The blessing bowl and the fear IXX

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


I stood by the remains of my neighbor, just so that no animal or whatever else could disturb him. It was not long before an ambulance entered the alley and stopped when I beckoned him beside me. "There he is," I said, pointing to the shape that lay next to the wheelbarrow. A paramedic rushed around the ambulance and ran to what had been my neighbor. He looked almost compassionately at the man, "he is gone," he said, "just to make sure," he listened to the chest, felt the wrist. "No breathing and no heartbeat," he said dryly. "We can't take him with us," he continued, "regulations, hey." "I'll warn the police and the hearse, will you stay with him for a little longer?" And without waiting for my answer he walked to the car and got in and started calling and so they drove away leaving me with what had been the negative neighbor.

I picked up the trash cans and in turn rolled them through my gate to their place behind the house. In the meantime, I was watching my dead neighbor. The car with the red and blue lights stopped next to me. RCMP was written on the side in large letters. "You've come, let's say, for my neighbor," I asked, and the man nodded from behind his wheel. "That's where he is," I pointed out, "he fell down a ladder."

The driver stopped beside me and the second man walked over to the corpse. "You are," he asked me, and when I had answered him, he asked, "you saw it all," which I answered in the affirmative. "He lost his balance, I just walked up to the alley to get the bins." "Well," the man said, "things like that happen, you can go, we know where to find you if we have any more questions." He resolutely turned around and went to his colleague.



"How is it," my wife asked as I stepped inside. "Not too good," I said, "he's stone dead, I think he has broken his neck." She looked at me in dismay. "Such a nice man," she said, "he always gave me a wave when I hung up the washing." "Yup," I said, "he liked to have his little chat," and I thought how strange is it, when you are dead, people forget that you were always a racial obsessed fellow with hateful remarks and everyone only remembered nice stuff about you.

"The hearse is coming soon," I continued, "the ambulance may not let's say, transport dead patients."

That evening we sat up for a while and followed with half an eye a series about a horse ranch. After the series had come to a successful conclusion, the horse thief was caught and everyone was happy again, we went to bed. I walked past the front door and checked if it was locked and when that turned out to be the case I went to brush my teeth.

It had been a turbulent day. Smeared out and speared Indians, a salvation army soldier who had suffered a stroke, a story about the miserable end of the previous three owners of our building and last but not least, the narrator of that story who was fatally bowled over by a black figure, but then really as if we had been in a bowling alley.

So we lay quietly next to each other and then I turned off the reading light. "Night sweety," I said, turning around.


'I was at my sister's and we were enjoying a cup of tea. We were in the old kitchen and I felt relaxed. "Hey," said my sister, " did you hear that," and I stiffened because a rumble had started under our feet. "What do you mean," I asked as innocently as possible? "Then listen," she said, "it seems to come from under the floor." Then a slow roar began, and I suspected that the small basement below her house would probably be bathed in bright blue light by now.

"Let's take a look," my sister said, putting her cup on the table and walking to the end of the kitchen where there was a hatch in the floor with a ring on it.

"Don't open the hatch," I called to my sister as I quickly got up to pull her away from the hatch, "there's something unholy in your basement ... the crackling died away slowly."

"It's a dream," I thought, "don't give in," I'm in control, I'm in bed.
'We'll see, about that', a gravel voice sounded and I went down my basement stairs in my own house and I heard the rhythmic drumming and it lured me to the far side of the cellar where my workshop was. The door was half open and a bright blue light shone out and I heard the voice, the voice of my recently deceased neighbor, who said, "He's almost here, just wait a little longer."

San Daniel 2020

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