Parkinson's, obesity suits and goggles III

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"Keep on the suits and follow me back to the first room," the speaker said. A parade of Michelin-like figures arrived in room 1 of the workshops. "Glasses have been placed on the tables where you just started," the voice said. "First you put on the gloves, you know the Parkinson's gloves, then the glasses."

It took a while for everyone to be at their previous table. " Now you are becoming a Parkinson's patient with diabetes that has resulted in cataracts, "the speaker continued. She pressed a button and the gloves started shaking again.

"You will notice that your vision is limited, cloudy, let's just say, that eventually happens to all obese people, the eye lenses are affected."

'I ask you to find your way back to room 2, then you take the ribbons forward 1 by 1. You can go to your coffeebreak when you're done. " You will hear accompanying information through the intercom in the halls. Don't let that distract you, it's just an explanation of what you're going through. "


The last ones started walking towards the doorway again, that did not go without problems. Some clashed with others and some bumped into the door. Suddenly the voice came and explained why our vision was so limited.

"Many people with diabetes have problems with their eyes. They will then see worse. Diabetes is one of the biggest causes of blindness in the world! Eye problems with diabetes are called "diabetic retinopathy".

Who is affected by it?
Many people with diabetes experience it sooner or later, to a greater or lesser extent. Usually it is also the first noticeable consequence of diabetes. Even nearly half of people with type 2 diabetes already have eye disorders at the time of diagnosis.

How often does it occur?
Almost everyone with diabetes has eye problems. The longer you have diabetes, the greater the chance of this. After 20 years, people with type 2 diabetes, .. 85% chance of eye problems and people with type 1 diabetes even have 95% chance of this.

You can notice this:
not seeing clearly
double vision
blurred or cloudy vision
eye infections
eye pain

Regular eye check upss are  very important! The damage to the eyes once present, can no longer be repaired. Worsening can be prevented with a laser technique (the official word is coagulation) or with injections. It is recommended to have the eyes checked annually. Unless no details have been found in previous research. Then every two years. "

This was repeated with the message that more people become obese every year due to incorrect dietary habits and that an enormous increase in eye problems can therefore be expected.


Stumbling we found our way to the ribbons and struggled back and forth. Sometimes the glasses were cloudy and sometimes the glasses caused double vision. Then you took a few steps and it looked like you were looking through a fog.

When my last ribbon was returned, I took off my glasses, the bright lights hurt my eyes for a moment until my eyes got used to the normal situation.

I loosened my suit on the way back to room 1 and took off my gloves. The leader looked at me with a smile. "Did you learn anything new today," she asked? "I will never forget this," I replied. "That was the intention," was her reply. Don't forget to go through the sylabus for background information.

I nodded and walked to the mesa for my coffee after I had put everything on my table. "Hands on education is important," I thought, "books provide the information, but experience makes you aware!"

San Daniel 2019.


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