The invasion of dark non-Europeans in Spain since the government of Sanchez took over the lead ..

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Nieuws en politiek

We do not know half what we let in .. the 'gentleman' pictured below was an Isis slaughterer, a radicalized brute, he was allowed to enter England as a refugee and has now disappeared without a trace.


Europe has its problems. on the one hand, we are traditionally the seat of democracy and on the other hand, it is a weapon that is used against us. We must be oh so politically correct and woe your bones if you want to protect your own people and their cultural ways.

The depicted 'gentleman is the' bomber of Manchester. It is Salman Abedi, a man of Libyan origin, he was among 110 British and their families evacuated by the ship HMS Enterprise to Malta in August 2014.

In May 2017, the then 22-year-old blew himself outside Manchester Arena in North West England at the end of a concert by Ariana Grande. Among the countless deaths were seven children who had come to see their pop idols. How was our "friend" Salman Abedi, God curse his name, radicalized within those three years or was he already so extreme. His brother has been detained in Libya for terrorist acts. Fine family, 'just fine' that such a loser can travel to Europe.

"This man who committed such an atrocity on British soil after we saved him from Libya has done an act of complete betrayal," the British government said. What was that proverb about the well again when the calf had already drowned. It's nice that the government sees that now but under its competence that idiot was allowed in.

The bomb injured more than 800 people, it was an explosive filled with scrap and nails, yes if you are sick and you are extreme .. then obviously you are really sick. Fortunately, the Jihadi who did this, also died. I spit on his grave!


So we have people that we want to save as civilized Europeans and we let them enter, virtually unrestrained. If I want to go to Australia then I need a visa just like in the US. I have to answer all kinds of questions and they want to know where I'll stay and when I'll leave the country again and how much money I have with me ... and if I have been on a farm the last days and and ... and. If I do not leave on the agreed date, they will track me down and I will be punished.

People arrive in Europe ... or they are former Jihad brutes who see that Daesh is losing the hand but are forever disturbed by all the atrocities they have commited or they are actually refugees. You should screen whether people are really at risk and then you have to grant them asylum immediately or if they are economical refugees.

Look everyone in an underdeveloped country wants to improve his or her life .. if we want to emigrate to America because we think it would be better for us economically, we will be screened to kingdom come. We must be healthy, practice a profession that the 'new' country needs. We can not have a criminal record, because then you can forget it, even if it was a 'youthful sin' (a fight you were convicted for, for example). The emigration procedure takes at least a year.

Differently thinking, religiously disturbed extremists, refugees, profiteers who do not want to follow a normal emigration procedure ... Yes Yes do come in.. by al means ..we are the promised land .. come in, this is the land of milk and honey. '

But, remember who made this all possible and once you live here, vote for us. It are the politicans selling us out for a few votes.


'The Sanchez government of the PSOE, the socialist government, has taken over the helm from Mr Rajoy, who was a somewhat rigid and strict prime minister, but always protected his own Spain against external influences. Not only is the Sanchez now the helmsman, but he has thrown the helm. "Spain really should have no borders, we ought to open up," according to our enlightened new prime minister. That enters as God's word in a church elder, and the people smugglers, the mafioso of lowest sort see their chances. People on the African side are told that Europe is paradise and they spend their last money for the crossing of only 13 km to Spain. We have about 1800 km of coastline so it has always been difficult to discourage these kinds of expeditions, but the Coast Guard did its job.

People were intercepted, controlled and cared for by the Red Cross and sent back to where they came from. That worked well, that is what you call discouragement policy.'


'The people smugglers in an extreme act of moral blackmail on the 'soft' Europeans, now make their boats sink in our territorial waters, and everyone has suddenly become a castaway. A lot of people drown in the act. The moment they are lifted aboard the coast guard's ship they are on Spanish soil. Often another method is used, the women on board are heavily pregnant and give birth on Spanish soil, the families are allowed to reunite and you can see it coming, our rules that were meant to be democratic are made into a joke.'


'For example, the Spanish police warned the government that there is a build-up of 50,000 Africans who are about to cross the border. Two days ago the first 600 climbed over the fences and the Spanish police could do little or nothing to stop them and now they are on Spanish territory and the Prime Minister finds it no problem, in fact he has traveled to welcome these unfortunate people, with TV crew and all, well, well well isn't our prime minister a good person .. I understand that he does not find it a problem, because if you recognize a problem you have to solve it.

