Andalucia: when it rains, the fish will appear 39, about strippers and nailed rabbits IV

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Fernandez started with a carrajillo, a cafe solo with cognac, and a glass of anis was placed next to it. We sat down at the back of the patio and Jesus came to sit with us. The master baker thoughtfully squeezed half the lemon over his anis glass and took a big sip. "Hay que prepararse," you must always prepare well, he said. Jesus chuckled, "I think you're always well prepared for your day." "Others are noticing it as well," I thought, "my friend really drinks too much."

He had suffered a difficult life, years ago he got divorced when his wife ran away with a junkie. He worked at the court and for that same court he travelled through the region to solve problems and he had raised his daughter  by himself who was leaving the house to study in the big city. He had a big heart and could hardly say no if someone needed his help and that is why he did the bread route for his sister before going to work at court.


Andaluces solve their problems in a simple way, in the pub. Your friends were there and everyone knew everything about the village and they would speak to you and give advice and drink a lot. "It is true," I thought, "life in Andalucia is one of work and then off  to the pub. I wondered if it was something of the Southern countries, or if it just happened to be us alone, but there my stream of thoughts stopped because it was roughly disrupted by a gypsy who had come to our table.

"Your honor," he began as my anis-loving friend downed his second glass, "would you like to read something please?" "I know you," said Fernandez, "that's a bad sign, you're Martien." "That's right," said the man who looked embarrassed, "I received a letter from the court," he continued, "and I can read every word, but I don't understand what it says."

"Martien," said Jesus, "the gentlemen are having a break, allow them a moment." Fernandez had already held out his hand, "just give it here," he said, "I am now a baker and can read your letter of misery objectively, independently from the court, and we will see what it is about and what can be done about it." "A round for the bakers," Martien shouted to the dark girl behind the bar, and so a moment later I was sitting behind my third café solo and Fernandez behind his third glass anis.


 "Hmm," my friend said as his eyes wandered over the text, "a firearm threat, a crack shot through a door panel with a shot gun and then, a second problem, a knife incident and you have a nailed a rabbit. "

He took a big sip, "you are a repeat offender," he began. "What do you mean," the man asked? 'That means that you fall back into your old mistakes,' Fernandez clarified, 'you have already done time for a knife incident and that makes the whole thing much more serious, then it seems, it shows, that you have not changed your ways and that is what we think in court is very worrying. Then we must protect society against you. If you were standing in front of me you would go to jail for a few years. "

I listened with astonishment, you would never have sought such a thing behind the little guy, he looked modest and almost friendly I understood everything except the rabbit, what in heavens name  was a nailed rabbit?

"You must appear in court within 14 days," the master baker continued, "if you do not appear, you will be collected and you will lose the right to speak and the case, which is admitting that everything is, as described in the indictment. "

"The rabbit weighs the heaviest," said Fernandez, "everything after that is seen as: done with premeditation, it was grabbed on CCTV, it is undeniable, that was not a very smart move," the master baker went on and he once tapped his empty glass, "but there are solutions." "Another round," Martien called. "No more coffee for me," I said, listening attentively.

"Do you think you can sit around the table with that man," Fernandez asked, "before the case serves." Martien looked doubtful, "I don't think he would want that," he finally said. I could picture that, someone does something, whatever, horrible to a rabbit and that seemed to weigh heavily, shoots through someone's door, threatens that person with a knife, I would not want to be with such a person in one room either.               



"It got a bit out of hand," Martien explained, "I came to collect a debt for someone, I didn't even know the man." "It doesn't matter why you did it, you did it," Fernandez said sternly, and he smiled at the girl as she handed him a new glass. "It doesn't do anything to him," I thought, "it is like he is immune to anis"

"There are a few ways," Fernandez said to the man who apparently did terrible things to rabbits. "Compensate the damage and make sure the man doesn't appear in court, and I don't mean kill him. Then the firing of a gun in public, remains intact. That is serious and the public prosecutor will not let that go. The rabbit bit is worse because you have to deal with cause and effect in legal proceedings. "

"Jesus," now intervened, "if I may, I can send a sicario so that the man withdraws his indictment." "That's good," said Fernandez, "that won't miss its effect, but it won't take away a few aspects, the rabbit and the firearm will stay upright." That will not be dismissed. In addition, a blind person will understand that the man withdraws his indictment because he has been spoken to.

'He does not have to appear before the court, then the case will lapse except for the two aspects that I have already mentioned. Then the firing remains and that may have been an accident, because Martien went hunting and went to visit a friend. Then he is still punishable because he has walked the streets with a loaded rifle. But that will be a hefty fine and the withdrawal of his hunting license. "

Martien nodded, "that's how it went," he said with conviction. "Okay," said the master baker, "Jesus will send a sicario, to resolve the charge." "I know for sure," laughed Jesus, "the sicario that I am sending is a serious man with much persuasion." Fernandez continued undisturbed, "was the rabbit dead," he wanted to know? "Dead as can be," Martien assured us. "Okay," said our advisory baker, "that's so much the better, then it could have been a joke or a bet that got out of hand."


"Give the sicario an envelope with money for the damage if he visits your friend," said Fernandez, "for the damage, not necessarily hush money, but just for the damage but well paid and a message that he should not make anyone sad because nobody likes that. " All in all, "I thought," the judge might have stepped out of a third-rate Sicilian movie.

"Is it clear," my anis-loving friend asked. "Yes," said Martien, "I went hunting and walked past an acquaintance, the gun went off and I compensated for the damage done and, oh, that rabbit, I came across it, I picked it up and pulled a prank." "Something like that," Fernandez agreed, returning the letter to him. "Go away and sin no more and let me hear how it went."

"I have some questions," I said, when the gypsy disappeared. The master baker said, 'that will have to wait, we are running late, we are behind schedule,' and he got up. "Jesus," he said, "you send the sicario." "I'll take care of the sicario," Jesus replied, don't worry. "It's not my problem," Fernandez laughed, and we walked away to the van.

When I started the van and drove away from the parking lot, I posed my first question "what exactly is a sicario?" "Oh," the master baker said without blinking an eye, "that is a South American word, that is a strong arm, a killer." "Right," I said, "thank you," and I thought Jesus has nice friends in his circle.

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