When it rains, fish will appear, Andalucia part 13 .. refugees, the moros

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The next day was a lazy day and I stepped into the Shandy. The TV blasted its news into the bar and Kissy kissy nodded at me from a distance and walked to the expresso machine. There was an up-to-date discussion going on, a breakfast TV and it yielded quite a bit of commentary from the neighboring farmers.

Kissy saw me looking at the screen that hung suspended above the door. "Those moros juts keep pouring in," Kissy kissy said, 'before you know it, I'll need a burka, "and she sighed deeply and turned around. There was something to it, I thought, Isis had said far too often that they would take back 'al Andalus' as they call Andalucia and the short crossing between Spain and Africa is only 14 kilometers.

"They have been misled," I thought as I sipped my coffee and drew the glass of ponche nearer. Islamists believe that what they have ever occupied belongs to them forever and to the Prophet. "Look," Alejo the goat farmer, called out "there, there is the son of a bitch," I looked up and saw our prime minister on the screen with wide spread arms at a harbor head, a boat with dark people approached.

Our prime minister had a camera crew along recording him and the boat as it drew nearer. "It's getting close to election time again," I realized. "Yes," I murmured, "such a "nice "person, he is selling our country out." "It's a bastard" cried an old farmer, he is only looking for easy votes and at the expense of us, die you filthy swine. " "Well, I said, 'die die that is a bit strong he does not have to die now does he?' 'Then let him bugger off to their monkey country,' the old man shouted, 'if he likes moros that much.'


'A man at the breakfast table now started his discourse. He looked into the camera and started. "I'll probably be taken for a right-wing extremist," he began his argument. "And so you are," his opponent called from behind his microphone. The first speaker did not react to that and raising voice he said, 'you are at home, you turn on the TV and what do you see, no sport, no fun development that means progress. No, the images penetrate your eye. The camera crews are ready, a heavy appeal is made on emotions. A zone of war, total destruction of districts, Isis' warriors', 'ha warriors,' he interrupted himself, 'and the refugees fleeing away from there.

The European community that pays billions to Greece and Italy to screen and curb the influx. Everything okay then, everthing taken care of? Well no, of course not! They are being ushered as quickly as possible to other countries,  away from Italy and Greece, who have dumped the 'refugees' and are preparing for the nest batch and a next payment and next round of 'screening.'

Worthless so-called solutions. They are sent on in hordes as the next batch is coming in. Political solutions, which originate from democratic principles that are violated by the raging hordes. In Spain, 50,000 dark, unskilled people have crossed the border in the last few months. People we are not waiting for, uneducated, not persecuted, not Arabic, not Muslim ... not from a war zone.

What are they? Just people who dissatisfied with the home situation, for whatever legitimate reason, want to improve their economic position. '


"You are a fascist," cried his opponent, "a fascha." You were born in the wrong time. "" Gentlemen, please, "said the nice girl who tried to lead the conversation," a little respect, "but her voice was lost in the cheering of the audience. "You miserable leftist creep," the first speaker roared, "You foul Judas, dirty traitor that you are!."

'Otro mas', Kissy kissy asked? 'No thank you,' I answered, I want to get my hair done, but I'll be back later.' I laid my money down, and walked out of the bar

And as I said, it was a lazy Saturday morning and I went to the barber in my little Andalucian mountain village. The TV blurted out news and current events to distract the waiting customers.

I am a fairly tolerant person and if people are persecuted and need asylum I support that with all my heart. A family came into view, in Spain we do not take it all to close with privacy legislation, and it was said that they were registered as political refugees in Spain. 'Fine,' was my first thought, 'beautiful that they have escaped the death dance! "All right," I thought as I hoped the hairdresser would be done with the man in front of me. "Not just any vacation," I heard.

"They had been on holiday to Syria of all places, the country where they had been so afraid for their lives, the place from which they had to flee." My mouth fell open, this took the cake! Why was their old homeland suddenly no longer threatening to them? Did they no longer fear for their lives? What would have changed that situation? The answer is simple, the situation had not changed, these people had deceived us ...


In a normal way, their emigration would probably have had no chance. Compare this with America, Canada and Australia, you may emigrate to these countries, after a screening, a real screening. You have to be healthy, have no criminal record, enough resources to live on and a profession that is needed. After an application, if everything is okay, you can expect to emigrate after about a year.

You do not have to stand at the border of one of these countries shouting that you are a political refugee. It does not change the procedure.

A lively discussion broke out on TV. A panel of politicians admitted that this family had been on vacation to their 'old' homeland and that this might seem strange, but that they were entitled to travel as new European residents to where they wanted to go. "With these kind of do-gooders we are lost," I thought. Once again ... we allow people in because their lives are at risk in the homeland ... then they go on vacation over there. I can not get my head around that.

"What do you say San," Manolo the hairdresser asked me, as he cleared the chair for me. I honestly said what I thought. "It's ridiculous," I told him, "this kind of nonsense makes me so angry, a) it certainly makes sure that we do not take real refugees seriously anymore and b) we know that we have been fooled.

"What do you think should happen, the barberer asked? "It will not be possible, for whatever obscure reason," I said, "but I think they should be expelled immediately, back to the country of origin, they are not at risk and that is why we took them . "

"I think, the hairdresser said solemnly," that they ought to be executed, "that will make the rest take a step in place." "I do not think it fits in the regulations," I replied, "and that is the difference between us and this bunch, we respect the laws."


"A new Franco is what we need," the barber thought out loud, "that would clean up the country in no time." I realized that there was truth in it, but in another way, the weakness of modern politicians creates the call for 'the strong man', the man who unscrupulously cleans the country with an iron hand. That is really what the do-gooders are achieving, they are laying the foundations for a new Hitler or Franco, I felt a shiver for a moment and then the razor slid along my cheek. '

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