The blessing bowl and the fear XI

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In the morning I put on some clothes and walked to the back garden to have a look at my roof. At least that was my intention, but I was stopped by large branches that I had to wriggle around, and those branches were attached to a large uprooted tree that ran through my neighbor's fence against my house.

Sticking from in between the shingles on my roof I saw smaller broken branches. That tree had first slowly, creaking in the wind, landed on my sloping roof and then slid off and hit the back of my house. The roof looked undamaged, but the colossus had thrown itself through the internet cable. "Better go see the neighbor," I resolved. It took a while for the door to open and there was a sleepy neighbor with his morning coat on.

"Good morning," he greeted me, "what can I do for you?" "Good morning," I greeted him back, "although we could leave the good out, a tree of yours has crossed our fence and ended up in our garden sliding down my roof." "I'm insured," he announced, "at Brightman's, I'll report it later to them." "I'll go by," I offered, "I have my insurance with them as well." "Okay, just let me know the outcome,'  he answered me and closed the door on me.


At Brightman's I had to wait for an old man who was chatting about anything and everything and then touched his hat in a salute and left the office.

"What can I do for you," asked the young man who was Brightman's son. "A tree from my neighbor was blown over and entered my garden passing my roof," I explained. "Injuries, damages," he asked with interest. "Just the fence," I answered. "Well then, that's settled," said the young man. "What do you mean it is settled," I wanted to know. "You take the tree away and you and your neighbor fix your fence," he said with a friendly smile.

"Who takes the tree away," I asked in surprise. "You, of course," said the young Brightman, it is your garden and what lies there is yours, or you leave the tree or you take it away. " "Why am I still insured," I asked in astonishment? "This is an act of God, so force majeure," said the young man, "we can not insure God, have a nice day." "That might be a bit disappointing," I said, "at least it didn't start off well." "Ah," the boy exclaimed who was clearly done with me, because he was already tapping his keyboard, "look at it this way, you could have been dead or your house badly damaged."

"You couldn't win here," I thought, turning around. "The boy looked up for a moment," if you need a chainsaw you can rent them at the end of the street, "and he turned back to the screen. I decided to go to the end of the street because I didn't have a chainsaw and I could always see what was for rent. I saw the store that hadn't previously registered with me because I hadn't needed any tools. Brightman's tool hire was on the door in  big shining letters, I knew what time of day it was in this village.

San Daniel 2019

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