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I went to the Shandy bar which used to be called 'bar Castijon' and which is still called so by every villager. Kristina knows me well and started making me a syrupy strong cafe solo when I entered. "Muy buenas," I greeted the neighbors. "Hola San," it sounded back from the bar and from the table where the men lifted their heads while playing cards. It was 8 o'clock in the morning, but Eze was already having his morning whiskey and Antiono sipped at the ponche and a bit later I had a strong, a very strong cafee solo in front of me. The 'Viejo' came in and gave me a smashing blow on my back. The Viejo has always been called the viejo, the old one, since his birth.



'The Duchess of Alba has passed away last night,' the newsreader reported with a sad voice, his thoughts went out to her loved ones. 'Gosh,' said the Viejo, 'that surprises me, she was only 88.' 'Yes', replied one of two farmers, 'my mother was 101 and she was still working on the land, I only inherited the farm when I turned 75'. "Everything is different, today," Antonio thought. 'We have lived simply with few possibilities. There was always food on the table but we did not have a penny., Yeah, than you eat healthy, that speaks for itself '.

"Ha," Ignacio said, "I tried to tell my granddaughter that there used to be no toilets, let alone toilet paper." Hm ', said Eze, a good branch with leaves. 'Or a handful of sand,' added a third farmer at the bar .. 'yes,' a grinning farmer smiled, 'or nothing, just lift up your rags again and continue working ..' '' Yes, 'I said,' we used to have no shower in the house, 'I went to the bath house once a week with my father, my sisters went with my mother. 'That has never been the case here', the Viejo thought. We washed ourselves at the well or in the river.

"I still wash myself at the river," Ricardo added to the "commentario," which takes place every morning. "That's noticeable," Eze chuckled, "it's been dry for half a year." He made a circle with his finger, signaling Kristina, that he would pay the next round. I now got a ponce next to my cafe solo. 'Salud', I said to my friend, 'y fuerca a canut,' Antonio finished the farmers toast. I had said health..and .. Antonio had replenished .. power in your rod. He had looked around for a moment before finishing the toast to see if there were no ladies around. If ladies would have been present the toast would have finished  at:' y fuerca ...'

In Seville three days 'Luto,'  'mourning', continued the newsreader. 'That's nothing,' said all farmers, 'we always kept a month of luto. Times are changing. No more respect for the dead! What are three days to commemorate a person's life? " "We wore a black shirt," said the Viejo. "Nowadays they wear a cowardly ribbon around the wrist, as if they are ashamed of it." I only had one good shirt, "said Antonio," so I'd go to the store and buy black dye and dyed my shirt black. Later I tried to bleach it back again but it turned out very bad.





"My grandchildren are disrespectful," Pedro said at another table, "they just keep messing around with their cell phones, while I talk to them." "Oh," sighed half the bar, that's ugly, if Grandfather says something then you listen and you look at him! ' 'Of course we did not have any cell phones,' Eze took over the conversation, 'otherwise we might have been different'. "They can all read and write," the first speaker continued, but they have no manners! " I knocked my ponche away, 'made a round with my finger and put some coins down that would cover it. "I'll be off to the fields," I said. 'What a hurry,' opined the Viejo, 'what are you going to do?'

"I'm going to start the olive harvest," I replied, "somebody has to do it, my olives are calling out to me." "If you have to crap," Ricardo advised, "under a tree you've already had." "I'll think about that," I laughed, and I walked out the door. 'Good start of the day,' I thought, the sun was already winning in strength, a coffee in the stomach and I'd seen my friends. There was not so much difference between us .. ', I thought,' we were the same generation and we had all gone from a nothing to a lot 'and I got into my car. '

San Daniel 2019

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