When it rains, fish will appear, Andalucia part 15.. Derek's visit to the Spanish Doctor

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An unhappy-looking Derek was sitting on an old chair pretty close to the door that would give access to the doctor's office. "I've been sitting here for hours," he complained, when it's my turn, there's always a sick child or an elderly person that sneaks past. " I grinned, because that is how the Spanish system works, children and the elderly are always treated with priority. Something that belongs to a distant past in the Northern part of Europe. "If I may," I said in general to the waiting room, "who is next?" a farmer I knew by sight looked up for a moment, "I am," he said firmly.

'Does everyone here have 9 o'clock as an appointment?' 'I' spoke to the farmer again and for the rest it remained silent. "So you have .." I asked a middle-aged woman who had tied her headscarf around her head. 'She kept her note out and I read 9.15, which brought me a smile because it had been 11 o'clock. 'Gracias señora,' I said and I took Derek's letter out of his hand and held it up, this gentleman also has 9 o'clock, which is after the gentleman who just spoke. The waiting room looked uninterested, because it's your turn when it's your turn.

"What was that about," Derek asked? "It's almost your turn," I grinned. A hunchback with a stick came out of the consulting room and the farmer disappeared inside. Moments later the farmer came out and I jumped up, 'hop along old boy,' I told Derek and indeed his course could be described as 'hopping along' and we stepped into the consulting room. '

"One at a time," was Don Antonio's greeting. "I'm here to translate for my neighbor," I explained and gave the receptionist's note. " This is Señor Sloane, Derek Sloane. " The twin brother of Dr. Zhivago looked over his impressive mustache at my neighbor as if he were a dirty insect.

He sighed deeply and typed his name. "He has .." and I wanted to say pain in his foot, but an impatient Antonio struck me for the reason. "Everything I need is on my screen," he informed me. "First I want to know," he continued, "why you come here and do not go to your own village." I did not even translate to Derek, but I immediately replied that Derek lived in our village. "No," Antonio said with emphasis, "you are Derek 70 and you live in Estapone." This was wrong, something was totally wrong, that was 400 kilometers away from us just next to Marbella in the province of Malaga.

I translated to Derek what Don Antonio had said. "That's ridiculous," I'm Derek and I'm 70, but that's where it ends. "

"The system does not fail," Antonio said. 'you are registered' and a shiver went through me because it had sounded like the Franco time, where a knock on the door at night meant that you were taken away never to be seen again.


"This is Derek Sloane," I spoke emphatically, "and he has been my neighbor for years."

I got a strange look from Don Antonio, "Impossible" he said with great emphasis, "I know everything about Mr. Sloane." Now he focused in a few words of English that he apparently spoke directly on my neighbor. 'You problem heart, yes? .. and he knocked theatrically where his heart should be. "Bypass, si?" He glanced at the screen with one eye and continued, "hypertension, hey, high blood pressure."

"Tell the man I do not have heart problems and never had," said Derek, "it's my foot and I had a flu jab years ago and I've never been here before.

"Yes, yes," the doctor repeated, reading everything on his screen. He returned the note to me. Suddenly I noticed that there was Derek Sidney Sloane on the note. Spanish people always have double surnames. "What is your middle name Derek," I asked. "Nigel," of course my neighbor replied in amazement. "Let Don Antonio see your driving license," I advised him.

"This is another man who happens to be 70," I explained to him when he took the plastic driver's license card. His name is Derek Nigel Sloane. "Stupid girl at the desk," was his answer, "go and get your note." "Next," he boomed past us.

Derek followed me hopping to the counter and a moment later the appointment for señor Derek Nigel Sloane came out of the database at 9.30. They remain positive, I thought as we walked back to the waiting room where I saw on the clock that it was half past twelve.

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