When it rains, fish will appear, part 0 the curse

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My neighbor Christobol is my best friend in the area. He is my nextdoor neighbor. He is 55 years old, strong and works the fields day and night .. at least he did. 'Come by when you have time,' he had said, 'I always make time for my friends'. "Tomorrow," I replied, "I'm working on some fields." There I went the next day, I drove up the bumpy path that led to the old cortijo in the middle of the 40 hectares of cultivated land.

The path slowly rose, and in the middle of the fields the old farm house looked out over the fields. I saw my friend sitting under a pine tree, in the shade, at a table with his mother next to him.

'Hola Daniel', he greeted me with joy, 'how nice that you have come.' "Señora," I said with a nod to his mother as I embraced my neighbor. "Oh," she said, "a strange man oh oh." I looked at her, ‘what was she on about.’ I had lived next to her for 20 years. But her eyes did not reveal any recognition. "I'm going to get some beer and some tapas," Chistobol said. "Vale tio," (Ok..tio is here used as friend) I answered and looked around me. The place in front of the table was well chosen, you overlooked the whole underlying area and you were in the shade.

The mother looked at me inquiringly, "if you are looking for Antonio, he is inside. he does not come out that often anymore, just knock on the door. " That hurt, Antonio was the neighbor farmer, the father of Christobol who had died six months earlier at the age of 86.

"No, no," I said, "I have come to visit your son, we have been friends for years." "Impossible," she said, "then I would have known you and a shadow of confusion passed over her face, she got up and walked down into the fields. "Christobol," I called out ‘your mother is going  into the fields. " He came out, "Mama," he said, "come with us, sit down, I have some yogurt for you and something to drink that is good for you and he  put her lovingly back on her chair.


She shook her head, 'no,' she said, 'I do not like that.' I looked with amazement at my big friend who opened the yogurt and started to feed her with a spoon, I had never seen him like this before. His knotty hands lovingly fed his mother's spoon after spoon. 'So' he said, 'now a drink, that's what mom needs.' He wiped the corners of her mouth and then turned to his beer.

"Mommy," he said, "the almonds." the old woman took the crate and began to peel the almonds. 'You know,' he said, 'in the morning I take her here, she recognizes this the most of all and she has always peeled almonds so she likes that, as others knit.'

This was a side that I had not known of my tough strong neighbor. I saw that he was serious. "Look," my friend explained, "otherwise she has to go to a home where she does not know anyone, I can’t have that, she has taken care of me and now I take care of her." She walked away again, but my neighbor followed her step by step with his eyes. 'Oh,' he said, 'she's going to pee, avert your eyes, she has forgotten that we have a toilet and she's looking for the open field.'

A little later I was driving my old blue bomb towards my vineyards and I thought of Christobol. 'Come by now and then,’ he had said, ‘I'm going crazy about being alone, I can’t go anywhere.' "I understand," I had said, and I heard his mother calling, "Antonio, Antonio, a man wants to speak to you." 'What a sad thing,' I thought, 'these were the neighbors that had invited us to celebrate Christmas, we had harvested grapes together, we had shared meals, we had been neighbors for 20 years and this is how your life ends. 'Strange', I thought when you can no longer organize your thoughts in your head. That was the time when she could still make sentences.

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