6 Ways to Work With People You Want To Kill

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“Is it rude to kill someone during a meeting?”


Working with other people can be a nightmare. It is like an adult version of group projects, and everyone knows they never end well. When you are constantly stuck with annoying people at work, you are left with two options- to kill them, or to kill yourself.


However, if you think about it after removing the dramatic element, you can learn several coping techniques that can help you deal with the frustrating people at work. The following guide includes six (non-violent) tips to help you overcome your violent desires. So, hire professional essay writers UK and educate yourself from online essay writing service with this comprehensive guide:


Safeguard your energy

The main reason why annoying people are annoying is that they suck all the energy out of you. Without even realizing it, they have an extremely strong hold over you. You may think about killing them from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep. Every day you may find yourself creating ten different strategies to suffocate them while you watch the life drain out of their body the same way they drain your energy.


No matter how satisfying these fantasies maybe, the only person getting harmed in this case is you. As a result, you must direct your energy towards something that can allow you to become the best version of yourself. Instead of mental homicides, you can dedicate your energy to improve your work ethic so you may not have to work with that individual for long. Imagine the satisfaction you will feel when you walk away from them. Do you want it? Then work for it!


Create boundaries for yourself

The next initiative that you must take is setting boundaries for yourself. You need to have an understanding of your limits. Make sure that you only have to interact with that person for a limited period during the day. When you do interact with the person, educate them on the rules and regulations concerning having a conversation with you. If you are lucky, they will get put off by you instantly and consequently; they will avoid you. However, if your luck regularly deceives you, make sure that they face the consequences of breaking your rules.

Leave the conversation when you are triggered

In moments of distress, walk away.

There are moments at work during which people test your patience. They may act so profoundly stupid that you end up wondering how they made it this far in life. However, when your limits of dealing with their inadequacy are crossed, you must find a way to leave the conversation or the situation. As you are in a professional setting, do not make your disgust obvious. Instead, find a relevant excuse, such as going to the bathroom, to step away from the conversation. This will provide you with some time to breathe, meditate or do whatever necessary to kill the urge of killing them.


Create a tragic backstory to justify their behavior

Sometimes, the annoyance is so strong that leaving the situation is not enough. The inadequacy of these individuals haunts you even when you are not anywhere near them. In such situations, you can learn to empathize with them. But, empathy would require knowledge, and knowledge can only come via interaction.


Do not interact. Instead, create a sob story in your mind about how they ended up being the way that they are. Make sure that the story you build for them is extremely tragic. This is the only way through which you can feel even the slightest bit of positive emotion towards them.

For example, you can justify their behavior by thinking about how the person's parents never loved them, as this is the only reasonable explanation that makes it okay for them to still exist.

Build a support group for yourself 

“The enemy of my enemy is my best friend.”


If you are annoyed by a person at work, there is a strong chance that at least one other person feels the same way. It is crucial to find that person and make them your rant buddy immediately. Your mini support group can be contacted at any moment you feel that the urge to kill is rising within you. Reach out to them.

Learn to let go

Hating people is time-consuming, and so is planning murders. So, take a step back and learn to let things go. If the person says something to you, let it slide. If their breathing annoys you, put on earphones. If seeing their face drives you insane, then stare at them until you feel no emotion. The act of letting go is highly therapeutic!


Feeling frustrated towards the people you work with is completely normal. However, the way you express and deal with the frustration says more about you. So, make sure that you maintain your composure as nothing can kill better than kindness!

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