Conspiracy: Gods or Aliens: Baian kara ula

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie

Baian kara Ula is probably the least known of modern conspiracies. A report about Aliens, storage discs of 12000 years old and abnormal skeleton finds.

The person who knows more than his fellowman is king of the castle, such is the case in a "fast" knowledge society, but this also held true in ancient times. Have we been visited by a God, a creative power or by an Alien or by an Alien with divine powers in relation to us? There must have been an impulse that gave momentum to further development, that impulse was divine. Or are we the Gods through our knowledge. San Daniel is once again relecting on the world from under his olive tree. Hang on to your hats.

In the beginning the earth was ... what?

 Now the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.…(Book of Genesis, the first bible book).

Who knows what the earth was like, we were not present. There are many legends, many myths and many traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation. Traditions that are supported by finds suddenly have more probative value. Such as the excavation of Troy, at the German archaeologist Heinrich Sliemann in 1873, a world-shaking fact because until then it was assumed that Homer in a poem, the Illiad had shaped a myth, accompanied by heroic acts or great Greek heroes. Such events were considered important enough to be handed over from collective memory to future generations in song or poem because such an instrument or transmission is frozen language. If you change the words, then the meter is gone or it no longer rhymes.


It placed events in a completely different light in the epic poem. Troye or Troya existed and was destroyed in the Trojan wars which actually took place. The Trojan horse was not just a brainchild of a poet but the denouement of war through a ruse. The phenomenon of putting important events in rhyme, say as a reminder, was a well-known phenomenon to pass on important data to later generations .

Compare this in the Middle Ages with our phenomenon in Europe: the troubadour or the minstrel. The starting lines of a Dutch historical text "the fox Reynaerde" which is still known to us as Reintje de vos

Willem who maketh Madocke for which he often awaketh ..." the foreword makes mention of a certain Willem who had written a manuscript, the Madocke, which must have been a well known manuscript at the time because it was referred to, but unfortunately until the present day has not been found. Which gave him often got sleepless nights", also wrote this story, "the fox Reynaerde" 

An animal epic from 1260 where criticism is given to high-ranking people of the court veiled by presenting them as animals. An extract of this manuscript can be found in legends and fairytales that have survived the centuries. Legends and stories, indeed, but with truth in them, (just like Troy) in the tale "the fox Reynaerde" from 1260, the characters from that time and day can be identified.

'(ie. Though Reynard is sly, amoral, cowardly, and self-seeking, he is still a sympathetic hero, whose cunning is a necessity for survival.He symbolizes the triumph of craft over brute strength, usually personified by Isengrim, the greedy and dull-witted wolf. Some of the cyclic stories collected around him, such as the wolf or bear fishing with his tail through a hole in the ice, are found all over the world; others, like the sick lion cured by the wolf’s skin, derive by oral transmission from Greco-Roman sources. The cycle arose in the area between Flanders and Germany in the 10th and 11th centuries.)'


The Dropas, descendants of Aliens or ...

Baian-kara Ula is a remote area that is located between China and Tibet. It is particularly inhospitable with high mountain ranges and deep canyons. A remote tribe lives here who call themselves the Dropas or Dzopas. They are very small in size, around 1 meter to 1 meter 20. They have a genetic defect that you will not find elsewhere. The tribe has a collective memory, a narrated history, dating back to 10,000 years before Christ. They say that the Dropa tribe has fallen from the sky. In support, indications have been found that support this account.

The expedition of Professor Chi pu tei

In the years 1937 and 1938, professor Chi pu tei, professor of archeology, from the University of Beijing and his students undertook an expedition to this area: Baian-kara Ula, to investigate a cave complex. His findings were remarkable. He believed that the caves were cut from the outside by a large heat source. He discovered a corridor system that ran deep into the mountains with storage rooms with petroglyph inscriptions. These caves had glazed walls, created where rock had been exposed to enormous heat. Deeper in the system he came across neatly arranged tombs. The walls here had decorations that can only be described as a starry sky, a kind of primal human planetarium. This is where the mystery of Baian-kara Ula begins.


Deviating skeletons

When they opened the graves, everyone realized that they had found something very unusual. The skeletons were small in size, around 1 meter long, with a head that was out of proportion. For a moment a monkey species or gorilla species was thought of, but that thesis was rejected. Monkeys do not bury each other and certainly not in neatly aligned graves. The expedition encountered a remarkable buried stone disc per cave, something like a gramophone record from the past. A total of 716 of these discs were excavated.


