Democratic systems and terrorism, IRA, ETA, RAF, RMS (Moluccas) and ISIS

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Europe and the free West live in a relatively democratic climate. A democracy characterized by values ​​and norms and a constitution that can be invoked. Democracy sometimes seems to be too tolerant of problems that manifest themselves in our complex society. Yet it is a high good that must be respected, it is our only guideline in a world that has to deal with groups that are anarchistic in nature and use or wish to use our legal system for their own personal gain.

The only rational answer to misguided people who go through life murderous without regard to others is the judicial process. Ultimately, democratic systems triumph as terror-seeding nutters lose support and are unmasked as the monsters they really are. Then they have become the lonely fanatical idiots that they already were. Nothing of glorification by a follower who honors fallen killers as martyrs, nothing of ideals that are false and punctuated with blood from innocent victims. The goal does not justify all means and if that realization penetrates, then the only way left open is the political one.

Through a political party that people can vote for, freely and by participating in the system through the laws of that system, to influence that system democratically. Mental dwarfs and the misguided who are driven by misplaced idealism to support their own vision are doomed to fail. Europe is the birthplace of the free West and does not tolerate blackmail of radical groups that place themselves outside or above the law, after many hundreds of years we have finally reached that level. If we do not act in opposition to our constitution, we become a police state or a dictatorship.

Too much water has flowed through our rivers before we respected human rights as we do now and we must not lower ourselves to the stupid, primitive level of those who support terror. Even the most despicable murderers from these cowardly gangs of misguided idiots have the right to a lawyer and a fair trial under our laws. There is always room for improvement, but Europe has come a long way since the feudal times in which people were enslaved, not always without a struggle, but we are there, we are a well-functioning democratic whole.

So don't worry about misguided idiots, they are misled and cannot take away our freedom and achievements!
They can hurt us for a while, but will disappear like dust on the wind!



Let's take a look at some of these groups and their final "successes".

- The IRA has been active in Ireland and Great Britain since 1917, occasionally bleeding to death and then re-emerging after a generation among the 'young heroes' who live the banner of a secluded Ireland. Several times they changed name but always as the same hard core group with distorted ideals. Notorious for killing civilians, soldiers, throwing grenades in pubs, spilling blood on markets and all to achieve an 'ideal' that could have been better argued politically.

In the end, public opinion turned against IRA members, you can justify only so many killings, and then you are no longer seen as heroes but as the murderous unscrupulous scum that you are. You are left alone in society and take the political road, after almost 100 years of unscrupulous murders and you finally see the road. Gerry Adams, who was a militant member and who is seen as one of the bomb throwers in bars, has now been elected and has a seat in the government. The IRA is incorporated in the political democratic system. He has even been presented to the English queen.



-ETA, the Spanish and French Basque separation movement, active since 1959, infamous for kidnapping innocent people, murders, extortion (protection money) bombs. For a long time seen in the North as a group of heroes by the younger generation, but the truth has overtaken them, no one wants to belong with good decency, they are seen as unscrupulous half-off murderers who are after their own gain. Young people prefer to work on their careers. Juani convicted of killing 25 victims alone, was placed in temporary liberty based on the constitution and form errors, which is very strong in our constitutional state and fled the country unauthorized to turn up in Ireland and was later spotted in South America.

He is now seen by the young people not as a hero, but as a fool who killed people and put families to ruin and then skipped the country, he is seen as a very cowardly person. Have the 'ideals' been achieved? No, and that won't happen either. The Eta is aware of this and has announced a ceasefire and is now taking the political course, following the IRA example. They are, however, responsible for killing 829 civilians, injuring thousands of victims and countless kidnappings. The group is described by Spain and Great Britain, France and the US and the European Union as a prime terrorist group.
-The Rote Armee Fraktion, Baader-Meinhof Group. Active, mainly in Germany. Founded in 1970 by Andreas Baader, among others. Gudrun Ennslin and Horst Mahler and later Ulrike Meinhof. They were responsible for 34 murders and numerous bank robberies and bomb attacks without regard to persons, without real ideal. Are noweither killed or imprisoned where some in the prison have committed suicide. Ceased to exist in 1998. Have they achieved anything? No nothing, just a bunch of despicable anarchist killers. Had they suffered a bad childhood then? No, all came from wealthy families.

