My beautiful village and lost friends who come to life in stories

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Verhalen en Poëzie


                            Grape vines in the village

                              in the glasses that are raised

                                  sitting on the benches


                                           the stories

                                       that spring and

                                have been stripped of words

                                   a sweet mixture of sounds.


                                Friends in the white village

                             whose shadow move along the walls

                                     dancing in the sun,

                                     that shining lights

                                          the square

                                            and  gropes

                                     and indicates what is not,

                                        touches old friends

                                    and brings them to the source


                            oh village  fine with friends of yesteryear

                                conjured up before the speaker's eye

                                           shifting back to life

                                   floating along on the rich streams

                                              of our vines

                                          what a joy to be here

                                               on our old


                                             San Daniel 2013

Poetry is capturing magical images and Andalucia is such a place where the hand is almost too slow to capture the images by the multiplicity of raw beauty and the realness of the people. Where the white streets reflect the sun and where the wine flows abundantly. The wine that seems to be the lifeblood in this area of hard-working farmers who return with a heel in the hand from the fields. To greet each other from a distance, a greeting to those in the distance who are still putting the finishing touches to their land. To re-chew the day in the tavern .. oh Andalucia place of my heart, where friendships are more important than riches. Where women and the holy virgin are one. Where respect and 'manhood' determines the person who crosses the country on his life path.

Andalucia in my heart, oh Andalucia you had my heart long before I knew it, blessed ground, sacred land with friends of now and yesteryear. The only place where illusion and truth is one.

San Daniel 2019.

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