In honour of San Antonio, fiësta in El Fas

Door San Daniel gepubliceerd in Persoonlijke ervaringen


Finally it was that time of year again, the day of San Antonio. The patron saint of El Fas. The path was sprinkled with petals and the residents were ready to honor the saint.


Ladies arrive in traditional costume. We live in Andalucia, where friendships  and fellowship are of paramount importance and people like to leave the daily worries for what they are and celebrate with passion their Saint's day and share meals.


The saint lived for only a short time.15 August 1195 - 13 June 1231 but his life was exemplary for others, he was the saint who dedicated his life to the sick and the poor. He is honored in our region for his good works which we believe are still progressing.


In el Fas, next to our farm, tables were set out for the bearers and followers of San Antonio. The saint himself is placed on a table with petals overlooking those present. The wine is from our bodega and waiting  to be poured in honour of the saint on this warm day and the ladies have been cooking and baking for days.


The saint was taken out of the church and carried along, through the village, down the hill past snake corner and to the farms that together form the El Fas area. the fertile part of the valley where vineyards are rampant and evenings with wine are commonplace and never ending.


After mass, the Santo arrives and his presence makes the people fraternize. For a moment all differences are forgotten and people eat and drink and dance for joy on the streets and love the saint and his surroundings.



The neighboring farmers from El Faz finance everything themselves, they do not want any political interference, it is the day of the saint and politics should not come into that.


After the bites and drinks, per farm it is time to go to the party tent with the bar, the horses are ready for the races and the atmosphere can be called electric. Everyone feels the solidarity with the saint and our region, the solidarity makes your heart open up and we realize that such days are unique.


If only for this short-lived joy, then the day of San Antonio has already been worth it.


Viva San Antonio,

Special thanks to the 'costeleros,' bearers of the saint... the ladies for their cooking and baking: Karin, Sally, new Sally, Dee. Cheryl for setting the table. Isabela and Mariano for their lovely meal and Antonio for his preparations and Les for his splendid photography.


San Daniel 2018


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09/06/2018 21:13

Reacties (6) 

10/06/2018 10:26
In de tradities van een volk ligt dikwijls hun ziel.
10/06/2018 12:03
ware woorden
10/06/2018 10:23
Mooi artikel! Het lijkt net of ik even daar ben :)
10/06/2018 10:01
prachtig artikel en mooie foto's. Het ziet er ook een mooie omgeving uit daar!

Zo zijn er in Spanje veel feesten, romeria's en veel heiligenvereringen. De Spanjaarden zijn erg katholiek. Wij maakten ook dit jaar de romería mee in Nijar (madre del Huebro)en de processie in de stad Almeria.

Vorig jaar, in Valencia waren we er ook bij de processie, die gehouden w erd op de día de la comunidad Valenciana.
Ik vind het elke keer fijn om erbij te zijn!
10/06/2018 02:05
Prachtige foto`s ook
10/06/2018 03:52
thx Yneke
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