Can technologies be used to control drug addictions?

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In today’s world technology is being used in every facet of life and it has consumed our life in a very efficient manner. From every child to an old person, everyone is surrounded by technologies. Technology continues to get smarter with the pace of time. Health educators and health promotion researchers or scientists are connecting technology is in order to provide recovery and preventive solutions for drug addictions. Teenagers and young adults in their 20’s have made the highest percentage of drug abusers this is the reason why technology can prove to be effective in controlling drug addiction. Technologies become the smartest method to reach the media-savvy generation of today.

The rise in the number of drug abusers

In 2015, there was a death of 33,000 people in the United States due to overdose. 2015, is the highest rate of deaths which is caused by overdose and was doubled in numbers as compared to 2005 according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It wasn’t late that health promotion scientists had to think about how to control the increasing numbers of drug addiction in innovative ways.

Technology be the cure

According to Lisa A. Marsh, “These technology-based interventions can be used either as an adjunct to traditional treatment or in some cases as a stand-alone therapy. There are many psychosocial behaviors that are effective in treating substance use disorders, but there are challenges to finding the resources to deliver them, because of many reasons including staff training and turnover, and time constraints”.

Smartphones apps to the rescue

Technology can fight through the dangers of drug addiction and the use of technology in this matter is growing. There are more than 1, 65,000 smartphone apps for mental care and health care which include addiction-relation options and offer hypnosis guides, direction to AA meetings and online support groups.

Following are some of the apps that are designed to assist the recovery process:

•              Sober grid

These apps help patients to find immediate support on the basis of their location. Patients receive safe rides to recovery meetings in their area. This app also calculates patients sobriety and keeps track of the number of days patient has been sober.

•              Squirrel recovery

Ohio University developed this app to provide a platform where former addicts to create their own support groups and the aim is to get people out of their addiction by sharing former addicts experience.



Technology will prove to be a huge blessing for the patients who fear to go to the rehabilitation center and also those who choose to not get treated. However, it does not mean that technology is set to eliminate clinicians; technology will just prove to be a stepping stone in the path of the right direction. And in the remote locations where rehabilitation center is not available, smartphones apps and online treatment centers would benefit many.

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