My article read more than 1 million times .. wowses yahoo!

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If you write you want to be read, that is something that caresses the writer's ego and confirms him or her in his or her writership. I saw in statistics that the article: about white slaves sold to 'black' countries attracted around 200 readers every day .. That surprised me, so it is a theme that apparently remains very much in the scope of interest .. In my opinion, my articles are all of the same quality, so it is the theme that fascinates the reader.

I could not estimate how often it had been read as it runs over two sites and the statistics do not go beyond 1 month. So I approached the site manager.

06/09/2019 7:31 AM
Good morning Tim,

I cannot see the numbers for the following article: "More white slaves have been sold to North Africa than black slaves to white countries!" I suspect it could be over 1 million. It was published on both plazilla and tallsay .. could you tell me what the total is ..

Kind regards,

Daniel (San)

and his reply came after a short while:

Hello Daniel,

I will look it up in Google Analystics. Don't the statistics in Tallsay work? Or is it just that you would like to know the total with Plazilla included.

Kind regards,


06/09/2019 08:58
Plazilla: 679,277
Tallsay: 326,812

Congratulations! Indeed more than a million, quite an achievement!

Kind regards,



That is a huge boost. I feel extremely 'well' read. That says something about our writers site. The range is enormous.

A pleasant day writing everyone!
God bless,

San Daniel 2019


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Vriendelijke groet en God Bless, kind regards and God Bless

06/09/2019 15:29

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06/09/2019 18:53
Gefeliciteerd Daniël! Well done or should I say well written my friend!
07/09/2019 10:34
Gracias campeon.. it pleases me to no end
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