Andalucia: when it rains, the fish will appear 40, about strippers and nailed rabbits V

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"Murderers," I asked in astonishment, "Jesus with his nice little bar can arrange a bunch of murderers to sort problems out?" "This is the neighborhood of gitanos," Fernandez replied, "such things  happen here, it is against the law, of course, but that makes little impression on them." We drove through the narrow streets and I realized that behind the slum streets of the old part a completely different world was hidden. A world of personal rules, a world where a bar owner was a broker of assassins.


"Why would Jesus do that," I wanted to know, "he has a nice little bar, many customers, and doesn't look at all like a gangster in his Hawaian shirt."

"Money," the master baker answered simply, "and anonymity." If Jesus is the middleman then the sicario does not know who the client is, if he is caught he cannot talk and he will certainly not mention Jesus because he has four boys on standby, he switches off his feelings and goes to work . " Why on earth does he want to be the middleman, "I asked," that seems risky to me and where did he get those killers from?

"I know he has five and they don't all kill," said the baker, "sometimes it's enough to scare the victim a little, then their knee is kicked in for instance, things like that. We now drove to the Chinese store and Fernandez supplemented himself. "No one makes a statement afterwards, because it's only your knee, otherwise you won't survive the second visit."

"How do you know about those five sicarios," I asked, somewhat surprised, that my legal friend had so much information about a bunch of gangsters. "He offered that to me once, when I was having some trouble with a colleague. He married a South American and had some people fly in. " Those people were on 'vacation' and disappeared into the system. '

When we arrived at the Chinese we unloaded the crates and I thought about what I had just heard. It was nothing short of shocking, you had a problem at work and your colleague was visited by a sicario.

I understood that a frustrated colleague would do something like that. I was wondering in Northern Europe, if such a system would work and I realized to my shame, that it would work very well. A lot of exes would be beaten silly. The sicarios would have no shortage of customers.

When we drove by bus to the halal shop of the Moro, I asked, "is it expensive?" "Five hundred euros to kill someone," Fernandez said. It depends a bit on the importance of the victim. " "You know the prices," I exclaimed, "did you ask what it would cost to solve your problem?" "I was just curious." Fernandez told me, "that's all."

"Hmm," I said, and I believed him, "but you work in court, why don't you report such a thing." "For crying out loud  San," my friend said, "would I survive that?" "No," I said, "I suspect not." "I would be done in," said Fernandez, "or fall victim to a robbery or something." "It works on intimidation and fear," I concluded. "Here we call it respecto," said Fernandez, no one wants to die and nobody wants problems and we respect those who can bring it about.



We had arrived at the Moro and five crates of bread went into the halal shop. In the van I was silent, I steered through the narrow streets and we came deeper and deeper into the old part, per minute we drove away from our civilized world as we knew it and arrived in an area where different rules applied.

"It's clear to me," I finally said, "what about the rabbit?" It doesn't necessarily have to be a rabbit, "my friend replied," it could also be a cat that was killed on the road or something. " "Fernandez," I exclaimed, "don't slow things down!" "Tell me about the rabbit.

"That is the messenger of death in this region," said Fernandez, "it is a signal, you nail the rabbit to the front door of your opponent. I almost ran into a wall, my heart skipped 25 beats "what a primitive thing to do," I exclaimed, "that's terrible." "Yes," Fernandez agreed, "that's why they do it. The message is clear, today an animal, tomorrow it is you. " I tried to comprehend it, what would my day look like when I opened my front door and a nailed rabbit would be there staring at me. I would scream my lungs out.

I tried to organize my thoughts, "and that is what Martien has done," I asked? "Yes, among other things, it was grabbed on CCTV," my friend said, "luckily it was a dead rabbit otherwise he would also have been subjected to animal cruelty." "We are not talking about it anymore," I said, "and I am very sorry about your shoulder, but I won't do this any longer, I will help you until the end of the week and then you need to find someone else. I want nothing to do with these people. " 'Suit yourself,' responded Fernandez.



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