Parkinson's, obesity suits and goggles I

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It was the day of the introduction and a little tense I entered the room. "Close the door behind you," said the person behind the lectern, "we are complete."

"There are gloves on the tables in front of you," the leader said, "they are not ordinary gloves, but you will find that out soon enough." The tables stood in long rows and on each table lay what could be gloves. There were electrical wires attached,that stopped at the tips.

"Sit down quietly," said the speaker, "and lay the sheet of paper directly in front of you and the pen next to it, on top." There was some rustling and sliding of chairs. "Leavethe cup of water alone for a while, that will come into use later."


"Put on the gloves and I will start them with the remote control," it now sounded. The gloves were stretchable and fit with a bit of effort around your hands like you might have with rubber dishwashing gloves.

The strict-looking woman now walked along the benches and then back to her pulpit. She turned and wrote "Parkinson" on the board. "Just keep your hands up," she commanded, and then she pressed a button.

All kinds of low voltage shocks began to run through the gloves. At the fingertips, the electric shocks seemed the strongest.

Involuntarily, my hands and fingers clawed only to relax a little later and  to cramp up again  into a slow rhythm that was very unpleasant.

"You know the feeling now," said the voice from the front of the room, 'I want you to pick up the pen write down your name.' Suddenly the intensity went up and no matter how I tried to get hold of the pen, I didn't succeed, I did move it making it almost roll off my table, the shocks had almost become unbearable and finally when I placed my one hand on the pen, I could hold the pen with the other hand.


I couldn't get the cap off the pen now and it tapped agianst my front teeth like crazy when I tried to pull off the cap between my lips. Suddenly it came off and I spit out the cap.

I saw that others were already trying to write, but then the pen fell out of their hands again and they could start all over or the paper almost slid off the table.

Fighting against the shocks, I wrote my name in weird odd large shaky letters.

"Those were 2 minutes," said the voice when the power was turned off, "you must have been able to write your own name in 2 minutes." "I'll walk by and we'll see how you did."

"Three people were able to write down their names," the leader said. "I should say something that looks like a name." She looked at me, "did you find it difficult," she asked me, "something as simple as writing your name." I nodded and answered, "it was hard to do."

A girl slightly to the right of me boasted with a brave smile, "I thought it was easier than expected." "Nice," the leader said, turning a knob that made the girl twist, "then just put the cap on your pen." That seemed to be impossible and a moment later the teacher switched off the power.

"Those three people can sit quietly and place their hand close to the cup of water and the rest take off the gloves." It took a while and we felt the group's attention focused on us. "Imagine that the cup of water is your cup of coffee, hot coffee, you'll want to drink it on my sign."


There she stood before us and the tension rose so I opened my hand to get a head start on the shocks that might follow. "Now," she continued, pressing a button, the shocks were very violent, and my hand went in all directions, and with great difficulty I moved my hand almost knocking the cup over. My other hand now came into view and first mowed dangerously close over my 'coffee' and then it almost knocked the cup off the table. When by chance my finger went through the ear, the water in the cup went in all directions. I tried to put the cup to my lips, but the water ran down my chin and the rim of the cup was drumming against my teeth.

"That was 1 minute," the voice said as the power was turned off, "you can take a sip of coffee in 1 minute, right?"

"It is good to act on the basis of experience," the leader said, "you have just experienced a Parkinson's imitation, think of this workshop when you later work with patients suffering from Parkinson's."

"You can now go to the next room where obesity suits are laid out for you and where we will continue the workshop."

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