Andalucia: when it rains, the fish will appear 35, the railway that appears and disappears

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"I can't believe it," said a young farmer at the reading table of the Shandy, our favorite place to take a break. He sat at the 'mesa del amistad', the friendship table. He pushed aside the provincial newspaper. The Voz del Almeria which was a quality newspaper.

"Has there been another appearance of the Blessed Virgin," asked an old man in a sarcastic tone, "or is it another five-legged goat." "Better than that," the young man said, sitting up straight , "They're going to reactivate the railroad." It fell silent, everyone immediately was all ears.

"Don't talk rubbish," said the old man named Pedro who had lived in the valley all his life. "It has been with the Senate," said the young farmer, "and with the Council of Ministers and has been presented as a proposal in Madrid!

"San," said the farmer who lived in my hamlet, one of the 32 hamlets in the immediate area, "do you know more about this, could this be true"? I shrugged, "This is new to me, but if it has been to the Council of Ministers, there will be some truth to it."

"You can read and write," the old man said stubbornly, "tell me what you think." "Then we have to check the internet," I said, "then we'll know everything about the railroad," and I signaled Kristina for a round. I moved my finger around the circle and Kissy kissy understood that everyone would have the same.

I grabbed my cell phone and clicked on Google. "It's in the paper," Pedro said! I smiled, "I know that," I said as the screen fluttered, "but that has been taken from somewhere, the newspaper just writes it down and I want to be at the source, then we know more." "San es listo," San is smart, the old man said, knocking his barecha away and looking over his shoulder to see if Kissy kissy was already coming with the new drink.

 "It is true," I said after a while, "although whether it will be executed is point two. It has been with the Senate and the Council of Ministers. "


"Good news," Alejo laughed a friend of mine who smoked more than he drank. Just like the 'autovia del marmol', the highway to the coast that was supposed to be ready in 2004 and that would connect Baza with the autovia mediteraneo, the A7, and about which the new government (junta) announced their intention to finish the last part this year.' A chatter of laughter now sounded around the table and Pedro said "a toast," lifting his glass that Kissy had put down.

'To the highway the main and the new railroad," There is no end to the miracles that our patron saint San Anton can accomplish, "and his tone was as sarcastic as ever.

"Let's take a look at what happened to the old line. Every oak sleeper was 'taken away at night' as time went by and ended as a nice detail in a mantelpiece in a chic home or as a decorative piece in an Andalusian garden. The steel rails were dismantled and sold for the price of 'old iron, I still have a piece of rails hanging behind my tractor to push the plow down deeper'.

"To San Anton and the railroad," he said, taking a breath, "and his inimitable miracles." "To San Anton," we repeated, and I noticed that no one was adding "and to the new railroad." We knew the time it of day.


"It's because of the elections," it sounded behind me. Diego had put his hands on my shoulders, he had been listening and indeed I realized that it would be possible if a coalition were not formed in Madrid in the coming days,  general elections would follow. So the parties were already busy with silent campaigns and promises. Now it was not only the highway that would be completed after only 15 years of delays and setbacks ... but the railway which had been decommissioned and dismantled since 1985 would be reactivated.

"Do you think so Diego," I asked, almost innocently? "Hombre," he said, "man, what do you think?"


'The stations have been sold off privately and converted into bars, restaurants or used as government offices and the old track became a path of' Sendorismo '... a long route for hikers. Just finished after huge investments. "

"Aren't you drinking," the old man asked, pointing to the only empty seat. He immediately shouted "nena," to Kissy kissy (girl), "bring something to drink for amigo Diego!"

"Diego," I said exasperatingly, "we have to stay positive, it would be nice if we could use a train service, in our part of southern Spain, since 1985 and that is 34 years we have not had public transportation! Talking about a train service, if you know what I mean and the bus only goes once a day.


"Before you know it," he laughed, "Andalusia will put the first Andalusian on the moon ...  isn't life great." Now a loud scorn of laughter broke out. "Could we really do that," the old man asked, surprised. "No," I said, "we will never experience that in our lifetime, Diego meant it as an example."


"You're on your cell phone anyway," Alejo rejoined in the conversation, "can you see what the cost would be?" "I think so," I said, taking a little sip. That was actually not as easy as done, but 2 drinks later I had the cost per kilometer.


"There are a few facts that are interesting," I began. 'The line was opened in 1895 and ran from Murcia to Granada and therefore came through our valley, we had two stations and a stop at a ravine where the train stopped when there were enough people waiting there. The line thus opened up the southern part of Andalucia. " "I didn't know that," the old man said. "I just didn't either," I smiled, "but with the internet we can find anything. The line was closed in 1985, "I went on, but we already knew that."

'The trajectory was 318 kilometers long and went through 56 places. There were 43 real stations. " "Goodness," Pedro exclaimed, "you know everything!" "My cell phone knows everything," I replied, "I'm just looking it up." So what is the price per kilometer, "Alejo insisted.


How much does 1 kilometer of track cost on the average? "Here it comes," I said, "hang on to your seats," and I read, "The price per kilometer of track depends on the scope of a project. On the track to be constructed, alternating streets, viaducts, tunnels, stations and noise and vibration measures may be involved. '
'There are separate cash flows for management and maintenance, replacement and renovation and equipment costs, the railways receives one subsidy for all these expenditures. The maintenance supplement to the budget states which part of the total subsidy for the track is spent on management and maintenance and which part on replacements. '
'Based on this distribution, the government part of the management and maintenance costs per kilometer of track is approximately € 61,000 per year. Approximately 36% of rail management and maintenance costs are charged through the user charge, which amounts to approximately € 34,000 per kilometer of track. The total management and maintenance costs of a kilometer track per year amount to approximately € 95,000. These amounts include the management and maintenance costs of switches, level crossings, signals, tunnels, bridges and stations. '


"So what does it cost," the old man asked, who had patiently. "95,000 euros x 318 kilometers per year," I answered. It had fallen silent, "How much is that," the old boss wanted to know now? I pointed to my cell phone, "wait a minute," I asked him and went to "calculadora" on my screen. "30 million and 210 thousand euros per year," I reported
"It's not going to happen," Diego said resolutely, "that will be an Andalusian on the moon first."
"I think so," I laughed and put some change on the table

San Daniel 2019


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