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1.April rain DELAIN2c7d7d16391ee0d9afd0e33bf997cbb1_medium. 2.Frozen DELAIN 3.Distant smile CUBY & BLIZZARDS 07de5ba5a03391b1b11a9a9045c419a4_medium.4.Anytime THE RO-D-YS 5.I love you ILSE DE LANGE 6.Go down sunshine CUBY & BLIZZARDS 7.Sleep sleep sleep THE RO-D-YS 8.The lute number FBI 9.Local hero FBI 10.To you BRAINBOX 11.Burning heart VANDENBERG 12.Saturday night HERMAN BROOD & WILDROMANCE 13.Speeltuin MARCO BORSATO 14.Power to the bone MENNEN 15.When the lady smiles GOLDEN EARRING 16.Capitol punishment SANDY COAST 17.Boll weevil SHOCKING BLUE 18.Out of sight out of mind SHOCKING BLUE 19.Endless road TIME BANDITS 20.When people talk ROB HOEKE'S R&B GROUP 21.Without your love THE CATS 22.Crusader KAYAK 23.Keep on missing you EARTH & FIRE 24.It'gonne be allright SMYLE 25.Love of life EARTH & FIRE 26.Russian spy and I THE HUNTERS 27.So dissatisfied COBRA 28.Mary is my sweetheart again SHORT'66 29.Wang dang doodle LIVIN'BLUES 30.119th Queensway CUBY & BLIZZARDS 31.Going back to China DIESEL 32.It's only a matter of time BREEZE 33.Nightingale GEORGE CASH 34.Thanks for the love GEORGE CASH 35.Hair ZEN 36.De bestemming MARCO BORSATO 37.Ik heb geen zin om op te staan HET 38.Back home GOLDEN EARRING 39.Tonight LOÏS LANE 40.Great escape ILSE DE LANGE.41.Doe effe normaal NORMAAL 42.The best of my years THE CATS 43.Looking for something betters THE RO-D-YS 44.Walls of Jericho EARTH & FIRE 45. EARTH & FIRE. 46.Down man BRAINBOX 47.Just for fun CUBY & BLIZZARDS 48.Unforgatebel Girl THE RO-D-YS 49.SANDY COAST 50.Face to face THE SHOES 51.My belle ami TEE-SET 52.My Girl HERMAN BROOD &WILDROMANCE 53.Venus SHOCKING BLUE 54.SHocking you SHOCKING BLUE 55.Travelín the USA THE BINTANGS 56.Live it up TIME BANDITS 57.Stardust DELAIN 58.Sylvia FOCUS59. Wasted words THE MOTIONS 60. I still cry ILSE DE LANGE 61.Frank Mills BOJOURA 62.Dancing bear CUBY & BLIZZARDS 63.Twilight zone GOLDEN EARRING 64.Buddy Joe GOLDEN EARRING 65.Mighty Joe SHOCKING BLUE 66.I won't steal away TIME BANDITS 67.Arabia VENGEANCE 68.Only lies GREENFIELS & COOKE 69.Feeling like a suitcase CUBY & BLIZZARDS 70.Ridin on the L&A THE BINTANGS 71.Tomorrow is another day BUFFOONS 72. It's the end BUFFOONS 73.My world felt down BUFFOONS 74. Going home CUBY & BLIZZARDS 75.Unforgetable girl THE RO-D-YS 76. She likes weeds TEE-SET 77.So many roads CUBY & BLIZZARDS 78.Another land CUBY & BLIZZARDS 79.Down in the silverline DIESEL 80.Thanks for the love EARTH & FIRE 81.Hocus pocus FOCUS 82.Sylvia FOCUS 83.Ruthless Queen KAYAK 84.How do you do? MOUTH & MAC NEAL 85.GREENFIELD & COOKE 86.Friday on muy mind THE DUKES 87.Midnight magic man THE NEW ADVENTURES 88.Come on THE NEW ADVENTURES 89.Nostalgic toilet CUBY &BLIZZARDS 90.The life I live Q65 91.Rain,snow & misery ROB HOEKE R&B GROUP 92.Show me by candlelight THE RO-D-YS 93.Just two little creatures SANDY COAST 94.Na Na Na THE SHOES 95.Never mary a railroad man SHOCKING BLUE 96.Touch THE OUTSIDERS 97.Red River rock THE MASKERS 98.La comparsa THE MASKERS99. Pied Piper THE JETS100. Just a friend SANDY COAST. 

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