Recipe for fresh tomato soup

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Tomato soup is always nice as a starter or as an addition to bread. Making fresh soup yourself is not as much work as it may seem and it doesn’t have to take much time either. 

The recipe below is very easy and quick to make. This soup is made of fresh tomatoes and is at its best (and nice of colour) when the tomatoes that are used are ripe and not too watery. For soup it is best to use fleshy tomatoes. tomatoes

Preparation time: about 25 minutes for the preparation and ten minutes for boiling. 


Ingredients for four people

  • ½ litre (17 fl oz) water 

  • 1 stock cube 

  • 1 tin of tomato purée 

  • 4 large tomatoes 

  • 1 onion 

  • A little mince for the balls 

  • Some vegetables if you like 

  • Salt and pepper to taste 


Put the tomatoes in some boiling water for a few minutes. 

Chop the onion and fry it in some olive oil until it is brown. 

Make small balls from the mince. 

Carefully take the tomatoes out of the water and allow them to cool down slightly so they can be handled. Peel the tomatoes, by making a small cut in the skin and pulling it loose, because the tomatoes have been in the hot water the skin will come off easily. Remove the pips and the green parts and cut the tomatoes in pieces. Put the pieces in a blender and run it until you have a smooth puree. Bring half a litre of water to the boil and add the stock cube, the mince balls and the onion. Stir well so the stock cube dissolves. For a vegetarian soup you can use vegetable stock and leave the mince balls out. Now add the tomato puree form the blender and the tomato purée from the tin and stir it well. Add some salt and pepper to taste and if you like some vegetables. Let the soup simmer for about ten minutes.  

If the soup is too spicy for your taste you can add a dash of coffee milk. For tomato crème soup you can add some cream. 

Serve the soup hot with some parsley on top and with French bread and butter. bowl tomato soup


Use from fresh herbs like basil, marjoram or oregano and boil them with the soup. 

Want to try something different? Look at my recipe for butternut soup.

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