Parkinson's, obesity suits and goggles II

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


In the dressing room, grotesque suits lay ready over a few chairs. "First take off your right shoe and take a suit from the chair," they are lead-lined, "the coordinator said," it doesn't matter which suit you put on, the centers of gravity are different, you will be 35 kilos heavier but each suit will express it differently.'

My suit went on with difficulty and I was happy when it was closed. I saw in the mirror that I looked like a Michelin doll from the past. I got warm and saw that I had a big red circle on my suit around the right knee. Others had that on the left knee and some had not so much "belly" but two circles, a circle around each knee.

"Well, sit down," the voice sounded, "and fasten your right shoe." I barely got over my 'belly' and felt trapped and after a while I gasped.

The water beaded on my forehead and it seemed as if my arms were too short. In any case, the suit made my arms feel very stiff. I felt my heart pounding in my ears and then I was wearing my shoe. A couple of people in my life were still struggling around me, with red cheeks and a glance of effort they finally tied their shoelaces.



"Now get up and walk five times the length of the room," the leader said, "there are ribbons at the end of the room, each time you arrive, take a ribbon and bring it back to your seat . "

It seemed a distance of nothing but it was difficult, my right knee did not obey as if I had become a rejected footballer with a meniscus. My suit did not bend the right knee properly and there was a lot of lead around that knee. Limping with a swing of my right knee in an arc to the right, I worked myself forward. It was hard to keep a straight line.

When I looked around, I realized that we looked like a procession of zombies, certainly in terms of walking behavior, jolting and bumping, and with deviations to the left or right we worked our way forward.

In the meantime, the voice was guiding us over the crowd. "You will find that something like walking to the end of the room is work. Your blood pressure rises and you get warm because you are heavily overweight and in addition some have developed a hip or knee problem."

After the third crossing I was gasping with effort and soaked in sweat. My ribbon went with the two others and I turned to pick up the last two ribbons. A fellow student had fallen, a fat Michelin girl lay on the floor as Humpty dumpty from the children's story. Indeed I thought, "Humpty dumpty sat on a wall and Humpty dumpty made a great fall .."


The coodinator pulled the Humpty girl back to her feet and the ordeal continued. After about ten minutes everyone had his or her five ribbons hanging over the chair. The Humpty girl came to stand next to me and had strands of wet hair hanging over her forehead and saw bright red.

"Now you're going to get diabetes," the voice spoke cheerfully, "and some of you will get cataracts and / or diabetes."

to be continued.

San Daniel 2019


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