The king and Isis and the well of madness

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Once upon a time there was a country where there was a serious water scarcity. It was more a city with a palace, with outside areas. The king was worried about the drought, because the king knew that he would eventually be blamed for it. You have that with end functions. Together with his counselor, he had all sorts of water-diviners come by. Until there was one that convinced him of his water finding capabilities. A little beside the town square, the diviner stopped, he raised his arms, and the twig in his hands went in all directions.

The king watched with satisfaction, now the men from the village had to dig at that place and then the thirst could be quenched and the scarcity would be a thing of the past. For hours, the men from the village dug  taking turns in small groups. "Water," a shout sounded at some point, and a transparent fountain spurted high above the people. When the first spray fell away, people walked with pots and pans to the water basin of the well and filled them up.

"May I congratulate you, sire," said the counselor solemnly, and nodded submissively to his lord, who merely thought, "good thing they struck water."

So far, so good and it could have ended happily had it not been for the composition of the water to be so poisoned by minerals that it affected and obscured the minds of those who had drunk from it. That only happened after a few hours, and when the king woke up the next day, it was because of a mad crying and screeching.

He looked out the window in the long corridor next to his royal bedroom and watched the counselor rushing toward him. 'Sire, good morning, I trust you slept well? "Just until now," said the king, "what or who causes that hellish noise?" "Our subjects," Lord, said the counselor. "Everyone seems to have gone crazy, only a few palace guards have been spared that fate, they were on guard and did not drink from the well." "What," said the king, "is the well causing that?" Phew then they will say again that it is our fault. " He looked very troubled.

"They insult each other," said his counselor, "and speak gibberish and the strongests simply  do what they want and they kill each other and occasionally catch someone who is not one of  them, who has not yet drunk from the well and then they behead them. They all put on long soup dresses and shout angry things and mutter a lot ... I listened from a distance. It is incomprehensible nonsense. "

"Let me explain it to them," said the king, "they respect me, I am the king, they just have to stay away from the water and might heal after a few days," and he went to the balcony.

Once there, he raised his hands and a silence descended on the square. "Citizens, listen to me, a disaster has struck us, I advise you ...." the king did not come any further, a hellish shouting broke loose. A palace guard was dragged to the center of the square, his hands tied on his back, and a man with a mask on and a soup dress arrived and turned to the king and his counselor. He gave a short speech that was incomprehensible by his own noise and  laughter accompanied by strange sounds '.. prfft prftt hahpi dada .. calipàhati hapa hpa HAkA'!



"What  in God's name, is the man saying" muttered the king? The counselor looked puzzled for a moment and shrugged, the king followed his example, which caused a wild howl to break loose, the knife flashed, and the palace guard was beheaded to the king's dismay. 'Hahpi dada', it now sounded from all sides in increasing volume.

"What should we do," the king asked, trembling? "Sire," I know only one way to save ourselves, said the counselor, "we must not deviate from the mob, we must drink from the water, and we will become mad like them or we will be slaughtered!" "If they still slaughter us anyway, it doesn't matter because we will not realize that, because of our madness."

The king and the counselor walked out of the palace with dignified steps. The people diverged shouting  pfrft and hahpi. The king was the first to arrive at the well, he looked at his counselor and said, 'thank you for your faithful service,' he made a bowl of his hands and took a good sip of water.

The counselor looked inquiringly at him, "Prrrft," the king shrieked and laughed like a madman ... the drool ran out of his mouth. Moments later he was rushing about autistically in a soup dress that had been handed to him, with the rest of his subjects. Suddenly the king understood everyone again and everyone understood the king.

 "Celebrate  throughout the country," the man who had been an executioner shouted, "the king has been healed." The counselor only heard and understood: prfft prftt hahpi dada .. calipàhati hapa hpa HAkA '! Moments later he was taken to an asylum. Happy to a 'T' the king stood among his people with whom he had earlier lost contact.

Madness ignites feelings,

It always seems as if the greatest mass is right, simply by their numbers, that does not necessarily have to be the case, 'being right' is a state of mind. If you deviate from the usual norm, you stand out. If you are the only one who turns against those with 'another' right or view of life, then you will become very vulnerable and you will not be accepted until you accept 'their' right.

If you are the only one who does not drink from the source of madness and with a soup dress on, beheading people in a square, you might well find that same fate and end up beheaded.

If you only hear incomprehensible gibberish and nonsense from that group, then it may well be that after you accept the other ideas you will start to babble alongside your new found friends. Safely you may shelter under the umbrella of being right. But ... ideas are lies in general, which only get value if enough people believe in them, always.

When I get an idea for let's say a new book or story, it has sprouted in my head and in my head only. That does not change my environment. No matter how much I think the world changes in my opinion. The idea fools me ... the world has remained the same. Only if I'd get a lot of followers for my train of thought, would that idea become innovative. Saying that being right is not a matter of numerical terms, but finds its roots in reason.

The Nazi lie, for instance, the notion of being superior, did not become reality even when it was carried by all Germans throughout all of Nazi Germany.



There was only one way to stop the Nazi lie, namely in eradicating the group that gave shape to and nourished the lie. A clashing between ideas and nations was the result.

In the above story, the king should have had the well of madness filled in or destroyed. People are pliable, as shown by the later actions of the king, he takes over the madness of his people and is accepted again.

Had he destroyed the source of madness, the people would have returned to old ideas given the time.

When Germany returned to 'old' ideas, it became an example of democracy in Europe. Democracy, however conveyed, is an idea that may or may not be supported by a group.

The Nazis were destroyed and those who survived the allied bombing quickly put on a different jacket, shouting that they had never known what had happened on their behalf and left the well or pool of craziness far behind them.

The surrounding world realized that the renewed attitude was a lie, just as much as the king who supposedly drank voluntarily from the madness pool knew it. However, sometimes it is better to offer people an escape and to want to believe their 'truth'. Consequently a few top Nazis were tried and executed and the country returned to the  'normal' state of affairs. 

On that eve we are now once again due to our surrounding world. People in a distant country are bundling together and are putting on soup dresses. They are talking nonsense and are beheading people and they sell women as sex slaves.

'That is what must be done, it is the will of our God' they claim. Those folk have been drinking again from the source of madness. There is only one solution as we have read from the previous texts.

The source must be removed, the pool that feeds the madness and quenches the thirst of the insane must be destroyed!

You have to deal with that at the source, or as a world you have to start aligning yourself with the lie and the 'other', reality and connect to it. The soup dress folk and babblers believe in the idea that is in their heads, the lie that has been spread. That is a pity for them, they are the only ones who believe in it. They have not affected our reality with their ideas.



Fill in that well, destroy that crazy pool, wipe it away from the face of the earth and those who survive it? Yes, just like the king or the Nazis they will adapt again, because they had understood it 'differently'. "They couldn't help it and they didn't know that atrocities were taking place in their name. 'wir haben das nicht gewüst' the German nation sighed after the war  (we didn't know).. oh well we know better ....

San Daniel 2019


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