Euro-Arabia in the scaffolding, the fundamentalist Muslim strategy

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Continents are subject to change, it has always been that way. It is not difficult to cite countless examples of power changes in Arab or European countries. We are only a pin prick in an ever preceding series of events from the cavemen time till now. The Roman empire left its mark on the then existing world and disappeared from the scene again as executor of power,  movements were caused by the vacuum of power and entire 'tribes' entered our territories.

Alexander the Great conquered the surrounding areas and penetrated right into India, he founded Alexandria in Egypt with the largest library of antiquity.

To him, Babylon was the pinnacle of power and civilization, an area that is now considered a backward area. Power is appropriated, consolidates and changes hands again.

The greatest empire ever was the British empire, which from a trading position, gathered strategic points and became one of the largest military powers. She became one of the founders of present-day Israel, owned almost every profitable colony in Africa and governed it all  by applying a simple law. "The balance of power." She guarded that principle to the extreme. That doctrine contained a simplistic world vision for "God's Englishmen." Before a country developed into an equal or stronger opponent, you eradicated that threat and so you remained the dominating force in your environment and what you considered to be your environment. " Total hegemony! Because you kept the balance in place and always in your favor. You also imposed your values ​​and norms on that area and that became the guideline for the population, who after a few generations saw Great Britain as their mother country, a mother country that the ordinary mortal, who had become a British citizen, could never visit if only for the distance .

Well, in more recent times there was a Napoleon who pursued an illusion of a superior France and a Hitler who pursued world rule under German rule. The wind of change blows without stopping and shifts beacons, sometimes accompanied by storms but without stopping and the new situation is the starting situation for a new time, until society consolidates again and counter forces initiate a new movement.

Spain became Arabic and for 700 years it suffered under Islam, until fighting from village to village in 1492 the final battle was fought and Boadil had to abdicate as Arab ruler. There is nothing new under the sun. It is probably unknown that Islam had already crossed the Pyrenees at one time and extended to the French town of Narbonne. Had Willem Martel not won the decisive battle of Poitiers from the Islamic emir Abdul Rahman, in 733, Europe would have been part of a Caliphate long ago and we would have now bowed to Mecca, murmuring religious texts and Christianity would have disappeared from sight. .


What is good and what is bad? Strangely enough, there is no good or bad, but there is a change in events that determines a region.

Europe is aging, which is a well known fact, Germany's death rate is 10.42 out of 1000, but the birth rate is 8.2 out of 1000. without further interference, this already results in a population decrease of -0.2%. That is more serious than it seems because you are talking about a current population of 81,197,500, of which about 7,356,100 are foreigners implying that 7 million have an increased fertility compared to the "old Germans."

The number of children giving birth toby a woman predicts the world of tomorrow. A Muslim woman has an average of 3.1 children. A German woman has 1.3 children on average, so that is far below the replacement rate of 2.1.

And that replacement is necessary because without that replacement, pensions will be eroded and where now 4 people work to raise the pension costs, within a generation 2 people. Without the influx or increased fertility of 'new Germans', the German population will decrease from 81 to 70 million Germans. What applies to Germany is also true for the other European regions. So the population remains stable but the German population will get a different composition.

Side note: 'At the moment, one third of the world's population is Christian. In 2070 there will be more Muslims than Christians. Until 2050, the number of Muslims will grow more than twice as fast as the number of Christians. In 2050 there will be 9.3 billion people on the planet, of which 2.8 billion are Muslims. " the tricky point is where those molims are going to be.

'The only continent that will actually shrink in terms of population (unless it is replaced by Muslims in terms of population) will be Europe. Otherwise, the European population will fall by 100 million by 2050.

"Regardless of immigration, and based solely on reproduction predictions, most Muslims in Europe will live in Great Britain in 2050, namely 7.76 million, followed closely by France with 7.54 and then Germany."

Well that means the Ummah or the transcending Islamic community will have taken root in our territories.

Europe is aging a fact widely known. France's death rate is 9 in 1000, but the birth rate is 12 in 1000, so there is a population increase of -0.45%. but where is the increase? "Not with the" Old French "but again with the" new settled French. " 'In the South of France there are now more mosques than churches and 30% of the people in France up to the age of 20 are now Muslims. Their share is already 45% in Nice and Paris. But that naturally determines the region. In 2027, on the basis of forecasts, 20% of the French population will be Muslim. France will be an Islamic republic by 2050 at the latest. "

Research shows that every 10 years the number of Muslims in Europe doubles, with small numbers that is no problem, but if the starting numbers increase every 10 years, then the law of the large number goes into effect. (population scientist Birg) In just a few decades, the increasing 'new' population, will actually replace the 'old population'. For example, with a figure of 1 million Muslims, which doubles to 2 million within 10 years, the following series is predictable, or 4 million to 8 million, to 16 million, to 32 million to 64 million, etc. That is not taking into account forced conversions of those of a different mind. This also has to do with the fact that Islam allows several women per man and yes one can simply say goodbye to a balance of power.

