MP: The blessing bowl and the fear VIII

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"Hi there," my wife shouted from the kitchen. 'Would you fancy some coffee? We fancied a bit of dark comfort. "I told her about the bowl," I told my love. "Yes," said my sister, "I have a bad feeling about it, you shouldn't keep it here." "Hmm," my sweety said, pouring the coffee, "I've already solved that." I looked questioningly at her and she continued, "You know I took pictures and they were not sent." My sister crossed herself. "Yes," I agreed, "I was there, only the text was sent and the lights went off and on."

My wife gazed at me with a funny look and said, "The latter may have been a coincidence, although I doubt it." "Because," I asked ..? "Because the neighbors have not had a power outage," my sweetheart replied, "I was having coffee with the neighbor and I asked her and she has been home all day and there was no power outage." "alright," I said, "and we live side by side and the power comes from the same line."


"That is impossible," said my sister, and then she put her hand to her mouth, when the truth sank in. "Put that thing away," she commanded!

"I came home again," my darling continued, "and thought that if the photos had been on my camera, they should also be in my cloud." I took a sip of coffee, and when I swallowed it, I asked, "and ..." "Only the text is in the cloud," my wife said, "and that really isn't possible." "No," I confirmed, "that is impossible." She showed her tablet and it contained only the text.

"What are you going to do about it," my sister asked. "I have already done something about it," my wife announced proudly, "I have picked up the bowl and thrown it in the garbage, and it was emptied half an hour later, as if it were meant to be like that, and that is the end of all misery." " "Sure" the gravel voice sounded from beside me, and I choked violently. After coughing and choking and coughing, I looked at the table cloth and thought, "Was that my inner voice or was that a voice?"

"I'm glad you did so," my sister announced. "You didn't break it now, did you." "No," my wife replied, "I just threw it in the trash." "Very well," my sister thought, "you never know what could have been released by destroying it." "Maybe the effect will fade away," I thought, and that somehow calmed me down a bit.


"I'll just call Saskatoon to report that we have arrived safely," my sister said and took her last sip of coffee. "Hello, dear boy, yes, yes it is me," I heard my sister say a moment later. "We have arrived safely. I am just having coffee with your uncle." "Oh, how horrible," I  heard after some silence, "Praise God that you were not there, what a disaster." She listened again and continued, "I'll call you back from home in a minute, try to stay calm."

"It's terrible," she said to no one in particular, "something terrible has happened," "So what happened," I asked, alamated. "His three neighbors, you know, the ones that went ice fishing," I nodded, "they sank through the ice and all three of them drowned." "Good God," I said, thinking, 'it is that cursed bowl and the mess it projects.' "I am going home," my sister announced, "while she got up," that poor boy is completely upset, I am going to talk to him quietly, oh my, he could have been one of them. " I closed the door behind her and felt guilty for no apparent reason.

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