The RMS (Moluccas) In 1949, the Netherlands transferred the sovereignty of the Dutch East Indies to the Republik Indonesia Serikat (RIS). An intended independence of the Moluccas was discussed in the preceding rounds of meetings. Soon after the settlement, however, Sukarno abolished the federal state structure and on 17 August 1950 President Sukarno proclaimed the Indonesian unitary state and the Indonesian army began the Ambon invasion.
The Netherlands had nothing more to give away or explain. The Indies had been transferred. The Moluccan elders riled up the new generation with stories about 'betrayal' and non-compliance with the agreements. Ambon and the Moluccas was depicted as a paradise that was lost. This led to serious disturbances.

-In 1975 they attempted to take Queen Juliana  hostage, there was a train hijacking in Wijster where innocent passengers were executed every hour on the hour.



-The Indonesian embassy in Amsterdam was occupied, and there as well innocent people were executed.
-Two years later a train hijacking took place at the Punt. Many victims, hijackers and passengers were killed in this train hijacking.
  -the primary school of Bovensmilde, full of young children, was being held hostage. (not really a heroic act)
- the provincial government office in Assen was held hostage and civil servants were shot at the hands of the 'freedom fighters for free Ambon'.
Then you would expect that the goal was achieved, right? No, no, and in this way in a democratic country such a goal cannot be achieved. Politics has been working behind the scenes since the 1980s and there has been an improvement in Moluccan and Dutch relations.


-Isis, you are a loser, do you want to be a hero without a cause and are you slightly religious? Close your mind to reality, do not study, do not seize your opportunities and do not pursue a career. Don't start a family, but do a Jihad and become a warrior. Kill as much as you want, anyone who you think doesn't share your ideas.
Rob and plunder and rape and if you die, yes, then you are a hero and you are called a martyr and people have 'regard' for you. Of course! Forget it? There will only be contempt that you chose a pattern of life that was the way in the year 600, that you do not want to participate in our wealth and want to be one of us even though you were born here in prosperity and without hunger.

Just like the clubs mentioned above, believe me ... the caliphate will not materialize. It is a myth invented by people who abuse you like cannon meat. What remains is the memory of reprehensible rapists of children and powerless women. Debile assassins who don't think but simply want to participate in 'the fight' whatever that entails. In a few years' time we will look back on this time and can only feel a mocking pity for the 'martyrs', who are  buried in secret. Honorless and despised. For a few mintes of the lime light and 'fame.'

So let's keep our wits together, not every Moluccan hijacks trains and not every German is in the RAF, not every Irishman is a member of the IRA and not every Bask is an ETA member in Spain and folk, pay heed, not every Muslim supports Isis, only the misled, who are lazy in spirit and let themselves be misled, belong in that catagory. Fortunately, that is only a small fraction of the group  in our democracy. Just like all of you, I am proud of Europe and happy that I am European ... born in freedom and democracy.

So don't worry about misguided idiots, they are misled and cannot take away our freedom and achievements!
They can hurt us for a while, but will disappear like dust on the wind! Filthy dust that is!

San Daniel 2019


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13/09/2019 06:50

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13/09/2019 15:32
Agreed. But I'm afraid it will take a long fight against the forces of darkness. And the EU is very reluctant to fight for her freedom, i'm afraid.
13/09/2019 15:50
I agree ..we need a change of mentality and stand our own grounds..
13/09/2019 15:58
Do you know 'Biedermann und Brandstifter' by Max Frisch?
It's all in there.
13/09/2019 16:05
Thank you .. I see the parallel
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