More white slaves have been sold to North Africa than black slaves to white countries

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The Prager University, (Thomas Sowell) has provided an enlightening insight into Slavery and its composition with a statistical consideration. His findings led to a reflection that can immediately be applied to our own situation.
There is a tendency when talking about slaves to immediately think of Dutch or British slave traders who took care that black slaves were sold to plantation holders as cheap labor. Some facts should be corrected there alone. The Dutch and British were carriers of the slaves. The slaves were traded on African markets by Arabs.
The Arabs were given those slaves by village chiefs from Negro tribes who sold surplus or unwanted tribesmen to the Arabs.
So a ship traded coffee without the investors growing those coffee plants. They traded a product. A ship traded another product outside the range of everything that was transported from one country to another. People, in this case slaves. That transport was unworthy of people, chained to a deck!

Black people do not have a monopoly on the victim role in quests of slavery, if you look at history. The Romans alone, in SBeitla, left their slaves, read unwilling conquered people, to work in the copper mines in Tunisia until they dropped dead. They also enjoyed themselves with slaves who were allowed to slaughter each other as gladiators.
The Jewish people, according to Bible texts, made slaves of the conquered peoples. They slaughtered the men and the women became slaves.
The society of the Incas and the Aztecs ran on slaves and slavery.
Slavery is not race-bound, although Americans and dark people in former colonies still like to point accusing fingers at the white race. That is totally out of context thinking and hiding behind the bad that happened to your forefathers. Slavery has always been there. Slaves were not only black or white and the slave owners were not only black or white.
In Asia, Poynesia, slavery was common, you were a master and you had slaves, even before one white person had ever entered Asia.
Slavery was legal and regulated by law in Saudi Arabia until 1961 .. 1961!
More whites have been sold to North Africa as slaves than blacks have been brought to America. Talking about the original 13 states of course. Whites were bought and sold for decades in the Ottoman Empire, after the slaves (1866) were liberated in America.


The pyramids were built by slaves. Now today (06-09-2019) .... Isis sells slaves in Siriya! The same goes for another 'fine' country, Libya  Women are sold for a tenner, widows or daughters of Christian men killed by them. They 'marry' these slave girls, abuse them and divorce them again after just saying three times 'go .. go .. go.' and then they too are done away with.
The Dutch colonial women from Indonesia were used by the Japanese as  'comfort girl' (read prostitute) 1941-1945 while their men died in camps by or under forced labor. Think of the bridge over the river Kwai
There is nothing new under the sun. Slavery is undesirable and bad but nobody has a monopoly on the victim's role. Apart from the undesirable trait that apparently is present in every human race that wants to dominate another race, there are some nice positive effects. Could Obama have been President of the US if his ancestor had not been sold to Arabs by a tribal chief? Would Thomas Sowell be a professor of economic subjects at UCLA if his ancestors had not been transported to the US? What about blacks like Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Rihanne, Mohamed Ali, etc. etc. how much chance would they have had in Africa?
I abhor slavery in every form, so not only the cliché of poor Negro slaves, but also the slavery of people who are enslaved in a political and economic system and who go to work every day with extreme dislike, if they have work at all. The exploitation of young people, of older people, the spending cuts that cannot be explained otherwise than keeping a failing economic system afloat.


The sex industry, believe me, not every employee / star is there voluntarily. Slavery is not limited to race or color, but manifests itself in many facets.
Black Peters are not an expression of racism ... more of a tradition ... they are the assistants of St Nicholas in Europe. Who would have problems with a dark-colored person painting himself white at a party! I don't suppose anyone... it's more the frustration of dark people who are angry about a past that wasn't just or dignified..
Therefore: forget the nonsense about political correctness or Black Peters. The Petes were black because the defeated Moros in Spain were black. "St Nicholas, came from Spain." The Petes were his servants and therefor black. That is not bad at all that is a historical fact. Anyone who has been occupied with this for too long is, in my view, a foolish misled person who sprays poorly informed opinions.

The Petes have nothing to do with slavery in Suriname or anywhere else ... Moros, who simply conquered the Spaniards until 1492 and enslaved them. Spain has resisted 700 years of Moorish rule before the moros were driven back into the sea, fighting from village to village to make Spain Spanish again. The fact that a bishop then assigned some moros as servants is a lucky thing for those Petes. They could also have been killed or enslaved by less mild figures.

If too politically correct, the Eskimos will object that Santa Claus supposedly lives on the pole without a residence permit and that he lets small dwarves work for him, whom he calls elves, but who in reality are dwarfs, for whom he pays no taxes nor social security. The unions  immediately move in and demand to know why there are no pension provisions for Santa's servants (you read correctly .. servants .. say slaves), no wages, no rights and long working days. Yeah, and why is that Santa white ...
The political correctness discussion and the nonsense about this kind of babbling, disguises the real slavery, from 8 to 5 without rights .. or those nice Chinese products that are so cheap because ... they are made by small young hands, the owner of which will never have a carefree childhood.
Traditions are good and fun and belong to a culture ...
Slavery is bad and that is independent of color ... it is just pure bad and evil!

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