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A friend of mine called me, "San, are you in the village?" "Well, no, I'm irrigating at the moment," I replied, "but I can turn off the pump any time, is there a problem of sorts?" "Yes and no," said Fernandez, "but I have a favor to ask of you." I turned off the pump, "I'll see you in the Shandy," I reported and hung up.

Moments later, the beast of beats fired and with a deep growl the 1600 came to life. "Ghost in the machine," my grandfather would have said. In his time you were already a cool dude when you were riding a 200 cc motorcycle. He had been a mechanical engineer and he 'lived' machines, he understood them, he sniffed the oil, held a screwdriver against his ear and on the other side against the engine block and used it like a stethoscope and then listened to the valves of the engine through the vibrations that reached his ear.

"Every machine has its own life," he explained, every machine has parts that wear out in their own way. You can never just change that, then you'llruin the machine. He was a techie at a time when techies were still very much in the know and not simply parts exchangers.



I thought about that old man with affection for a moment, then I raaced down the path. "Calm down boy," he would have said, "let the ghost settle down for a moment ... do not throttle so much, let it all warm up first."

At the asphalt road I pushed the choke in and now the animal breathed nicely and regularly. I headed roaring toward the snake bend, and yes there was another one. "Is there no end to them I wondered,' as the engine straightened out of the bend and I opened the gas towards the bridge, where I immediately thundered up the 'questa de la mina' the miner's hill. I let go of the gas and when I arrived at the first houses of the village, I slowly pottered slowly into the main street towards Shandy.

I parked the beast of the beasts on the sidewalk and heard the engine cool down with cling clang noises, it had been a hot day and everything had gone hot because of the fast ride.


Fernandez was already seated on the terrace with a glass of anis. "Glad you came so quickly," he began, "I have a problem with my shoulder. I shook the outstretched hand and looked questioningly at him. "I just have a problem," he explained, "a muscle that's stuck or something." "Yes," I said questioningly. "Now I can't drive anymore," he continued, "and I promised my sister to do the bread round." "What do you mean the bread round," I asked? "My brother-in-law is a baker and has had a heart attack," he began, "and my sister is already delivering bread in one of the vans to the mountains and she has asked me if I want to do the other route."

I nodded to Kissy kissy in the doorway and pointed to Fernandez's beer and she disappeared inside to get it, I assumed.

"I'm sorry about your brother-in-law," I said. "How can I help you?" "By driving for a few weeks and taking me to court on two days." I nodded, I knew that he was a secretary to the court two afternoons a week, and on other days traveled through the region to resolve disputes or problems. That could be anything from divorce cases to legacy issues or completing a death certificate. In every hamlet he had an office at the respective town hall.

"What time does it start," I asked? "We'll do the rounds around eight o'clock," he said, "until eleven." "Hmm," I replied, "I get up at the first light and then I can irrigate a little, after the round it's 30 degrees and I can't do anything until the early evening." "So," he asked? "I'll do it," I said, "but I can only help you for two weeks because then the grape harvest starts and I have to be there."

"Thank you," he said, "you are a true friend." . "Hombre," I laughed, "what else could I do." This is how the bread adventure began.

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