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I was in Shandy's enjoying a cafe solo with a ponche. I was seated between two fellow villagers and as always in our village the discussion was about football and politics. "They are sons of whores," said Joachin, taking a sip of wine, "facistic sons of whores', they have not changed at all." "Who are we exactly on about," I asked? "About Franco and his executioners," explained my other neighbor. "You've joined the wrong party," said the man who was very muscular and sitting on my left. "So," I said, and I was immediately on my guard, "and you seem to know that?" "Everyone knows that," the man said, rolling his shoulders for a moment.

"This village is a Psoe village, a socialist village," he continued, "and you come and join the Partido Popular and are on the list." 'He can not help that, he has been deceived' my right-hand neighbor came to my aid, 'San is like us, he has respect and shows respect.' "I am anything but a facist," I said in surprise, but I felt like I was getting agitated, "and I was not misguided and everyone can know where he or she feels at home."

"The Falangists were Franco's men," said the farmer, whose cheeks now turned red. " Their executioners were the guardia civil and your party included those people. ' 'I am liberal,' I began, 'and that does not mean that I really belong to a party,' 'I do not know what your problem is with the Partido Popular,' I continued, 'but in terms of party it comes close to points of view that I understand and support.


"Liberal, liberal," Joachin repeated, "explain to me why you think you are a liberal." 'I am tolerant,' I said 'and I am open to other positions and I believe that we can lead society to higher goals.' It remained silent for a moment. I took my chance as it remained silent 'and you,' I continued, 'rubs it in to me that I'm not a Psoe person, I do not think that's very tolerant, here is only a choice of two big parties and indeed I do not feel at home in a party which condemns others who have their own opinion. '

"I will tell you what those liberals have all done and are still doing," the farmer growled. 'Do that,' I said, 'that seems just fine to me, but first we'll have a new round.' "Kissy kissy," I called, and Christina came to our half of the bar. 'Otra ronda,' por favor, 'I asked, and she came back with a coffee and two wine. 'Pago yo,' I said, 'I'll pay this', I said, 'as a good liberal.' We all grinned and I realized that we would really talk.


'I had a football,' said the farmer, 'not just any football, a real leather one, you did not see them anywhere in Spain.' I nodded, I knew what they looked like. "My father worked in Germany and sent me that ball," he said, "and I handled it with care." "The Guardia Civil saw us kick the ball in the street and just pointed at the ball and beckoned." Others around us now listened.

"You obeyed the Guardia because they were omnipotent and decided life or death," Joachin said, peering ahead at a distant past. A number of farmers nodded in agreement. "So I picked up my ball and walked over to the man who had beckoned, they always walked around with two men." "Give it to me," he ordered, "we like order and regularity and that does not include football in a street." His colleague laughed scornfully and addedin support of the first speaker. "There is a field outside the village, every farmer knows that, or are you even more stupid than your parents?"

'They always spoke like that,' said my right-hand neighbor, 'they were arrogant buggers who determined everything in a village and always belittled you.'

Joachin looked ahead, "the ball that my father had sent me was in the hands of one of those harlot's sons." I listened and saw for my mind's eye, little boys, whose only fault was that they had caught the Guardia's attention.

"Knife," said the first guardia, "and the guardia who laughed drew a dagger with a skull on it. That dagger was razor-sharp and the point drilled into the ball and with some effort he cut the ball open. " "Clean up that mess," the first said, throwing the ball at my feet, and I could not control my tears. "

"How old were you," I asked? "Nine," Joachin replied. "I wrote to my father and two weeks later another ball was delivered," Joachin said wistfully, "my father loved me."


He took a swig of his wine and I took a sip of coffee. "That was bad," I said to open the conversation again. "It did not stop there," Joachin continued. "We had learned our lesson and went with some friends to the field that the guardia had pointed out. I was the king of the hill with a real leather ball. We laughed and we screamed and every day after school we ran home, put on old clothes and met on the field. "There was nothing else to be done, you see" Joachin asked. "I follow you," I replied, "I was born in the after shadow of the war, and there was a shortage of everything."

The third day when we ran screaming across the field, the guardias appeared. The same man first pointed to the ball and beckoned me. "How did you get that ball," he asked in a harsh tone. "My father sent it to me, sir," I answered and I looked at the ground, because you could never look  up at them, that was rude and then you got wacked.

"So your father has too much money," chuckled the first speaker who now held up the ball. "It is expensive, you can see that." "I nodded," Joachin said. "Knife," the man ordered, and the second pulled the dagger with the skull at the end.

"No," I cried, and then there was such a blow that I fell over and saw stars. " "You stinking peasant," said the man who had hit me, "only speak if you are being addressed."

He played with the dagger in his other hand, 'it is that you are small and stupid, otherwise I would cut your tongue out.' The first man nodded approvingly at those words, and pointed to the ball. "Look," he commanded, "here's your foreign crap, gift," and I saw how the razor-sharp dagger buried itself in the ball. My heart turned and I thought of my father who had worked and bought a ball and sent it to me so that I had something from him.



 "That is what you get for making a lot of noise," said the man who had beckoned, "we find that unpleasant, and you watch your tongue," otherwise I will feed it to my dog. " Laughing loudly they walked away as if they had just heard a good joke.

"That's bad," I said, "how mean can one be! "You do not know what is bad or mean," Joachin said, "you must have lived that time, then you'll begin to understand what power is or being governed by people who are rotten through and through."

"You still have your tongue," said one neighbor, "you were lucky, for the same token they would have cut it out to set an example," he added.

"Why did not you report those men," I asked in  surprise. " "You're so innocent," said the neighbor, "ha, denounce the guardia at the headquarters of the guardia, you'd never see light again." Another farmer started to laugh, "and the judges were appointed by Franco and the guardia, if you became inconvenient, you disappeared."

An old man now joined in the conversation, "the knock on the door, at night, from the death squad, they took you and nobody ever found you back." I shuddered because I understood that old wounds were being ripped open and I saw that what was being told, was without frills, it were honest stories.

"Tell him about Maria del Mar and her husband," the old man advised, and Joachin straightened his back and emptied his glass. 'First a round, it's a bad night and that's what Franco does to you.' He knocked on the bar with a flat hand. "Kissy kissy," he called, come here, if you will."         

to be cont'd

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