Is It Worth To Let Go Of Good Days In The Hope Of Better Ones?

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Sometimes in life, there is no right or wrong, no bad choices or the good ones, and no detrimental or profitable outputs associated. In such instances, a person finds himself amongst the tumult of emotions, senses, and responsibilities. This throttle of feelings forces an individual to ponder:

  • If the choices taken are accurate for all the right reasons?
  • Is there any long term output expected out of a particular decision?
  • Are there any better days because of the decision made?

The first question is the most complex one to answer for some people since the after-effects of a decision are not known. The individual has to trust his instincts and prepare to wallow in the pool, which can either be humming poetry or a prosaic.

Once the person delivers the answer to this first question, he further ponders about the results of such a decision. He does his math, add up the logistics, and evaluate the conditions to soothe himself considering the decision undertaken.

After all of this is sorted, the biggest question comes into the limelight: Is it worth to let go of good days in the hope of better ones? How can one figure the answer to this question; especially, when he is at a good place and has to risk a whole lot to get hold of the better days. Furthermore, there is no guarantee of betterment, and one simply has to gamble it by taking a decision.

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Thus, to take the right step, you should consider the following factors:

Calculate The Contentment:

If you are considering a particular choice, always assess where your heart and head says while making a decision. It is always recommended to follow your heart, but you should never discard the instincts proffered by the brain. Thus, you should always make a decision on which your head and heart are on the same page.

See The Bigger Picture:

You may be contented today but will you be contented with the same output in the subsequent years? If no, you need to risk everything with the hope of a better tomorrow.

Gauge The Endurance Level:

Once you know you need to make a certain decision, you should test the persistence and courage in your being. You have to be ascertained that you have what it takes to endure the failure if the situation does not pan out the way you want.

To conclude, life offers a set of choices and you have the privilege of choosing one. So, make the right choice wisely at the right time. Good luck!

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