Isis brides, black widows and the downfall of Europe

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From far away in North America I follow the European news and I feel like a spectator following an unrealistic series on TV.

A seriously intended discussion is taking place in European countries, if the Isis brides with their offspring should be allowed to return to the society that they have left with such contempt.

"Why bring in ticking timebombs," crossed my mind and I doubted the sanity of our politicians and judges.

No one has forced the Isis brides to become Isisbrides, and I assume they were sane when they decided to leave for the "caliphate."

Would they have wanted to return if Isis and her caliphate had been successful. I personally do not believe that such would have been the case. So in fact they have not been as idealistic as might seem at first glance, I would suggest they were more opportunistic than anything else. Apart from that, quite a few of them will still be Isis brainwashed.

In addition, they will be traumatized by all the experiences that they have 'enjoyed'. Would they have felt any remorse when all sorts of imprisoned men were beheaded or a fighter pilot was burned in a cage or nonMuslims were crucified or nonMuslim women were raped on on a daily base routine and then sold as sex slaves. Where was their compassion when these atrocities were committed?


Sex slaves captured by ISIS terrorists are being sold at sickening auctions in Saudi Arabia

How can / dare they complain ... and make a plea for our tolerance and compassion. I will say clearly what I think of it, they are worthless people who do not fit into our society.

Ultimately, countries such as Canada, America and Australia will be filled with good people from European countries who have little or no confidence in the actions of those in power in their country.

That will make those countries strong and a fortress to defend our values ​​and norms and religious beliefs. Europe is drowning in a sea of discussions and overly democratic tolerance coupled to political correctness.

* Islamic State sex slave child pregnant at TEN years old, children raped by 100 jihadis and beaten with cables, 50 sex slaves found beheaded * where is the compassion!

To summarize: one enters a foreign armed force. Great then you have  just lost your nationality, that is not something I come up with, but that is a Dutch law from our constitution. If someone enters a foreign service, he loses his citizenship.

(www. first treatment/20160202/report/document3 / ...

a person who enters a foreign military service loses his Dutch nationality, whereby the aim is to do justice to the emergence of a non-state battle, or that this bill must be interpreted more broadly. House of Representatives, 2015-2016 meeting year, 34 356 (R2064), no. 5 4)

                       armenian-genocide-film-picture.jpg                                   ISIS Crucifies 8 Christians in Syria for Apostasy From Islam​

One then no longer belongs to our 'tribe' because the purpose of the group that one has chosen to follow is against the values and norms of the former tribe and only wants to dominate the former tribal territory killing anyone who is not of their belief in most horrible fashions.

When they left their tribe to join an evil force aimed against their own former people  they lost every right to appeal to rights that in past applied to them. Have a nice day Isis wretches and losers, was this worth your 5 minutes fame on facebook or instagram? This is the real world wakey wakey! ..

Nobody sent them away. They all went voluntarily. Then I believe one must bear the consequences of one's actions. It is not difficult, they are not one of us anymore, because they have joined a different tribe and have become reprogrammed and more than ever against us, give or take the odd exception to the rule.


             Photos of the victims at Beslan school number 1: aaron bird [CC BY 2.0],

A parallel example is the case of the black widows in Russia (

Muslim women who carry out attacks after attacks. In schools, on trains, in public buildings.

Choices you make always have consequences. You should not cry over spilt milk if afterwards you do not agree with the consequences that you yourself have evoked. I do not understand those judges and I no longer understand European politics that want to allow these criminals back in. I do worry about my children and my grandchildren who are going to grow up in a very different Europe than where I was brought up.

San Daniel 2019


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14/11/2019 12:13
""Why bring in ticking timebombs," crossed my mind and I doubted the sanity of our politicians and judges."
Same here.
14/11/2019 14:47
Any sane person will recognize the horse of Troye that politicians allow in
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