The previous Socialist president, Mr. Zapatero, never wanted to discuss the crisis until he was ousted because the country was bankrupt, and he let 600 000 illegals in, for which he then issued a general pardon. "But you know who to vote for, anyway, I have helped you and I am from the PSOE, the only party that understands you."


'It does not make one very happy, in the Viking time you would have called it an invasion and you would have resisted the invaders to the utmost. We are now being governed by people with political interests, party interests who are not concerned about the citizens, but about squandering the ever-coming elections and their culture and nobody is opposed to it.

Mind you, these people are not political refugees, they do not come from Syria or Morocco or Libya, or Turkye ... they come from the sub Saharan states and Kenya, and Nigeria ... and Cameroon and .. and name it ... wherever they want to improve.

Police sources warn that 50,000 illegal migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa in Morocco are waiting to invade Spain.

There are boatloads of migrants 'unloading' on Spanish beaches in scenes that shock observers.

Now, according to a report in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, North Africa is becoming a "pressure cooker", with at least 50,000 African migrants desperate to enter the European country via the Strait of Gibraltar.

The report explains how criminal smugglers help migrants to circumvent border controls in Morocco while telling them that Spain is their "paradise".

The number of migrants waiting to enter Spain is currently 50,000 and "continues to grow", with the men becoming "more violent" in their efforts to reach Europe.

Spain has become the number one point of arrival for migrants crossing the sea to Europe in 2018, with more than 21,000 arrivals to date, a process that has accelerated after the country's socialist government gave the green light to open borders. Great, how do these people come to such insights?


These are not Arabs, political refugees, Muslims, old Jihadists or whatever, this is the untrained dark fellow man whom we do not need and who, via a detour, seeks access to a Europe to which he or she is not entitled in this way. Why do they not apply for emigration? You have to do so in Canada, the Us or Australia ... just cross the border and then shout that you have rights? That can't be right!


The call in regional areas in Spain for a resurrection of Santiago Mata Moros is getting stronger and stronger every day. The patron saint of Spain who preached throughout Spain and was the brother of Jesus is seen as its saviour. Santiago Mata Moro is a special pet name of the Spaniards for their patron, San = St .. Iago = Jacob and Mata Moro = the nigger killer. that is not politically incorrect here at all. Legend has it that in times of Moro threat, Santiago rises from his grave and kills the moros. You can see that in the painting above.

Spain has already been dominated once by the Moros, for many centuries and it has caused many battles for many centuries until they were expelled. They had already advanced quite far, until Narbonne, deep in France, and only thanks to France's court master, Charles Martel, Europa did not completely fall into Moorish hands in 732.

("Charles Martel is best known for his victory at the Battle of Poitiers in 732, traditionally seen as the" Salvation of Europe from the Arabs. "Nowadays, the significance of this battle is nuanced: it was probably no more than one of the military actions in the border conflicts between the Arabs and the Duchy of Aquitaine which then took place regularly.It was not the first time that the Arabs were defeated by the Franks (in 721 Odo of Aquitania had defeated them in a surprise attack during the siege of Toulouse. Odo had made an alliance with the emir of Catalunya, but when he rebelled against the emir of Andalucia, he ran into trouble.


Karel set up his army (heavy infantry) in a defensive position on a wooded hill between Poitiers and Tours. Charles's plan was to have the Arabs attack first because their cavalry-charge against the slope in a forest wouldmake them lose much of strength. The Franks were well provided and warmly dressed (it was October) and were able to maintain their position for a long time. After a week of waiting the Arab cavalry attacked. The battle lasted two days without a clear outcome. The next day the Moors had moved away because they were afraid that the Franks would rob their booty.

After this battle, Karel also had control of Aquitaine. "Thank you karel for your efforts, I would say.'


 Santiago Mata Moros is depicted here, he has risen and treads on his white steed over the dark fellow man. This canvas hangs in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. A bit of a  special saint one might say. In times of war against the moros, Santiago was the ultimate secret Spanish weapon. If the battle went poorly, a knight dressed up like Santiago would be put in, on to the battlefield, dressed in white, seated on a white steed. The Moros generally thought that a divine interference was taking place and the Spanish fighters felt assured and strengthened and followed their 'saint' in good spirits.

The problem with the do-gooder politicians of today is that it is precisely them, through their actions, who cause racial hatred. The Spanish people no longer understand the policy, they live on the land they have wrestled in a centuries-long battle back from the moros and now moros in groups can come in and at the same time they are welcomed by a prime minister who is looking for votes, giving the Spanish citizen the feeling that they will soon become second grade citizens, just as during the Moorish rule.

Santiago would roll over in his grave.

San Daniel 2018


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