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It was still dark when we left the village and we were both immersed in our own thoughts. I found it striking that the bowl had also appeared in my loved one's dream. Two out of two is good statistics and I knew that to be very unlikely from my earlier studies. All the events that cast shadows ahead in our lives and turned them into symbols in our sleep were variables within variables.


In both cases there had been a threat and the presence of the pagan bowl. In both cases the threat had consisted of powers of nature, in my case lightning that wanted to destroy me and it had been a current with my love, drawing her away from the coastline. In both cases we had experienced a deep sense of abandonment. Those would have been the similarities, and I thought again how unlikely it would be if we experienced these happenings in a dream world together in the same house at the same time. I understood what had happened and it made me shudder it had been images that had been sent or that had been influenced by the presence of the evil that had been set down in my house.

Arriving on the main road, I started my story about the two women who had appeared at my door. I didn't like that word: appeared, but I realized that I experienced it that way. Unknowingly we make word choices that betray our deeper feelings, and probably those chosen words are driven by an instinct that defends our own protection.

"I'm listening," my sister said, "you seemed absent for a moment." I picked up the thread again and told about the Jehovah's in my student days and how I had let them come in because it was raining as I had felt compassion. Eventually I arrived at the bowl, the blessing bowl.

"I have never heard of such a thing," my sister said, who had listened very carefully to the story. She could listen well, she had worked as a social worker / psychologist until she retired and saw through people in a flash and could listen well. "No," she repeated, "never!"

When I also spoke about the allegation of the Spirit who always sat or stood next to the woman and told her where she was going, she gave me a sideways look.

"I don't like that," she said decisively, "schizophrenia occurs of course and people might think they hear voices. Nor is compulsive action unknown to me. I have had patients who always wanted to walk in the gutter with one foot on the street and with the other on the sidewalk. Or were never 'allowed' to step on joints between tiles or climb stairs two at a time or always gave a light tap to every second lamppost in passing. Those are compulsive neuroses. I have also experienced those that suffer from religious insanities but they are all different syndromes with different backgrounds. '


I could picture  that and nodded. "You will not soon see a cluster of syndromes that are intertwined and connected for underlying reasons," my sister said earnestly. 'Nor will such a thing be accompanied by gifts that are given or brought, no matter how positive or negative. It sounds more like a mission, self-imposed or "ordered," or the fulfillment of a promise or obligation. "

"It sounds serious," she continued, "it gives me an indefinable feeling when I let my instincts speak. Apparently the bowl had to do with the location rather than with the person staying there, you said that yourself. Although you are now connected to that bowl and so is your partner, because you are staying at that location.

"That was a razor-sharp analysis expressed by my sister," I thought. My sister had always been deeply religious and had been on the brink of studying theology. She was very analytical and contemplative in nature and I attached great importance to her opinions. "Then how would you explain it," I asked? "Ten people, ten opinions," she smiled, "but I'm worried about that bowl and for a clear reason."

"I'm listening," I said simply. "If that woman with the gloomy appearance claimed that the Spirit was draining her energy," my sister continued, "I can tell you that she thinks she has the Spirit next to her, but such is not the case. On the contrary, the Holy Spirit gives people hope and energy and does not suck the energy away from the elected ones, it would make them victims rather than saved sinners. "Oh dear," I thought, 'here comes the church talk', but I listened carefully because I realized that my sister was right ... at least from a philosophical point of view.

"What then," I asked because I was curious what she would think of it. "Something bad, something demonic," my sister simply said away. Not only are the people bringing the bowl under the influence of what they think is the Spirit who directs them, but they let themselves be misled by something bad and let themselves be used as tools. That is obedience a bit like a form of worship in a submissive relationship with what they believe drives them. "


"Let's assume for the time being something like that is possible," I suggested, "are those women dangerous." "They are just the messengers," my sister suggested, "the helpers of something that reaches out to you and your house and everyone who is there." "What do you base such a thing on," I wanted to know? "On the Bible," said my sister, who could just as easily have become a pastor or priest. "Because ...," I made it sound like a question. "Because the Bible does not support something like a blessing bowl," my sister spoke as if she had just explained a difficult sum to a dull boy.

"Wait a minute, the Bible was recorded thousands of years ago," I objected, "and time has not stood still." The moon landing and the Apolo astonauts, for example, do not appear in the Bible either, but it did happen and it did take place. "

"In the Bible," my sister said emphatically, "there is no such thing as a blessing bowl, but demons and curses and blessings, are and I'm talking about that." That bowl has nothing to do with whatever form of blessings. " Incidentally, curses and blessings go side by side. What is a blessing today is a curse tomorrow. " I didn't know exactly what to do with that and if the bowl hadn't bothered me so much, I would have enjoyed the word plays with my sister.

"Take a man who loves a woman with all his heart," said my sister, "and she falls for a lover, cheating on him, then jealousy strikes and the man will hate the woman forever." A gift that is not accepted has, after a while, become something ugly that only produces negativity. "


The Bible supports that, "I teased her? "Balaam, part II (Numbers 22: verses 36-24: 25)," she said, "there is almost no clearer case." "I understand every word you've just spoken but I don't know what you're saying," I explained. "Balaam and Balak king of the Moabites," my Bible-learned sister clarified. "Oh," my sister laughed, "come on then, Balak wanted to destroy the Israelites and had Balaam come to a battlefield to curse them." On the way to Balak, his mule refused to walk. He whipped his beast of burden, but the beast was terrified and did not move.

The beast felt what did not register with Balaam, a presence that would kill Balaam if he performed his mission. When Balak and Balaam oversaw the army of Israel, Balaam wanted to curse it but only blessings came from his mouth. "So far the reading," said my sister.

We had arrived in Saskatoon, talking and arguing, and had almost come to my nephew's house. I decided to continue discussing the bloody bowl on the return trip. When I looked above the apartment building I was shocked, for a moment I thought I had seen the silhouette of the bowl in the shape of a dark cloud, but when I blinked my eyes it was just a cloud again. "I have become obsessed," I thought, "but it had been the form, do not fool yourself," was my next thought, and I knew it to have been true and it had hung over my nephew's apartment.

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