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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting refers to a service that provides or allows websites or webpage to add their contents over the basically, it provides services for business operations and individuals to get easy access on the internet that is viewed by the other viewers.web hosting becomes a necessity - it contains the physical location of websites. for establishing, your presence in the online world after the domain method.   

Types or web hosting

Do you want to store your website but confused between different types or web hosting. so don't worry in this article I will mention your different child or web hosting. altogether performs storage space but differs from their storage capacity, controls, requirement, flexibility, etc.

  1. Shared web hosting

  2. VPS (virtual private server)

  3. Cloud hosting 

  4. Dedicated hosting 


Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting simply means that our websites are hosted and shared by a single server. Along with multiple servers. It is the shared hosting plan all domains have the same resources .for instance, RAM (random access memory), CPU (central processing unit}, Bandwidth, disk space, uptime. The main objective of this hosting is to decrease and to share cost all incurred cost is shared among all website owners. 

But as said that every coin has two sides, Shared hosting has some limitations. It has to face the competition. A site more resource-demanding website may affect the performance or your site may slow down our server. but at the same time if you own the powerful site you may take advantage of server over the other low sites with low effective cost.

Virtual private server

 A virtual private server is the next step derived from shared web hosting. it is a prevalent option for those website owners who are looking for hosting upgrade because it is quite balanced from all points of view involving cost. It is basically a mid-step between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS is unique because there is some fixed space available on each website.  

Dedicated hosting 

In this type of hosting the website owner owns full control over their server that their website is stored on. that means the server is wholly controlled by your website and you can get easy access whatever the work has been done from security to operating system.

But it is quite expensive among all web hosting options. but at the same time, you are secure from all kind of competition (from other website owners) and earn traffic.

Cloud hosting

It is also a popular hosting feature in the technology world. in this many computers are simultaneously working. running applications using combined resources. it is quite similar to VPS (virtual private server) but there are little bit differences between the two of them, in VPS hosting there is a limit of resources. but in cloud hosting, there is no such prohibition.

So, it's a hosting solution that works through a network and enable companies to consume computer resources like a utility.  

Why Choose Hostgator Web Hosting Plans? 

Hostgator is one of the best web hosting providers worldwide. That provides different types of hosting or a high-class facility at an affordable price. If you are looking for the lowest and best web hosting for your beginner website then you can use Hostgator coupon code   and get web hosting under your budget.



Selecting an appropriate hosting plan can be difficult in early-stage because when you started searching at all of the additional services that are available. the first step is to make sure the type of hosting we need. namely, the one we have covered in this article which has made our decision easier and simple in later stages or in the long run 







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