When it rains, fish will appear, Andalucia part 16.. Derek's visit to the Spanish Doctor

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"An X-ray had to be made in Albox and Derek decided to first have a cup of coffee in the village." I'm glad you've come, "he said," I would never have been able to solve this and how  incredible, "he continued, "that there is also a Derek Sloane living in Estapona and of my age." 'That is special,' I agreed, 'that man must be careful,' I laughed. "Why," my neighbor asked, while the coffee was put down and the square bathed in the midday sun.

"Because," I said, "if that man ever goes to the Doctor, he will be asked how his foot is." "No," he'll say, "it's my heart!" "We know everything, Mr. Sloane," says the doctor, "no nonsense please, why did you go to my colleague in Almeria with your complaints, you can not bend your foot, can't fool us, we can see everything on our screen. '

"I have the letter of referral, so I can manage with that X-ray," Derek said a moment later and got up to pay the coffee and limped to his car. I looked at him and found that his walking had deteriorated.

There was indeed little that could go wrong, I thought. You reported to the reception, followed a line on the floor to 'radiografia' and waited for the picture to be taken. You did not get that photo, as it used to be. A large envelope under your arm containing the photo. No, nowadays it was put right on the database of the national health network. There was something to it, an old grandfather or grandmother would not lose that envelope anywhere.

Certain things are well arranged in Spain.

That afternoon I saw Derek limping and undeniably his limping step got worse again. I assumed that he was taking the weight of his left foot, making his course very strange. I stopped the mower and walked towards him. "How is your heart," I joked as a greeting. "You can take a pill for that," my neighbor murmured.

"I have to make an appointment in Huercal," he said, "I have a letter for them with me, and he showed me a piece of paper that he held out. He apparently expected me to read it. I accepted it and let my eyes wander over the letter. "It's an open appointment for neurology," I said after reading it. "You can go whenever you want," I explained, "but I would advise you to go early, because from 9 o'clock on the waiting room fills up in a way that you won't hold for possible.


I gave him the letter back, 'it is nice to have such an open appointment,' I continued, 'because then you can go past by the help desk and ask Mexican George when he can accompany  you to translate and then leave it up to him. " Derek nodded and limped away again and I started the mower again.

After a few hours of mowing, I thought it was enough and I decided to go to the village to enjoy a glass of wine in the last sun. The engine started immediately and ran irregularly, 'ghost in the machine,' my grandfather would have said.

He had been a mechanical engineer and had been sent to our former Indies, the colonies, his whole life had been dominated by technology, and it was he who once explained to me that every machine had a soul that was brought to life when it ran. "Listen, then, how it breathes," he had said, and he turned a carburetor screw and the sound changed instantly. "

A lovely man who, after his retirement, had bought plantations in the tropics and had been working with machines and boilers to a ripe old age.

'Ghost in the machine,' I thought again and with a warm feeling I called the image of the man forward after whom I had been named. I pushed the choke back a bit and immediately  the machine 'breathed' differently, 'it's on temperature,' I knew and I tapped the engine into gear with my left foot.


I bounced down the path, came to the asphalt road, opened the lungs of the beast by twisting the throttle and worked through the gears and roaring, we steamed up to the snake bend, where for unclear reasons snakes always crossed and leaned heavily into the bend. Getting out of the bend and shifting again, floating across the asphalt to the bridge. To shifting down and with optimal traction on the rear wheel scaling the 'questa de la mina', the hill of the workers. The first houses were passed and cheerfully bubbling I coasted to the square in the middle of the village. I parked my beast next to the bar 'Shandy' where Derek sat in the sun enjoying a beer, I put it on the stand and resolutely turned the key to off. 'The ghost in the machine,' died away and the metal of the exhaust that had become hot, made cling clang sound like sounds while the exhaust metal shrank during cooling.

'Hi Derek,' I said when I approached him, 'how are you?' 'Take a beer,' he greeted me, 'I know what it is.' "Kissy kissy," he shouted toward Shandy, and when Kristina's head appeared around the corner, "two beers please." "So what is it," I asked? Derek took a last sip from his glass, "a hinge foot," he replied. 'I do not know what it is,' I admitted honestly, 'what causes that and how do you get rid of it.'

'It can be anything,' said my limping friend, 'a hernia or a problem between two vertebrae, but what I have is a nerve compression. For a while not stooping and sitting cross-legged, gives the fibula nerve the time to recover. ' "I grinned," you 'll succeed, I am sure, "and grabbed my beer that Kissy kissy had put down.

'I also have to go to physiotherapy to improve the posture of the back and the muscle strength of the muscles.' 'Nice, I answered,' you can pick olives again before too long. ' It's great that health care is free, "Derek thought," but I'll handle it differently from now on. " I looked at him quizzically. "I'll go to a private clinic in Mojacar on the coast," and he nodded wisely, "there are English doctors and you pay of course, but you can make yourself understood." "Hmm," I said, "I understand you, but make sure that you inform your GP so Don Antonio can update hisdatabase, otherwise some poor bugger in Estapone with heart problems might have a  back operation."
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