10 Dos & Don’ts of Digital Marketing

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In the 21st century, digital marketing is the only buzzing word in the business industry. By the way, what about you? Have you ever got into the loop with this buzzing-bee of the business industry? Well, let me guess! If you are a business person then you can definitely have. Ah, I knew this very well. 

Why not have a little detailed discussion on this hot topic? I mean come on, you are a business person what else could be more attractive for you than marketing, sales, increment in revenue, and increased customer demand. So, are you ready for an interesting discussion? Wait; let me tell you that I have a few magical formulas too. Yes, you heard right! I said magical formulas; this means the techniques with which you can easily lead on the internet. Now, it sounds more interesting. Isn’t it? 

 Ok, tell are you familiar with the dos and don’ts of digital marketing? Well, deep down I know the truth. Anyways, there are a lot of marketers who do not know that even in digital marketing there are some rules. It’s ok! The situation is still in your hands.  

1. Don’t let the length hijack quality 

How many times you have overwritten the blog just to meet the word count? Please don’t hesitate to admit because you always do this. In fact, half of us are following the misleading path, no wonder since when. Take this worthy advice and avoid compromising on the quality just for the sake of quantity. Oh, until you are an expert writer or either taking professional writing assistance from different article writing or cheap resume writing services. This is because only professionals have this ability to harmonize the factor of perfection in-between length and quality. 

2. Don’t undervalue live videos 

On this, first, let’s laugh together. Oh yeah, I know you though the live video is just a fun time option and nothing else. Well, what if I say that I was sailing in the same boat? Yes! I used to think that live video streaming is not more than a time pass until I saw my competitors taking leads from all from just simple live video sessions. I know you all are surprised but, that is a hundred percent true. So, just don’t devalue the option of hooking your audience with a live video session. 

3. Don’t eliminate email marketing 

Just like the charm of waiting for a call from your favorite organization could never get old, similarly, the value of email marketing is irreplaceable from the digital platforms. If you think that email marketing is a useless tool for digital marketing, then, of course, you need to think again. You might not know but, let me tell you that the majority of your competitors are ruling your niche just through this particular medium of marketing. Who doesn’t like receiving mails from the brands? All of your customers do! 

 4. Don’t be holistic with audience 

This is the biggest mistake usually all marketers do. Make sure you are not following this path. Indeed, digital marketing is a wide platform but, this doesn’t mean you can broaden your target audience too (unless your product is designed for them). Make sure not to repeat this mistake. 

5. Don’t sound too fictional 

How about a brand promising you to give a Mercedes? Though, in reality, all brands could give is fake assumptions. Would you like your brand to get in the same category? Of course, not! Please avoid being too fictional with your marketing or promises. Just say what you mean and mean what you say- simple! 

6. Do integrate B2B marketing 

Make sure you are offering and as well as holding other hands too. Confused? I simply meant that you must integrate B2B marketing in your plan. Just imagine, your customers have no reach to your brand but they have all access to other brands. Isn’t this would be the best opportunity to attract them towards you? Well, this doesn’t mean that you should shake hands with your competitor. No! Just go for the relatable brand. For instance, if you are offering online writing services then make a deal with any online institution. 

7. Do involve graphics in your plan 

What else could be catchier than an image designed with all curios elements and eye-catchy factors? Let’ take an example of this. Is this ever happened with you-scrolling all up and down on your feed and suddenly an image catches your attention? It is because either the image too attractive to grab your attention or the message written on it is too curious to engage you with it. 

8. Do track the engagement of the audience 

Going all blind with the flow is the stupidity, please don’t let your name fall in this category. Are you sure your recent campaign is worthy of the re-investment? If you are not, then be prepared to stand on the verge of risk. That is exactly what happens when marketers don’t pay attention to the outcomes of the investment. Ensure you have all maintained record of your customer’s engagement and you are accurately tracking the activities of your audience, specifically with your brand. 

9. Do prefer organic marketing

Being authentic is the only way of acquiring the trust of your audience. Yes, you can use inorganic marketing but, make sure you are not relying only on inorganic one. Putting your efforts is the must-to-do thing. Make sure you are persuading your audience with organic marketing more than fake marketing.

10. Do go with the pace of the trend 

Moving with the pace of flow is not enough, getting your hands all set on trends is equally important. Repeating the same old trend, for instance, hashtags, captions or the post design could take your leads down. Keep your eyes on the current trends and try to follow each one appropriately.


So, are you feeling upgraded after giving this blog a thoughtful read? Thank me later! First, just bookmark this blog in case; if you lose your track, then you can simply just get the link from bookmark history. Take this brownie tip as a last slice of cake- worth-to-go-for! 

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