Europe is aging, which is well known. What applies to John also applies to Peter, so Great Britain is in the same boat as mainland Europe. Here too, the Muslim population doubles every 10 years and 'the old population' decreases and is replaced by the 'new fellow British.' The research by Professor Fraser Watts of Cambridige University supports these findings.

'The 2011 census data shows the following: two thirds of all Muslims (68%) had an Asian background, including Pakistani (38%) and people from Bangladesh (15%). The proportion of Muslims who were Black / African / Caribbean / Black British (10%) was equal to those who were called "other" ethnic groups (11%). 93% (13.1 million) of all people without religion had a white background.


The number of Muslims increased in all ethnic groups, but among Arab Muslims in particular, there was a leap forward. Pakistani Muslims increased by 371,000 (from 685,000) to more than one million) and Muslims from Bangladesh increased by 142,000 (from 260,000 to 402,000).

Just over half of all Muslims (53%) were born outside of Great Britain. Their number has almost doubled within ten years, with an increase of more than half a million (559,000) from 828,000 to 1.4 million in the year 2011. The same pattern can be recognized in the number of Muslims born in Britain, there was also an increase of more than half a million (560,000) from 718,000 to 1.2 million in the year 2011. '

It may be clear where the ship will end up, the ship of European values ​​and norms and culture as we can (still) experience it. It is all not as non-committal as one might think.

"The Islam Institute in Soest, Germany, takes into account 51.72 million Muslims in Germany in 2045, based on current demographic conditions. The Islamic officials (for example from the Central Council of Muslims) are already taking these figures into account. By 2040 at the latest they want to provide an Islamic Chancellor and by 2050 it is intended to turn the German constitution into an Islamic constitution. Only with the help of the two-thirds majority of Muslim parliamentarians, would this takeover by Islam be conceivable. " Here too, "equal monks, equal habits," so what applies to John also applies to Peter. European countries will have Islamic political parties and be changed democratically.


It is clear that some impatient 'new Europeans', through terror, whether or not inspired by caliphates, want to give an acceleration, an impulse, to developments. Europe is also plagued by politicians who only focus on four-year terms of office and do not entertain long-term planning. the familiar, "it will last my time, principle."

We are just a pinhole, a grain of sand in the desert of history. There is no prospect of other solutions. Possibly. A government may not discriminate, but may favor certain institutions. For example, Christian churches could receive large sums of money, out of public funds, intended to give a hefty child benefit to parents who are registered with that church and cancel the other state child benefits. The state could do the same with the student grant system. Removing them from the public circuit and only granting them through religious interference to those who are professingly Christian. Or with housing benefit or unemployment benefits or a pension. It would give the church a lot of power, but that can always be reversed later. Nice doctrine, we help the Lord and the Lord helps us. "

Honest no! Pragmatically correct yes! .. The Muslims use our tolerance and laws, and we can (still) do the same. Then let's see what happens with the Islaam fertility rate.  If I can think of things like this on a farm far away in Andalucia, then politicians should be able to take even better measures. And where Euro-Arabia is in the scaffolding, we can remove the scaffolding again, you also do that in construction at times, you adjust the building plan.

God Bless us all!

San Daniel 2019


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10/10/2019 14:30

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11/10/2019 12:40
In roerige tijden kun je haast nergens meer van uitgaan .
10/10/2019 21:42
Rake voorspelling: de invasie via de baarmoeder. Wie heeft dat nu niet zien aankomen?
Maar het is de natte droom van de diversiteit, de mensenrechten en globalisering.

Ik kan alleen maar weer aanbevelen om 'Biedermann und Brandstifter' van Max Frisch te lezen. Die beschrijft het scenario perfect.
Wat mij betreft: Après moi le deluge.
10/10/2019 18:35
Wij maken het niet meer mee althans ik, wat de toekomst betreft van onze kinderen en kindskinderen wordt ik van bovenstaand niet vrolijk.
11/10/2019 03:13
ik ga er van uit, net zoals Spanje dat zich na 700 jaar Islamitische overheersing, zich vrij vocht van de overheerser dat deze nare tijd ook weer zal passeren.. of Europa wordt een 'melting pot' van natioanliteiten zoals Noord- Amerika.. of Australie
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