropical and I remembered that I had thought about sunglasses. What exactly had my deceased neighbor said, something in the spirit of crossing lines, no, he had said an intersection. But what was that supposed to mean and why all that blinding light. Bright blue as if someone was welding and you were watching it without  eye protection.

I took my faithful cell phone and went to Google. "Crossing, oh no," I corrected myself and typed in intersection. I knew what an intersection was, but I wanted to have the definition and not rely on what I remembered from geometry. It seemed important to me to see what my neighbor really had said. I just had the idea that in the cave life words were weighed and really had meaning.

Internet is a miracle box and a moment later I read what the geometric definition of an intersection was.

'An intersection of two curves is a point in geometry that lies on both curves. It is the point where the curves intersect. More than two curves can also have a common intersection. "

That was not new to me and I could picture that. Here too was another representation of an abstract thought that had been given a name, "intersection." Just a common point where two lines crossed.

- Two straight lines in a flat plane intersect exactly once or not at all. In the latter case, parallel lines are used. There are spaces where two lines can intersect more than once. "

This was, in my opinion, a representation of a two-dimensional world view. For example a square, only length and width and no depth. A flat dimension that did not display depth.

"Two randomly chosen lines in a three-dimensional space generally do not intersect."

"A cube," I thought, "for example, it is three-dimensional. It has a depth, length and width. Three-dimensional means that something has three dimensions. ... Spatial figures in mathematics exist in a three-dimensional space. '



"I'm going to the Roundup," my sweety said, "are you coming too?" I was torn away from reflections on intersections and three or two dimensional spaces and what could or could not occur there.

"I want to finish my reading," I answered her. "Maybe I'll come later." "She smiled sweetly at me," you should know that yourself, "she thought," but don't wait too long if you do want to come. " I blew her a kiss and turned my eyes back to the small screen. " Moments later I heard the heavy Chrysler move away and the rumbling sound faded into the distance.

 What had dead neighbor said, exactly said, before I was woken up? " "Now you are at the intersection and that's what it's all about." he had said that literally.

 It seemed like he was explaining why I was drawn to that particular place. But I had not seen an intersection, I could not see anything in seriousness because of the bright blinding light. The crux was something that he designated as an intersection, what then cut through which point? He seemed to think it was very important. What came together there. Had it been intended literally or communicatively? For example, had he referred to different dimensions, or time segments intersecting there. Or or or.

In my workplace, which transformed last night into a cave, there was apparently a point of intersection of something that was extremely important, because my neighbor had said ... "and that's what it's all about." A curve or a line or a dot are but representations of abstract possibilities that exist in a space. Was it a meeting point of two worlds, or of a force field, was that what he wanted to say? He had not simply used the intersection, what if he had only meant: the intersection of two world views, of two dimensions. Good God and that under my house.



It did explain why the two bringers of the bowl had said that it was not so much about the owner as about the location when they had given me the bowl.

A short tap on a drum sounded from under my feet, for a moment I wondered if I had actually heard it, but that didn't last long because a voice spoke to me. "Did you really think we would let you go?" The gravel voice paused briefly and then continued, "All you had to do was bring the bowl and you lost it." I listened petrified and the fingers of my left hand began to drum nervously on the table without me wanting it.

"We even brought you to the location," screeched gravel voice, "and you turn up empty-handed. We can do something about that. Are you attached to your hands? How about your right hand in the meat grinder? ' Take a look at your right hand! "

I couldn't think anymore and I saw how my right hand first picked up the tea mug and then squeezed it. It shattered and two earthenware pieces went into my hand. "Do you want to know what your hand will look like when the grinder is done, do you like minced meat." I could only shake no, because I already envisioned my left hand working the grinder.

I got up and said aloud, I am going to the Roundup. I began to hum and did not allow any thought or voice to enter my head and cleared the shards. I wiped the table with a cloth and held my hand under the tap and tore a piece off the kitchen roll and wrapped it around my hand to stop the bleeding. I put my coat on and walked out of the door.

San Daniel 2020

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