Boat refugees, drowning people ... how Europe is being abused and misled

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It that time of day again. The Spanish TV blurted out an 'update' every hour with news about the rescued 'drowners, or refugees', who had left from Africa. We have all seen the images on numerous occasions. Women with children and men who have left their homes and homeland to challenge the water in rickety boats to reach the 'promised' land (Europe). "Gosh," you might think, "a lot must have happened before you'd  risk your life in boats that don't deserve the such a name"

The last load of 'refugees' drew attention because of the Italian government that would or would not allow the open arms boat to land in Italy and so a debacle began that was widely spun out in the media. In the end, sick people were taken off board and, as a last resort, people jumped (or were pushed into) into the sea and tried to reach the coast more or less swimming. That sounds more dramatic than it was, since the images showed the refugees wearing a lifejacket to keep them afloat which had been supplied by the open arms ship. Now they had really almost become a cluster of drowning people and one doesn't want such to happen, and therefore the  Italian coast guard fished these 'drowning people' out of the sea and so it was that even those 'refugees' could now go ashore.

Research revealed something that can at the very least be called exceptional. These were not political refugees. After all, there is no war going on in Egypt and during an interview with one of the bluish dark men, he claimed he had embarked to become a barber in Europe. Hey, hey wait a sec, are there no barbers in Egypt then? 'Yes, of course there are but you don't earn as much over there as in Europe', the man explained. That tells it all, we are really talking about economic refugees! Folk that want to improve their standard of living.

Let's make a summary:

You live in Egypt or another 'disadvantaged' country, you are not being persecuted but you want to participate in the modern free world. You don't have a proper education, you might easily become a barber in your own country or a merchant in dates and olives and but  you lack the training or the professional skills that Europe is waiting for. You can forget about emigration, because Europe has no need for people with perhaps different cultural views who do not speak a single European language and who have neither training nor a profession for positions that we in Europe cannot fulfill with our own people.


There will always be people who take advantage of these situations and when you look for a way to get into Europa anyway you are put into contact with people smugglers (traffickers).

They tell you that there is a back door entrance, it costs money, actually all the money you have but you have trust in these people and it is your only chance, because through the regular channels you will simply not enter because you lack the requirements and are found to be not useful by the free world. You would only cost our society money raised from public money that in turn comes from the taxes that Europeans pay.

And finally you are all aboard, literally and figuratively speaking, and the smuggler sets course to the other side of the Mediterranean. The Strait of Gibraltar is the shortest crossing, as only 13 kilometers separates Africa from Europe over there before arriving in Spanish waters. If you are from Egypt , like our 'would be ' barber, you leave from neighboring Libya and you end up either in Malta or in Italy. For example, you'd never end up in Denmark or Finland. The Mediterranean countries are now getting more than their fill of 'refugees'.

If someone is shipwrecked, then of course they are helped, that has been the case for centuries. It is a bit more concerning if you choose to be shipwrecked, and certainly that has now become the case on almost a weekly basis.

The people smugglers have pocketed their money and reach the territorial waters of Europe. They either dump the people overboard and return to their homeand to collect a new cargo or if the refugee boat is more a wreck than a boat, they disconnect it and leave you in God's hands. They are unscrupulous villains who earn big money for a relative short crossing and then leave everyone to their fate.

Then the debacle begins, where the villains have no heart, Europeans are confronted by their culture, conscience and human emotions in general. you simply do not leave fellow humans to their fate.

The smugglers are back home now with stories that another boatload of refugees has succesfully reached Europe and they are enlisting new 'would be' refugees. It seems a bit  like a modern interpretation of the former slave trade.

Images enter our living room as the TV reports the developments and every 'do gooder' cries out that we have to let these people in. Political parties play on the masses and each party tries to appear even more humane than other parties, the Leftist parties call for solidarity and the rightwing parties do not want to be left behind and certainly do not want to be accused of racism and what has actually happened? What has really, really happened?


What really happened is that the smugglers have been proven right, they have discovered the back door. By blackmailing our emotions and by imposing feelings of guilt  they deliver cargo after cargo  and sometimes if it all does not go completely according to plan and some 'refugees' drown and wash ashore, the tv brings into our living rooms harsh images, because today everything has news value and guilt feelings roam freely in the Western world.

But we have not put those people on a boat and we have not thrown them into the sea, but we are so silly that we allow ourselves to be led into discussions that are not ours and take them in, which opens the way for the next shipment of human trafficking.

How are things elsewhere? After all, aren't there more continents in the world? Every time I travel to North America, I need a valid visa, I have to prove that I have enough resources to pay for my living there and I can't stay any longer than 6 months at a time. If I want to stay longer, I have to apply for residency, ie emigrate.

The same is true in Asia, I cannot just settle in Hong Kong or Singapore just to pick a country, or Japan for that matter. Forget it... no way José!

Australia also has a difficult admission policy or call it protection of its own population. The visa requirement also applies to visitors and there too it is only valid for a limited time.

If I am in a boat off the North American coast and I try to come ashore, I am considered an illegal and so I would be. There are hefty penalties and that also applies to the other continents. In China, Taiwan. Korea, Russia you are immediately classified as a spy and you first disappear in a cell before you ever see the light of day again.


But surely that must be different in Arab countries? The refugee mainly come from countries around the Mediterranean Sea or from other Arab countries? No don't even think of entering Saudi Arabia or a North African country without a visa or passport. I have (unfortunately) lived in Libya for 4 years and we always needed a work visa and an 'entry and exit' visa.

So the people who pay smugglers to dump them illegally along our coasts come from countries where the regulations are the same as ours. You can visit such a country to work or for a visit, but always with a visa. Then why do refugees think we would allow them into Europe without a visa? After all, the 'would be' hairdresser had already tried emigration, he knew the European requirements. Our laws are therefore deliberately being violated by folk that know fully well what they are doing.

The answer is easy, we are being bullied into taking the 'shipwrecked' refugees in, as we are seen as weak brothers and sisters who can easily be swayed by emotions such as a tree that bends in the wind.

How could we change this? An easy solution is ..


Solution 1

'Take away all the borders', which obviously is not going to happen because we defend our own interests. It is an idealistic solution in a materialistic world and as a result shows little realism, we are just not ready for that on this planet. Its a shame, but there is nothing one can do about it. There would always rise a dictator again somewhere to carve out his empire.

It might only be possible under one united world government. Very unlikely to say the least (see Brexit)

Solution 2

Do away with the smugglers. Just like with the slave ships of the past. Enter those boats. Send the 'passengers' back to the country of origin. Never let them land anywhere. There are regular channels to apply for emigration and those do not include emotional blackmailing but allowing someone to enter, should be based on reason. Kill the traffickers, no quarter, just a firing squad and do away with them. Execute them under constitutional law or martial law, where ever you run across them. I seriously believe that such an action would quickly reduce the amount of crossings. I am, however, open to any better idea.

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