This plate called 'The Lolladoff plate' is a 12,000 year old stone dish found in Nepal. Galaxies come in spiral shapes and so depicted throughout India, Egypt and Peru and other ancient sites the spiral shape is very often seen.

Just like with a gramophone record, they were filled with grooves. A dating from Beijing University revealed that the plate under review was 10 to 12,000 years old. That is from before the time of the pyramids! Symbols seemed to be "burned in?" or to be  "chiseled in?" Which cave dweller would fill his time chiseling grooves every day, if he were able at all to finely chisel such a groove. Let alone burn symbols in. Each disc was composed of stone, cobalt, and residual metals. A test with an oscilloscope indicated something that was even more extraordinary, each stone was loaded or charged, a rest reading was possible after so much time. An electrical charge was detected.

What does collective memory make of this

The legends of the Dzopas or Dropas and of their neighboring people the Khams do not differ much. Both are small in size, with a large head, with large round eyes, something that is very un-Asian. The traditions say that the Dropas fell from the sky and the Khams were very afraid and hid themselves. The Dropas were yellow in color and very ugly. The Khams were not happy with the unexpected arrival of the strange tribe that had fallen and tried to slaughter them. After some time, through sign language it became clear that the Dropas did not mean harm, and since then they have lived side by side in peace and even intermingled.

Strange story, but there might be something in it, because where would there be in a region without roads that was very inhospitable, in which a tribe that appears as by magic, that deviates in appearance, with which you cannot communicate except through gestures.


This picture (1947)taken by Dr. Karyl Robin-Evans show the Dzopa ruling couple

Hueypah-La (4 ft. tall) and Veez-La (3 ft. 4 in. tall).


Dr. Karyl Robin Evans reports the find in the west

After the second world war in India, a British researcher Dr. Evans (Oxford University) came across one of these stones that had found his way there by a Polish professor. He found it so interesting that he started following the Dropa trail and was eventually received in Tibet by the Dalai Lama who was able to help him with a lot of information about the surrounding mountain peoples.

He bundled his findings and brought them back to England. The Dropas had now become research material in Europe and that was a good thing. Because in the cultural revolution of Mao Ts Tsang the entire Chinese investigation was stopped, the intellectuals had to work on the fields. A professor, Dr. Sum um Nui, who after twenty years of research with hieroclyph experts had tried to decipher the stones and had just made cautious progress was relieved of his post. His publication about the first deciphered text was banned because it did not fit in with Mao's revolutionary era and he disappeared like so many.

His first text he put together with 4 professor colleagues who later "went missing" in the revolution that followed, told of a vehicle and where "visitors" were killed instantly until they became friends with those who lived there before .

Legend and reality are hampered by Mao's revolution, formed into a mystery that requires investigation.

That research is now coming. China is now ready. It has become a world power with interests that extend beyond Mao's revolution.

A new spring with new possiblities

The mystery of Baian-kara Ula has come to the attention of newspaper tycoons in China. Together with the governenmet they want to sponsor an expedition this year to redo it all.

(In 1995 there has been a remarkable news report from China: In the province of Sichuan, which lies on the eastern border of the Baian-Kara-Ula mountains, 120 people of a previously ethnologically unclassified tribe have been discovered. The most important aspect of this new tribe is the size of its people: No taller than 3 ft. 10 in., the smallest adult measuring only 2 ft. 1 in.)

This discovery might be the first hard evidence on the existence of the Dropa/Dzopa  a people whose predecessors are said to have come fallen from the sky.

The real problem is after so much time to distinguish between fact or fiction.

And what does San Daniel think of all this. 'It is not difficult, if ugly yellow little guys with big heads come falling out of the sky, then don't just kill them right away, they were probably created by the same God as you.' 

San Daniel


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28/11/2019 01:06

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28/11/2019 22:12
Intrigerend verhaal dit.
Zou het geen idee zijn om het mitochondriale DNA van de nog resterende nakomelingen te vergelijken met dat van andere (al dan niet regionale) stammen? En als er in de graven nog restanten te vinden zijn met de overblijfselen?
Als dit niet allemaal een geweldige hoax is dan zou moeten blijken dat er geen link is met de beruchte Afrikaanse 'Eva', waar zogenaamd de hele wereldbevolking van afstamt.
28/11/2019 22:18
Dat lijkt mij een zinnige methodiek
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