MP: The blessing bowl and the fear VI

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie

My nephew had studied history and just bought a flat. "Great," I thought, "if you can start like that in your life." The greeting was warm and welcoming, we were very close, we enjoyed a common interest in the world and its current events and I gladly visited him. The distances are always great in North America and people don't really mind travelling the mile. I always had the idea that we in Europe have no idea of what distances mean and the North Americans have no idea of history. Canada is only 140 years old and it is difficult to explain that Amsterdam already had city rights in the year 900.


The flat was beautiful and after viewing it we all decided to go for a bite to eat at Fudd Ruckers .. and marketing wise I thought that was a clever chosen name,because many would remember it by reversing the first letters Rudd ... f ... I'm not so keen on burger joints but to be honest, this was a modern implementation of everything that is wrong with fast food. It wasn't bad with a salad bar that you could choose from and in short, I didn't eat bad at all.

My sister and I exchanged some pleasantries with my nephew and then she announced that she had to do some shopping and whether we'd liked to go to the 'fox and hound' a typical gentleman's bar. There we would meet again, before driving the 4 hours back to our village.

There we sat behind our pint of 'Olson Canadian'. "Cheers," I said, raising the glass. "How is your new work," I asked to say something. "It takes some getting used to," my nephew replied, "but I like it."

"Nice," I replied, "I'm happy about that." We sat like that for a while and looked at a large screen where a hockey game was taking place. "Any special things in your life," I asked, almost interested? I meant meetings with female beauties or plans for the future.


"Hmm," he said, "I don't know, something weird has happened and I don't know if I should tell you or not?" "Come on," I said, "get it off your chest, who is the lucky lady?" "Well, it's about something else," my nephew said,  who never kept any secret from me. "I am listening," I said, and I was, waiting for what was to come.

"Uncle San," my nephew began, "do you believe in supernatural events." "Hmm," I replied, "yes and no, I am not convinced new age, but I do think that inexplicable things sometimes happen, why?"

"Just before you came," my nephew said, "I experienced something that really got to me." "I am listening," was my standard answer. "What did you experience?" "I only tell you this if it stays here between us," my nephew explained. "You have my word," I said solemnly and took a sip of beer.

"I watched TV and waited for both of you," my nephew began, "and then I just heard a heavy irregular panting, I watched where it came from and it came from the easy chair next to me." A deep shiver ran down my spine, my poor nephew, I had seen the cloud, something like that has a reason.


I played innocent, "what do you mean a panting came  from the seat next to you," I asked. My nephew looked uncomfortable, "the chair was slightly dented at the seat," he said, "as if something had taken its place and the panting sounded from there." Right, "I said," and what did you think? " "I couldn't think," my nephew replied, "I was frightened." "I would have been," I thought, but I said, "and what do you think it was?" "I don't know," my nephew almost moaned, "but It gave me almost got a heart attack, I was so scared, my heart was pounding in my ears." "Yes," I said, "and then what?" You rang the doorbell and it was as if a spell had been broken. "

"Exactly," I said, "that won't happen again, they are one-off events, believe me," and I thought, "it won't happen anymore because I won't be visiting you again from now on." I knew it, my presence had cast my shadow forward, the damned dish that was connected to me by those two nasty wives had caused this. Our conversation stopped because my sister came in and cheerfully announced that we had to leave again.


San Daniel 2019

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